What Does The Yellow Aura Mean -The Ultimate Guide

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What Does The Yellow Aura Mean -The Ultimate Guide

By Amber Rose

what does having the yellow aura mean

What Does The Yellow Aura Mean

Our auras, like chakras, are known to be associated with our inner energy field. They are similar but different from the chakra system. Today we will go over what does the yellow area mean, personality traits, and ways to read your personal aura at home.

Aura Meaning

Auras are usually unseen or invisible energy fields surrounding every single person’s physical body. Some people have the ability to perceive auras although most do not. The aura energy field extends anywhere from five to seven feet from our physical bodies. Aura color is representative of a person’s emotional state as well as personality traits. For those lucky few able to see their own auras, it is said that they look like a prism of moving colors. Each color has a different connotation correlated to it. Some colors will stand out more so than others. This can either mean you have many traits associated with that aura color or during the time the color was seen you were having a strong emotion triggering the color spark.

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Yellow Aura Meaning

Yellow being the color of sunshine is commonly associated with happiness and opportunity. This aura color is also indicative of imagination, amusement, assurance, and motivation. Because of this yellow is thought to be the most cheerful and enjoyable to be around of all the other colors on the aura spectrum. A common occurrence of those with yellow auras is higher than normal IQ. Nonconformists also tend to show yellow auras.

Yellow Aura Personality Traits

People containing yellow auras have personality traits that are viewed in good regard. They are usually seen as happy, lively, and drawn to others who view life the same way. They symbolize inner happiness and a free spirit mentality desired by others. In most cases, this keeps the yellow aura out of confrontations and afflictions but for some, it can make them appear flaky.

Charitable people are thought to carry yellow auras as they have the ability to ground themselves. This manifests happiness by making the individual more stable and accepting of others, enabling them to form many beneficial bonds. This aura color is occasionally thought of as immature to loved ones, but their mental equity and love of life make them awesome people to have in your life. The recipe for happy relations with yellow auras is realizing they live for opportunity and hopefulness. If you carry downing or theatrical energies you will have a hard time keeping the relationship going. As long as they remember self-care the pioneering and diligent yellow aura carriers can put their knowledgeable skills to use at work and make a difference.

Aura Colors Meaning Chart

RedPassion, Strength, Grounding, Determination
OrangeCourage, Life Force, Management of Others, Stimulation
YellowAssurance, Amusement, Opportunity, Motivation, Imagination
GreenCuring, Hospitality, Assistance, Obligation, Love of the Outdoors
BlueConnection, Self-Expression, Intensity, Instinct, Accuracy
IndigoKnowledge, Intuition, Sensitivity, Spirituality, Deep Inner Knowing
PurpleHigh Consciousness, Visionary Qualities, Spiritual Awareness

Different Hues of Yellow Aura’s & What They Mean?

Yellow is mainly seen as positive although different variations of this color can show different meanings. Varying shades of yellow can show different associated issues the person might be going through at the time or different age periods in one’s life cycle etc. Below we will go over the color variations and the associated meanings.

Soft Yellow

Soft yellow on the aura spectrum relates to new starts, spiritual awakenings, etc. Light yellow contains very promising energy. Although this shade variation is thought to be more fragile than other shades. If you have or know someone with this aura color variation realize that with growth this color will become stronger as they experience growth. Soft yellow aura carriers are probably going through a new beginning or change is forcing new experiences for them. But with yellow comes the assurance of new opportunities and happiness on the horizon.

Intense Yellow

If soft yellow is considered promising, intense yellow is the opposite. This color is related to inner battles or issues. Like a brightly colored and intensely flavored sour pineapple, those carrying this aura can feel depressed or “sour” to the mounting issues of their mental health. If they do not confront these difficulties they will become weighed down with emotional energy. This will reflect in their aura energy color foretasted at the time. Ways to combat the negative energy weighing you down include spending time in mother nature while practicing meditation techniques. This will work to clear the energetic field and rid your body of the intense yellow aura.

What Does The Yellow Aura Mean

Golden Yellow

Golden yellow is a positive aura color. People with this aura color are thought of as “good as gold.” Many often become world leaders, spiritual healers, and teachers. Golden yellow is attached to talent, knowledge, hospitality, and high knowledge. This aura color is thought to be all the more powerful when a metaphysical halo hovers above the aura carrier’s head. If you wish to interact with your golden yellow aura you should start, drinking yellow teas, incorporate the color in your daily wardrobe, have yellow flowers like sunflowers around your home, and wear gold-colored jewelry.

What Color Is My Aura?

Everyone’s aura is a different color and there are many ways you can go about deciphering what color yours is. Teaching yourself is an option if you already lean towards psychic or empathetic abilities such as those on the purple aura spectrum. For those of you who do not, there are other options. You can get your aura photographed by a professional aura reader. There are even online quizzes to take. You can also ask a psychic to do a reading for you. Either way, there are tons of options, so get online and see what you can find that will work best for your needs.

what does the yellow aura mean

How To Read Your Aura

To try and read your aura here are a couple of methods to try starting out: Start by focusing on a body part like your hands. Keep doing this intently like you are meditating. As you focus a color may start to reveal itself, this is your aura. You can also try rubbing your hands together vigorously to generate friction. While you are doing this the aura color may emerge. These methods don’t always work for everyone, but it is worth it to give them a try if you’ve never had your aura read!

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