What Is A Witches Mark: How To Identify If You Are A Natural Born Witch?

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What Is A Witches Mark: How To Identify If You Are A Natural Born Witch?

By Amber Rose

what is a witches mark

Nowadays many baby witches yearn to find a witches mark to validate their authenticity. But, what is a witches mark and why is it such a common attribute to have in the modern-day witchcraft community? The witches mark is essentially a birthmark carried by birth born witches. It dates back to ancient times and was a cause for much heartache during the witch trials. Today we will get into the history behind the witches mark as well as ways to identify if you have any witch marks yourself.

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Witch Hunters

Witch marks originated in the early modern period and Medieval times. Although much of the history around these marks was shrouded in tragedy. The European witch trials, where witch hunters flooded the countries searching for witches who had witch marks. These witch marks were scars, moles, birthmarks, and in some cases third nipples. The witch hunters would prove the women were witches by finding these specific marks on her body. Only for them to then be brutally tortured and murdered. People during this time period believed the markings were symbols of Satan basically claiming his property. Others believed these witch marks stood as a nipple or sorts for the devil to drink from.

what is a witches mark

Witch Marks In Current Culture

Today bearing a witches mark is a source of pride for many witches around the world. If you have the markings you see it as an indication of your true innate magical talents.

How To Identify What Is A Witches Mark: Arrangement, Design and Configuration

*It is important for you to be aware, if you come across a weird-looking shaped mole it can be a deeper underlying issue. So if you find something your not sure about, get it checked out by a dr. asap!

In reality, only you can determine if you carry the witches markings or not. To make it easier for you to decipher let us go over the things to look for to see if you have a witches mark somewhere on your body.

#1 Arrangement:

Look for collections of moles arranged in a way that a pattern is formed. Such as 3 moles set up in the pattern of the triple moon goddess symbol, you can check out our article on that symbol here.

#2 Design:

Moles and or birthmarks where the design looks like a symbol or sigil. Such as a birthmark that looks like the sigil of a goddess.

#3 Configuration:

A marking on the body looking like the shape of a certain country or a circle etc.

What Is A Witches Mark True Meaning

Now that you know what to look for if you do have a witches mark what does it really mean? Different witch markings have different meanings. Certain witch marks that look like birth markings can imply you were a witch in a past life. For some, you can even see how you passed on in previous lives. Another example is those with unexplained scars as these can indicate being stabbed in another lifetime. Moles and birthmarks may also imply symbols taken with you in honor of a god or goddess. Such as runes and sigils. These unique looking marks can also be indicative of a previous life from a different country than you now reside in.

What Is A Witches Mark On the Palms

Moles and birthmarks are one way to show a witches mark but this is not the only way to determine a natural-born witch. Another way to verify witch markings is to look at your palms. This is usually a more effective approach to proving you were a witch in lifetimes previous.

#1 The Healer’s Mark

A common witch attribute is a fact that most of them were healers in previous lifetimes. Healing others using energy through the elements, plants, herbs, belief. If you believe you may have been a healer, look for the healer’s mark on your dominant palm first then your secondary hand. The healer’s mark is a sequence of 3 vertical lines stacked upon each other directly under your pinky finger on your palm.

#2 Psychic Palm Signs

To understand if you are psychic, clairvoyant or emphatic, there are multiple palm indicators to look for.

Mystic Cross:

This is a cross found someplace around the middle of your palm, often in between your head and heart lines.

Psychic Triangle:

This is a triangle shape to look for located in the middle knuckle pad of your index finger. It can also be found in the center of your palm.

Intuition Line:

If you want to certify the prevalence of an enhanced intuition then look for a curved vertical line just under your pinky finger on the outside of your palm.

Empathy Line:

This is a curved line or lines underneath your pointer finger that implies strong empathetic capabilities.

#3 Constellation Palm Signs Of Starseed Origins

If you have ever heard of Starseeds, you understand them to be witchy beings who in a past life lived in a different constellation or star system to the one we are currently living. The most common Starseeds are from varying constellations or star systems and they are the Arcturians, Lyrans, Orions, and Pleiadians. Starseeds bring with them indicators of their out of this world beginning in the presence of witch mark constellations. If you believe yourself to be a Starseed you would carry markings on your palms similar to something like that of Orion’s belt or etc.

What Is A Witches Mark In Conclusion…

Although not all birthmarks and moles have a deeper spiritual meaning, some markings are indicative of witch marks. If you feel a strong pull towards the witchy way of life be sure to check for any of the marks we went over. For those of you lucky enough to find a witches mark be sure to study up on your specific mark and what that means. Learn about your true nature and embrace the witchcraft way of life. School yourself on your innate natural abilities including intuition, empathy, psychic abilities, and healing.

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