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What is a Hedge Witch?

By Amber Rose

what is a hedge witch

What is a Hedge Witch

A hedge witch is usually a solitary witch who works mainly in herb magic and she heavily embraces the presence of nature in her spell work.

According to Wikipedia, “Witchcraft is the practice of what the practitioner believes to be magical skills and abilities, and activities such as spells, incantations, and magical rituals. Witchcraft is a broad term that varies culturally and societally, and thus can be difficult to define with precision.”

There are multiple different systems of thought among contemporary practitioners of witchcraft. Green witchcraft practiced by hedge witches has proved to be very popular again in recent times. “The hedge witch is an herbalist, healer, nature lover, and shaman. Generally a solitary witch, each hedge witch path is individual to the witch. Hedge witches also walk between worlds through meditation, astral travel, and divination.” She honors nature and the outdoor world deeply and finds magic in daily activities These witches may work with gods and goddesses or even act as healers. Green witchcraft is very diverse and multiple practices are used by whoever the hedge witch practitioner. The phrase “hedge witch” comes from wise women who lived in villages past the town, beyond the hedge.

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Hedge Witch History

The name hedge witch is an honorary reference to the past. In ancient times these witches/women lived among the outskirts of the village behind the hedges. It was thought that one side of the town was civilized and beyond the hedges was primitive and undiscovered. Most of the time these witchy women had what is referred to in the tv show Sabrina as “the cunning” and they also acted as shamanic healers. Spending their days collecting plants and herbs from the nearby hedges and local forests.

Often the green witchcraft practitioner is a solitary witch. She chooses to infuse magical intentions into her daily rituals, through simple acts like gardening or sweeping. A crucial part of being a hedge witch in ancient times was learning and mastering the traditions and rituals passed down from senior family members. These archaic rituals were inspired and adapted from ancient folk practices. It was also common at the time to refer to these practices as the “green craft.”

Hedge Witchcraft Rituals & Traditions

Hedge witchcraft is very similar to kitchen witchery. Both types of witchcraft target the hearth and house as the focal point for spell work practices. Our home is the area we ground and re-energize our physical and mental states of health. For the hedge witch, her home is her altar. Herb magic is this witch’s main area of practice and with this comes other common skills like aromatherapy and grassy wellness. In her home, you will probably find jars of dried plants, herbs, oils, tonics, and her grimoire filled with old-time hedge witch rituals.

what is a hedge witch

How To Practice Hedge Witchcraft In Today’s Times

If you are interested in adapting some hedge craft into your daily rituals there are tons of simple ways you can start taking action. Start by looking at your home life tasks from a metaphysical or spiritual point of view. It can be making your bed to crafting or cooking. Anything you do at home as part of a daily routine is a game here. It is important to note that while you are engaging in these daily rituals you should intently focus on the sanctity of your behaviors. State positive affirmations and say your intentions to your cleaning, cooking, crafting, etc. The dwelling you reside in is your sacred place and it is filled with your magical presence and energy. Treat the home as though it is a person of great importance who you respect deeply.

Get to know your outside surroundings. Study the herbs and plants around you. Familiarize yourself with the spirits of nature. Leave offerings for these entities as you will be working with them very closely as a hedge witch. For those wishing to practice but who don’t have a yard of their own, don’t worry. You can bring nature to you and grow your own indoor plants, or go to your local park or wooded area. Get to know whatever region you plan to practice your spell work in so you know what is native to your area. If you are an outdoorsy woman who loves to be in nature and all things associated with it, you will probably thrive in hedge witchcraft practices.

what is a hedge witch

What is The Alchemy of Nature & Meditation

The hedge witch knows that nature comes with many mystical wonders. That is why she is so fixated on the outdoor world. Spend as much time outdoors as you can familiarizing yourself with sounds and meditating on your intentions. This is where in life you begin to see yourself as one with the earth while you practice in the hedge witch traditions.

Modified Consciousness

One of the first healing rituals of the hedge witch was the ability to modify their consciousness or “jump the hedge.” With the ability to alert one’s consciousness comes the ability to see into the other side, lift the veil between our realm and the other realms we normally don’t see. You can then seek and get answers from the spirit guides.

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