What Is The Witching Hour & What Does It Represent?

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What Is The Witching Hour & What Does It Represent?

By Amber Rose

what is the witching hour

What Is The Witching Hour?

The Witching Hour is a time in the early morning hours when the physical-spiritual divide is the weakest.

What Is Meant By Witching Hour?

The witching hour was originally meant to describe the time late at night when the powers of darkness are said to be at their most powerful. It was thought a sorceress, demon, or witch is at the peak of her powers during the witching hour, and supernatural beings are most prominent.

Nowadays the meaning is somewhat different. The witching hour is viewed as a period of time where the veil is thin. Spirits, Souls, and Angels are able to move between the two worlds and communicate with us more easily.

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What Time Does The Witching Hour Start?

Some believe the witching hour begins at midnight, when the globe is on the verge of a new dawn. This transition in time and energy is supposed to make it simpler to crossover between the living and the dead worlds. During the late 1800s Spiritualist movement, many seances and attempts to contact with spirits took place at midnight. However, many scholars believe the genuine witching hour is between 3 and 4 a.m.

Why Is 3am The Darkest Hour??

The Darkest Hour was given this spooky name due to the idea that demons, spirits, witches, even the Devil himself are at their most formidable at this time of night. It’s not unusual for supernatural events to occur at 3 a.m.

This hour of night has come to be connected with many nefarious acts and supernatural beings. Anyone caught outside at 3 a.m. was frequently accused of witchcraft and devil worship. Some examples of 3am being the darkest hour include:

Several academics also think that the witching hour was most likely associated with 3 a.m., as a result of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. Jesus is thought to have died around three o’clock in the afternoon, making 3 a.m. an inversion of that hour. In other words, any malevolent or occult activity at that time is a parody of Christianity.

The legend of La Mala Hora who frequently appears near crossroads, and seeing her is thought to be a grim omen. She stalks lone travelers on country roads late night. She doesn’t actually kill anyone; instead, she serves as a reminder that everyone will die at some point. La Mala Hora serves as a warning to stay away from lonely spots late at night.

Scholars generally agree that the witching hour is a metaphor rather than a physical concept.

Opposite Of Witching Hour

The Golden Hour is the polar opposite of The Witching Hour. On the Earth Plane, the Golden Hour is when the light is at its most beautiful. During The Golden Hours, it is usually easiest to access clairsentience and empathically interact with the Spiritual Beings on Earth – other people and animals. In the winter, the Golden Hours begin at 4 p.m. and extend until around 7 p.m. in the summer.

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What Can I Expect From The Witching Hour?

If you wake up during the witching hour don’t worry! Consider it a privilege! This isn’t a terrible thing, and it could happen for a multitude of reasons… Your guides and guardian angels are probably reaching out.

Scientists claim that between 3:00 and 4:00 a.m., we reach our deepest stages of sleep, and that this is when we have the most vivid dreams. Our awareness may transcend beyond its regular range during this stage, allowing us to perceive several layers of reality. We can perceive our early morning experiences as diabolical rather than instructional if we’re afraid or conditioned to believe evil lurks in the shadows.

Whether or whether not you believe in the witching hour superstitions, you may experience strange or incomprehensible events during the hours of 3 and 4 a.m. Many people claim to have heard or smelled, sounds or smells that have no discernible source. Others claim to be visited by nonphysical beings––angels, spirit guides, and deceased loved ones––when they awake at this strange hour.

What To Do During The Witching Hour?

This is a great time to cast a circle (or create sacred space) and lay down some oracle/tarot cards or runes to watch what occurs. The separation between the physical and spiritual realms is at an all-time low.

Remember to clear your mind and let go of any disgruntled thoughts about not wanting to be awake. You now know that during the early morning hours, the curtain is thin and the spiritual realms are highly accessible!

So, rather than seeing, waking up as a bother or a frightening experience… Become conscious of your ideas and feelings… Also, they must be controlled! Return to a condition of awareness of the present moment… Being aware of yourself in the present moment. Take a few deep breaths and consciously invoke positive vibes all around you. Allow golden light to flood your heart chakra before calling in your divine assistance:

“I now summon my special guardian angels and guides of the highest Christic Joy and Love. Please take a step forward and make direct contact with me right now. Assist me in tuning into your compassionate presence and bringing me the direction, healing, and insight that will best serve me, in accordance with Divine Plan… It is in everyone’s best interest. “So mote, It be.”

Afterwards, continue to actively breathe and relax, staying receptive and eager to possess higher insights, love and presence, as well as whatever healing, wisdom, or knowledge is offered to you.

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