What Is Black Salt Used For In Witchcraft: 8 Black Salt Magic Uses & Recipe


What Is Black Salt Used For In Witchcraft: 8 Black Salt Magic Uses & Recipe

By Amber Rose

what is black salt used for in witchcraft

Black salt is an archaic compound made from a very basic preparedness. It is used by Pagans, Wiccans, and Voodoo practitioners alike. There are 2 forms of black salt people most commonly refer to. These 2 variations of black salt consist of an edible salt used in Indian dishes, and a salt used in witchcraft. Today we will be going over the latter.

For everyone out there wondering what is black salt used for in witchcraft? The answer is, it is mainly used for protection. But some people also use it to charge scrying mirrors as well as cast circles and break curses. This simple recipe we will learn today will ward off evils as well as protect you while removing negative energies from any area you use it. Making black salt a very popular supply to have for witchcraft practices.

It is important to remember that just like the popular occult phrase “as above so below” magic works as such. Black Salt is no different. Meaning it can be used to curse people as well as to enticing negative entities towards a person. Like the folklore phrase says, “salt does what you tell it to.” And people who practice magic understand this. This is why black salt is one of the most common ritual supplies for practitioners of witchcraft.

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Black Salt Magic

Black salt serves as a wonderful protection agent for your house and work, but it also works great for keeping out unwanted people from your life. This is a straightforward and frugal supply that will rid your life of unwanted things. As well as providing you will a powerful and effective witchcraft tool that will no doubt come in handy.

What Is Black Salt Used For In Witchcraft: 8 Common Practices

# 1

Grab a handful of the salt and toss it in whichever path you feel negative energy coming at you from. This will disable for a short time these unwanted energies.


If you recently had a visit from someone you don’t want coming around anymore, you can dissolve the salt in water and spray on areas that person touched. This will prevent them from coming around you.


Another great use is misting around doorways and windows to block out unwanted spirits from entering your space.


Douse the black salt spray or just the salt around the edges of your home to safeguard against negative entities.


You can encircle your home or business in the black salt, just as you may when casting a circle during ritual. This will protect any occupants inside the circle.


Go ahead and open your doors, now drop some salt on the outside of the door’s entrance. While you doing this speak the name or names or those you wish to banish as well as state the reasons why.


If you are with someone you don’t like you can toss black salt at them and this will prevent them from coming around you.


You may also anoint your workspace with the salt by tossing it around your desk. Sprinkle any areas you wish to keep people away from.

How To Make Black Salt At Home

Before we being, when you actually get into making this recipe you should pre-plan to make a large enough batch of black salt, so that you will have it on hand for weeks to come! This is a very versatile supply and will come in handy for most spell work you perform, and definitely for any spells requiring the use of salt. Because it’s a frighteningly easy recipe to make, it will only require a few minutes of your time. You should also have most if not all of the ingredients needed to make black salt already in your pantry. Also to make black salt, sea salt is most commonly used, but you can use Kosher if you don’t have the other on hand. You cannot use table salt for this alchemical process as it has been treated and not worthy of spell work.

What Is Black Salt Used For In Witchcraft

Black Salt Magic Recipe

For this recipe, you will need to gather coarse sea salt and a coloring agent to add the black salt for magical properties, something to cook your salt in, and a fire.

You can use multiple different things to color your salt. The coloring agents can be ash from firewood or burnt protective herbs, black pepper ground, or charcoal, etc.

Good protective herbs to use for this black salt recipe include Bergamot, cedar, cypress, lime, lemon, myrrh, juniper, rosemary, anise, vetiver, dill, basil, cinnamon, thyme, parsley, mugwort, poplar, yarrow, elm, holly, linden, hawthorn, ash, willow, oak, coconut, angelica, laurel, myrtle, birch, incense, jasmine, lily of the valley, patchouli, pine, rue, verbena, ferns, hazel, heather, mistletoe, pepper, thistle, rowan, wormwood.

To start being the ritual recipe process by igniting your fire and tossing some protective herbs in with it.

Now go ahead and place the salt into your cauldron. You can use as much salt as you want but the ratio will always be 3:1. Three parts salt one part black coloring agent.

Heat the salt and add your coloring agent to the pot. Mix efficiently, making sure it doesn’t burn. Bringing it to a slight simmer to begin the alchemy process.

That is it, You are done!

Keep in mind the salt may not turn completely black, but that is OK. As long as it has time to reach its simmer your salt is ready to go!

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Now That You Know What Is Black Salt Used For In Witchcraft, Will You Start Using It?



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