What Is An Evil Eye & How To Protect Against It

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What Is An Evil Eye & How To Protect Against It

By Amber Rose


What is an evil eye? It is a symbol to fend off evil. The eye has the ability to possess and destroy others solidifies the usage of eyes as a universal remedy to the problem. So to say, fighting the fire with one’s own light. Displaying a picture of an eye as a talisman or a charm simply signifies that it has the power to counterbalance the curse’s power if it falls on the individual in any situation.

Where did the evil eye originate?

The evil eye origin has a long history and can be found in all civilizations and traditions around the globe. About 1200 years before Christ, the first definitive traces of the evil eye were discovered on Egyptian papyrus. In the last two Sures, the Quran mentions the evil eye, characterizing it as the result of an envious someone emitting harmful energy towards someone else, similar to how we interpret it today. In truth, the curse of the wicked eye has a long history dating back to 3,000 BC. The concept of the eye has crossed Jewish, Christian, and many philosophical perspectives. According to a popular folklorist, over 40% of the world’s civilizations believe in some version of the evil eye. Although, in modern times the eye is mostly seen as a commonly known superstitious belief.

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Evil eye color meanings

Blue: Is protection’s color. Good karma, positive energy, and safety from the eye are all associated with this color.

Light Blue: The sky’s color, which represents truth and thus gives direct protection against the eye. These colored charms are still used for new babies, new businesses, housewarmings, and even new vehicles — any occasion that calls for a ‘good luck’ request.

Black evil eye meaning: A black evil eye denotes both protection and power.

Brown: denotes a connection to nature.

Dark Green: Bliss and happiness.

Grey: is a protective color against sadness.

Orange: is a protective color that can also indicate optimism, ambition, inventiveness, and liveliness.

Pink: is used to maintain relationships.

Red: denotes bravery.

White: Represents concentration.

Yellow: is the color of wellness.

Evil eye symbol

evil eye symbol

What is an evil eye curse?

The curse of the wicked eye Mal de ojo Nazar mauvais oeil, also known as Greek matiasma, is a curse thought to be cast by an evil stare directed at an unwitting victim. Receiving a wicked eye is said to bring misfortune, bad luck, or injury in many cultures. Mal de Ojo jewelry and talismans used to ward off the eye are commonly referred to as “evil eyes.”

What does the evil eye mean?

There are three types of eyes and each means something different.

#1 The first are malevolent eyes that aren’t conscious. These unintentionally hurt people and objects.

So, what does it mean to inadvertently damage someone? It could be the short glare you give someone, or the rolling of your eyes when they say or do something. The thoughts that run through your head, but aren’t uttered aloud in front of others. Without even realizing it, your actions and thoughts are sending negative energy toward that individual.

#2 The second type seeks to inflict suffering.

The second category is what we call “intentional.” It’s the rumors you circulate about others or the fury you have for someone else. When someone cuts you off on the road with their automobile, then slows down just in front of you, you shout and holler in the car, thinking of every imaginable awful thing that may happen to them, and it actually happens. This is stage two: saying the eye curse openly, even if you don’t intend to harm someone. You’ve spoken it out loud, either orally or with excessive body language like a stare down or a finger warning.

#3 The third is the most terrifying: unseen, hidden evil.

The third category, the unseen, is a whole new level of evil, and it’s why evil eye relics were created. This is the scariest since it is a sort of deliberate evil with multiple layers involved in harming others. This form of evil can be caused by a variety of factors, including jealously, envy, and coveting. In other words, someone’s jealousy affects your good fortune, and as a result, you may experience some bad luck, such as feeling physically or psychologically ill. This is why an armful of eye bracelets, is worn— to keep the eye at bay!

Evil eye symptoms

Above all, physical issues that do not improve with the use of drugs are the most common symptoms discovered among those who claim to have been victims of the eye: headaches, drowsiness, and weariness.

But it doesn’t stop there; a wicked eye sufferer may notice an increase in unfavorable conditions when performing daily duties, a feeling of terror while gazing in the mirror, or restlessness, and annoyance when visiting a church or being in the presence of all that is sacred.

evil eye color meanings

How to protect yourself from evil eye

Wearing jewelry for evil eye protection is without a doubt one of the most common methods of protection. But, there are other ways you can get the protection that has been used by different cultures we will go over.

  1. Wearing Accessories: It is thought that simply wearing the evil eye sign will protect you from the evil eye. Wearing evil eye jewelry, which has become a significant fashion statement among both believers and non-believers, is one way to do this.
  2. Mirror Talisman: People think that because mirrors are reflective, they will reflect your bad luck back to the sender. Some individuals believe that by placing mirrors in their door entryways and other frequently used areas in their home, they might ward off ill luck.
  3. Coconut Ceremonies: Coconut rituals entail shattering a coconut on the ground. The coconut is said to represent bad luck and the curse you’ve received from the eye. This procedure is usually performed in a ‘pure environment,’ such as a temple or a chapel. The goal is to shatter the coconut as far away from your house as possible, ensuring that the bad luck doesn’t follow you home.
  4. Magnet Detoxification: According to some traditions, a magnet cleansing can efficiently drive bad luck away from you. The magnet is passed over your body from head to toe as part of the ritual. According to legend, you should next burn the magnet in an attempt to extinguish the eye and all that it entails.

Commonly Asked Questions:

How to put the evil eye on someone?

The three main ways of how to put the eye on someone involve, cursing with a mantra, using a mirror, or a photo.

Is it disrespectful to wear an evil eye?

No, it is not. It isn’t a term that is either good or negative. So long as you don’t claim it as your own or insult it, you can culturally adapt the eye. There isn’t a single society that is immune to evil. The purpose of wearing the eye is to defend against bad glances and envy, not to imitate or denigrate another culture.

Can you buy an evil eye for yourself?

Living in a culture where the eye charm is super popular, yes, you can get yourself one.

Why do people wear the evil eye?

The eye is regarded as a talisman capable of warding off evil in almost all civilizations and cultures. Not only that, but the eye serves as a window into the world, as well as a springboard for both positive and bad thoughts.


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