What Does The Blue Aura Mean: The Ultimate Guide

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What Does The Blue Aura Mean: The Ultimate Guide

By Amber Rose

what does having the blue aura mean

What does the blue aura mean? Our auras, like chakras, are known to be associated with our inner energy field. They are similar but different from the chakra system. Those carrying a blue aura, contain a more convoluted explanation than most of the other aura colors. The blue aura is usually attuned with peaceful and perceptive personal traits, but these sensitive attributes can show themselves in a variety of different ways and color shades.

The vibration associated with the blue aura is like that of the sea as well as the sky. Like the elements mentioned blue aura personalities can show themselves in many ways such as light, dark, rough, etc. Today we will go over the different shades of blue auras, their relation to chakras, and what these shades show for personality traits. So what shade of blue do you think your aura is? How will that reflect in your day-to-day life? Let’s get into what does the blue aura mean?

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Aura Colors Meaning

Auras are usually unseen or invisible energy fields surrounding every single person’s physical body. Some people have the ability to perceive auras although most do not. The aura energy field extends anywhere from five to seven feet from our physical bodies. Aura color is representative of a person’s emotional state as well as personality traits. For those lucky few able to see their own auras, it is said that they look like a prism of moving colors. Each color has a different connotation correlated to it. Some colors will stand out more so than others. This can either mean you have many traits associated with that aura color or during the time the color was seen you were having a strong emotion triggering the color spark.

What Does The Blue Aura Mean

The aura which is an oval-shaped electromagnetic field of colored light that surrounds your physical body. It reflects metaphysical aspects as well as the controlling chakras for your personal self. Your aura also shows your current vibrational state associated with your mental, physical and spiritual bodies. As well as showing us underlying revelations and personality quirks.

Those containing a blue aura are lucky. Blue is the color of relaxation, and for its mental ability to induce serenity and peacefulness when viewed. This is in contrast to “warm” colors like fiery red and orange, which induce emotional responses such as intensity and anger. Blue is the elemental color related to all of earth’s gentlest tendencies. Because of this, those with a blue aura are seen as sympathetic, and emotionally perceptive individuals. Keep in mind personal characteristics can be adjusted, adapted, and divulged in multiple approaches so these are all generalizations about the blue aura shades.

Aura Colors Meaning Chart

RedPassion, Strength, Grounding, Determination
OrangeCourage, Life Force, Management of Others, Stimulation
YellowAssurance, Amusement, Opportunity, Motivation, Imagination
GreenCuring, Hospitality, Assistance, Obligation, Love of the Outdoors
BlueConnection, Self-Expression, Intuitive, Instinct, Accuracy
IndigoKnowledge, Intuition, Sensitivity, Spirituality, Deep Inner Knowing
PurpleHigh Consciousness, Visionary Qualities, Spiritual Awareness

Blue Aura And Its Relations To Your Chakras

Your aura color and main chakra color typically correspond. Meaning if you have a blue aura you probably have a dominant blue chakra. The chakra system is each related to the different energy centers located along our spines. The bottom of the chakra energy system is color red representing the root and the top of the chakra system ends in our brain which is the crown chakra and is violet in color. The throat chakra which is the 5th out of 7 chakras, is blue and is related to the thyroid. Those with a blue chakra are strongly tied to trustworthiness, expressiveness, and the ability to communicate well with others. If your throat chakra is super dominant you will show these traits and abilities more so.

Different Blue Aura Shades & Their Meanings

Each of the main colors we see has multiple different shades. This applies to our auras as well. Just like our individual traits and habits the different shades of the blue aura show us ways we differ from others with the same aura color but in different shades. First, you need to determine if your aura is straight blue or is it mixed with other colors like green or purple? If other colors show in your aura they can darken or lighten your aura depending on the color you have. A lightened blue aura is going to represent lighter energy while a dark blue can relate more with negative associations even when blue is still the dominant color. Let’s go over different shades of the blue aura and the related behaviors and traits.

Aquamarine Aura

The presence of green mixed into a blue aura show an association to the immune system. This can mean you have abilities tailored towards healing others. You contain the ability to relate to others and show sympathy. You also have the ability to calm others of negative emotions. If you can share your sympathetic ways with others in a positive manner you will have a lasting effect on people you interact with.

Deep Blue Aura

This is the truest of the blue aura shades and is highly tied with sympathy, intuitiveness and sometimes psychic traits. Even if you are not as spiritually connected as you would like your probably very perceptive and love sharing with others. A charitable, accessible, and empathetic soul, who loves change and new possibilities. You are not tied down to any constant fear or negative emotions.

Light Blue Aura

Lightly colored auras encompass a lighter more positive energy than the deeper darker shades. If your blue aura is more lightly colored you will show traits of calmness and positivity. The light blue aura is one of laid-back, and conversational nature. They vibrate with accuracy, integrity, and tranquility. All of the different colored auras that are more lightly shaded show a positive association, although the light blue aura is more related with conversational abilities.

what does the blue aura mean

Dark Or Foggy Blue Aura

Any time an aura color is clouded or darkened looking this can represent the same thing for your energy. A foggy, cloudy blue aura can present itself in the form of despair or anxiety and not the open communicative ways blue auras typically present. Dark blue auras are highly sensitive and the anxiety can be very hard and will show in their decision making. Especially when the inner voice is not heard then you will have tons of trouble conveying yourself to others.

Blue-Purple Aura

If your aura is that of a purplish-blue this may show a personality that is more tuned towards the intuitive side. Indigo is the color related to our 3rd eye chakra representative of strong intuitive abilities and receptiveness. With purple and blue sitting right next door to each other on the color spectrum, it conveys communicative skills working nicely with strong emotional and spiritual awareness.

What Color Is My Aura?

Everyone’s aura is a different color and there are many ways you can go about deciphering what color yours is. Teaching yourself is an option if you already lean towards psychic or empathetic abilities such as those on the purple aura spectrum. For those of you who do not, there are other options. You can get your aura photographed by a professional aura reader. There are even online quizzes to take. You can also ask a psychic to do a reading for you. Either way, there are tons of options, so get online and see what you can find that will work best for your needs.

How Can You See Your Aura

How to find your aura color there are a few different methods. Start by focusing on a body part like your hands. Keep doing this intently like you are meditating. As you focus a color may start to reveal itself, this is your aura. You can also try rubbing your hands together vigorously to generate friction. While you are doing this the aura color may emerge. These methods don’t always work for everyone, but it is worth it to give them a try if you’ve never had your aura read!

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