What Is The Difference Between Invoke And Evoke


What Is The Difference Between Invoke And Evoke

By Amber Rose

What is the difference between invoke and evoke

What Is The Difference Between Invoke And Evoke

What is the difference between invoke and evoke? This is a common question that comes up for many newbies to witchcraft. The words invoke and evoke are very similar and because of this, they are too often confused. Even though they sound alike the two words are not the same in meaning or definition. Let’s get into what is the difference between invoke and evoke. This way you can ensure you’re using the proper terminology in your ritual practices.

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What Is The Difference Between Invoke And Evoke – Invoke

To draw energy from the world around you into yourself. This is a form of worship or bonding with external forces. Entities that are most commonly invoked are deity, spirits, fae, and elements. Caution! Circle should always be used for any invocations. Invoking requires energy to be drawn into oneself. One must take great care to ensure only the desired energy is allowed in.

What Is The Difference Between Invoke And Evoke – Evoke

To generate energy from oneself and put it out into the world. This is a form of spell-work of enchanting. Caution! You may evoke deity and faeries, but it is dangerous. Faeries or fae are beings of their own and working with them usually has some cost associated with it. Evoking deity is a rather potent form of self-worship, and in the worse cases, can result in irreversible narcissism and bad karma.


Generating energy from within and sending it out into the external world. In a circle, energy gathers until it is released. Sending out the energy in one quick batch like this makes it more powerful or more concentrated. Many visualize this as being a blast of high speed, high vibration energy shooting off into the universe. Used for spells of any kind, situations where the seeker desires to exert their willpower on the greater universe directly.

Types Of Evocations

There are two types of evocations one can perform.

#1 Pure energy from self:

Techniques for this involve both raising and directing energy. Examples: basic spellwork and enchantments, sigil workings, consecrations, protection magic, and most healing techniques.

#2 Energy from another person or being:

Techniques for this form of evocation involve “borrowing” energy and then directing it. Energy from others is not brought into oneself, just redirected. Examples: Most forms of binding, most curses, and complex forms of protection magic.


Taking energy in from an outside source to create some change or transformation in oneself. Change one’s perspective (e.g. open the mind’s eye). Align one’s thoughts and desires so as to improve the ease and success of subsequent evocations. Permanently alter one’s energy in some way. The circle should always be used to ensure unwanted energy is not accidentally invoked. Used for rituals of any kind. An invocation is a form of voluntary possession.

Invoking The Elements

Invoking the elements is kind of backwards. Elemental energy is consciousness when separate from us, but the qualities are also within us. The purpose is to bring out these traits in oneself (allowing for better evocations). Invoking the elements brings their qualities into you so that you can perform greater feats of magic without having to bind any Fae.

Invoking Deity

The purpose is to broaden one’s perspectives. Deity is the consciousness of higher planar energy, with no classical analogy. Different deities represent different modes of thought, great aspects of, and events in nature. As well as echoes of human experience, as it relates to every human throughout the ages (archetypes).

When Is A Circle Necessary?

Circles should always be cast when working with any external energy. Such as summoning spirits or demons, binding when creating sigils, keeping your energy in, using other’s energy or “borrowing” skills, and also when enchanting. Circle casting is necessary any time you use invocations of any form (usually to deity) as this is different than prayer. Prayer is just speaking praise and requesting blessings. Also, a circle must be cast when performing cleansings, during astral travel/lucid dreaming and when using any herb that increases manifestations.

Circle Casting

This means to contain energy when performing any rituals or spell-work.

Trace the circle thrice about to keep the evil spirits out!

what is the difference between invoke and evoke

How To Cast Circle

Mark a large circle in the ground with chalk, string, rocks, etc. Clear your mind and get to a state of mindlessness, use breath control. Walk around the perimeter of this circle and imagine a blue, purple, or white light shooting out of your hand into the ground. Once the light comes all the way back around, imagine it close around you like a large sphere. Stand in your circle and just breathe. This is your energy, so as you breathe in and out, it should breathe with you in a sense. Feel the vibrations inside of the circle, and once closed feel them again – notice that circle is higher energy (more vibrations)

Neither the markings nor the light on the outside of the circle creates a physical divide, but a metaphysical one. Leaving or entering (even unknowingly) through the circle without cutting a doorway of some form will cause the circle to dissipate. The circle is outside of space and time, so bear in mind you may lose time staying in one (what feels like minutes becomes hours very quickly).

In Conclusion What Is The Difference Between Invoke And Evoke…

What is the difference between invoke and evoke? To invoke is a form of deliberate possession. When you choose to invoke an entity you are essentially inviting it within your body. To evoke on the other hand is to call upon an entity, asking it to attend your ritual. When evoking an offering is usually made to ensure whatever you are calling upon will actually join you. So when you evoke you are communing externally with an entity. In general those new to witchcraft are advised against invoking deities until they have become more skilled in their practices. Instead, you should work on evoking as you being your journey into occult practices. Learning how to commune with entities through evoking is a safer and easier way to wade into ritual practices as you are not welcoming them to take control of your body.

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