Witchcraft Supplies, The Top 14 Tools Ultimate Guide!

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Witchcraft Supplies, The Top 14 Tools Ultimate Guide!

By Amber Rose

witchcraft supplies

Witchcraft supplies and tools are not a requirement, but they do help. There are many different types of magic and spiritual practices. Leaving room for endless witchcraft supplies. The items listed here apply to varying practices and can be used as a general guide. Different witchcraft supplies aid the mind to enter into different types of altered states. Tools speed up the process of achieving altered states of mind. Help to ensure outward energy is directed as intended, as well as to filter inward energy for safer invocations. Remember to always clean and purify your witchcraft supplies and tools before any use.

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Overview of Witchcraft Supplies

Wand vs Athame – What is the Difference Between These 2 Common Witchcraft Supplies?

Remember the difference between invoking and evoke. Invocation is to take into oneself from the outside. Evocation means to generate internally and send the energy outwards. The wand is used for Invocation. Calling upon deity or spirits of some form. Holding in one’s hand while speaking an invocation or petition in ritual. The athame is used for evocation. Commanding and manipulating energy, specifically life energy via the elements. Consecrating tools or spaces (casting circle). It has been stated that the Athame is the most important of witchcraft supplies to use during ritual.

“What matters is not the length of the wand, but the magic in the stick.”


Wands are used for the invocation of deity, as well as invocation and evocation of spirit energy (of various types of workings). It aligns with the element wind, as it is used to channel higher awareness and mysticism.

Wand Types

Typically made of wood. Making wand types very versatile as different woods do different things. Black Oak, is used for spirit evocation, necromancy, rebirth/past life workings. Weeping Willow, healing, protection, erosmancy. Wands can also be made of crystal and are especially good for healing. Crystal wands can also be used as athames. Wands are very versatile witchcraft supplies and can double as other tools. They are also very discrete (can board an airplane with one, for instance, where blades aren’t allowed.


The athame is used for the evocation of personal energy and elemental energy, usually all at once. Also called “black-handled knife”, especially by Gardenarian/Alexandrians. Aligns with the element fire, since it represents the vital essence of our souls. Also, represents divine masculinity on the altar.

Athame Types

Athames are normally made out of metal. Some say the blade muse be sharpened. Some also say it must be double sided. Most say if the black draws blood, it is useless. The blade works by enabling easier channeling of life energy (of which the 4 elements comprise). Blood from one’s veins is sourced in death energy (once outside the body), so blood on the blade can cause interference in spells.

“Magic Like Technology Is A Tool.” – Mercedes Lackey


The cauldron is usually made out of pewter or iron and three-legged. Aligns with the elements of water and spirit. Represents rebirth and transformation in a constructive sense (immortality), Cerridwen’s cauldron. Another very important to have witchcraft supplies, as this is often is the main part of the ritual, and placed in the center of the altar. Used for burning tinctures, paper, poppets. Brewing up potions or elixirs as well as for Scrying.

witchcraft supplies


A censer can be a cauldron or any kind of fireproof dish for burning incense. Aligns with the elements of air and fire. Represents rebirth and transformation in a destructive sense. Through ashes of old and with persevering of spirit, comes life. Some use incense cones, others use blends of incense. Used for Scrying, helping to alter one’s mind, and cleansing.


The chalice is a wine goblet of some form, usually crystal or glass. Aligns with the element water, since it symbolizes the channel of receptivity into ourselves. Represents divine femininity on the altar. Used for offerings, and symbolizing the Great Rite.


The witches broom Best if handcrafted from raw materials (reeds, twigs, etc). Aligns with the element water, since it symbolized the purification of energy and protection. Used for cleansing indoor spaces, keeping bad energy out (placing it on the hearth).Warning of incoming negativity and purification of intent.


The Boline also, called the “white handle knife”, especially by Gardenarians/Alexandrians. Aligns with the element earth, since it is used to gather physical supplies for ritual. Used for cutting flowers, and engraving sigils. Should only be used in ritual space.

Other Witchcraft Supplies and Tools


The witch’s bell is used for purification through the air (sound). Ritual proceedings (in between certain segments).


Candles are used to center one’s mood. These should be a staple for any witch in varying colors. Each color represents different elements as well as meanings.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils are used for many different purposes. These witchcraft supplies can help put you into a state of relaxation. As well as centering your mind for the ritual to come. They can also be used for purification or blessings. Also, certain properties can be chosen for the specific spell you are working on.

Different Gemstones and Crystals

Used for many different purposes. Gemstones and Crystals are handy and important pieces of your witchcraft supplies. These magical gemstones are charged with ancient earthly energies. Different gems and crystals carry with them different charges. So you will need to do some research before each spell, so you know which crystals will work best for what you are doing at the time. If you don’t have the needed witchcraft supplies you may substitute Quartz. It is a more common item to find and can be used as a neutral stone, charged with the needed properties of your spell. It is also important to note that when engaging in any type of banishing spells you should not, and I repeat not use any type of stone or crystal. These stones are known to absorb energy and you don’t want to trap any type of entity in the stone.

Crystal Sphere

Crystal Spheres are used for divination. Representation of genderless divinity on the altar.


The pentacle is used as an offering plate. Charging with energy to create sigils for later use. Enchantments/Bindings.

witchcraft supplies


Salt is used in witchcraft for banishing and purifying during spells as it is a natural antiseptic. Commonly used to cast circle. As well as ensuring clean spellwork.

“Magic is an energy current that flows through all things.”

Witchcraft Supplies In Conclusion…

Keep in mind this is a comprehensive list but not necessarily everything you will ever use for your spellwork may be listed. You will implement new witchcraft supplies/tools as you progress on your journey into witchcraft. This is a list to get you started with important witchcraft supplies and staples you will need. Good luck on your journey and have fun finding/collecting or buying your new witchcraft supplies!

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witchcraft supplies

For more information on Witchcraft Supplies check out the books linked below!

Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft (Llewellyn’s Practical Magick) By Raymond Buckland

Modern Magick, Twelve Lessons in the High Magickal Arts By Donald Michael King

The Wicca Handbook By Eileen Holland

Natural Magic By Doreen Valiente

Wiccan Altar and Tools: A Beginner’s Guide to Wiccan Altars, Tools for Spellwork, and Casting Circle (Practicing the Craft) By CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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