What Is White Magic: Understanding Natural Magic


What Is White Magic: Understanding Natural Magic

By Amber Rose

what is white magic

What is white magic? White magic or natural elemental magic encompasses good energy and positive outcomes. Such as abundance, healing, and good luck by employing the use of the elements. Magic by itself is considered to be neutral. Neither good nor bad, black or white. Meaning the person who is practicing decides if it is good or evil as well as what types of magic to practiced. Let us get into the true practices and beliefs around what is white magic!

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what is white magic

What Is White Magic History

Magic is “the art of producing a desired effect or result through the use of incantation or various other techniques that presumably assure human control of supernatural agencies or the forces of nature.” –

The practice of magic dates back many thousands of years and has been incorporated by virtually every culture known to man in one way or another. Magic practitioners were often seen in the position of mediums, psychics, shamans, and healers.

Historically, white magic was practiced by a group of priests known as the Magi of Zoroastrianism. These practitioners were very highly revered by their townspeople and were said to have shaped the Hellenistic religion. In ancient times the Egyptians and Greeks were also strong believers in the practice of white magic spellwork.

White magic is centered around harnessing the natural elemental magic around us and the practice of only positive or neutral spellwork. This type of magic encompasses healing, protection, and manifestation rituals. Practitioners place much value in positive energy and work towards achieving that vibration. Unlike black magic which does not care about any negative effects caused from their spellwork, white magic does not incorporate the use of negative energy because they follow the Wiccan three-fold law.

Wiccan Three-fold Law

White witches and those who practice white magic follow the Three-fold law. This law states: The energy which is sent out into the universe returns back to use three times as strong. Newton’s Law of Magic shows us witches interact on 4 levels: physical, emotional, spiritual (divine), and magical. If any magical action is taken on any of these levels, it emanates on all of these levels also. Every act of magic has an equal but opposite reaction, or a “cost”, commonly known as Karma. The energy which is received should also be returned threefold to complete the cycle. White magic practitioners also often abide by the Wiccan Rede.

White Magic Wiccan Rede

“Bide the Wiccan law ye must, In Perfect love and perfect trust, Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill: And it harm none, do as they will. Lest itself-defense it be, Ever mind the rule of three. Follow this in mind and heart, And merry ye meet and merry ye part!”

What Is White Magic Used For

In general, natural magic is mainly employed for the uses of protecting and or healing from negative energy. A white witch will make it her goal to safeguard herself and others from curses or hexes. White magic is also used to open the road for individuals to reach their higher calling, to manifest desires and protection in new life opportunities. Many white magic spells are for luck, safety, healing, and love. These rituals are often performed under a new moon with the intention of using only positive energy and outcomes.

Natural magic is not practiced to gain negative results and is used only for the creation of positive manifestations. Much like the Law of Attraction, white magic goes on the belief that the world is a naturally positive place, and living in alignment with that energy you can manifest your desires.

What Are The Main Types Of White Magic Spells Performed

There are many different white magic spells performed but among the most common are health and protection spells, love spells, and money spells.

Health & Protection Spells

Health and protection spells include anything involving physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Fertility spells are included in this category of white magic spells as well as any spell fighting against evil.

Love Spells

This is the most common type of white magic spell performed in modern times. Love spells of white magic can include safety from a relationship’s demise. As well as any spellwork for matters regarding trust and lust.

Money Spells

These spells are another popular way people use magic to manifest their monetary desires. Money spells will work great if you have real financial problems you desperately need help with. They can also help anyone looking to reach a better financial mindset. Just like love spells, money spells are used for different individual spell outcomes.

what is white magic

White Magic Rituals

The practice of white magic incorporates day-to-day items in the rituals such as candles, herbs, crystals, elements from nature, and coins to manifest the desired intention. For those wanting to perform a love spell ritual you should use red candles, symbolic of lust and passion. If its financial abundance your after involve coins, dollars or even rice as it represents monetary expansion. To truly succeed at any white magic ritual you need to undoubtedly believe in your intention coming true. True believe in the power of white magic is essential for any spellwork to be successful. Keep in mind any type of spell that would infringe on another human beings free will is not white magic and will in turn not be successful in the way you want. Lets go over a couple easy white magic rituals your can start incorporating into your daily life.

Daily Protection Ritual

In the morning find a quiet area you will not be disturbed to perform a daily protection ritual. Start by taking a few moments to ground and center yourself. After grounding yourself begin aligning your chakras. Allow the energy flowing within your body to expand outward surrounding you like a bubble. Lastly, visualize sending your energy out into the world and it acts as a protective shield safeguarding you throughout the day.

Love Spell Ritual

To begin you will need to grab a red candle, lighter, and essential oil for love. To induce love, practice this love ritual beginning on a Friday night.

Hold your red candle while you meditate and visualize on finding your true soulmate. Place some of your love oil between your fingers and massage it into the candle gently. While you are anointing your candle in oil repeat this incantation: “Spirits of love, come to my aid, let me see and find true love, spirits of love, come and help me find someone who caresses me as I do with this offering.” Now light the red candle and imaging being with your soulmate. Meditate on finding love for around 10-20 mins and then blow out your candle. Repeat this ritual for the next 5 days.

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what is white magic

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