What Does Purple Aura Mean On The Aura Spectrum?

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What Does Purple Aura Mean On The Aura Spectrum?

By Amber Rose

what does purple aura mean

On the aura spectrum, the color purple is considered to be one of the most spiritual of them all. Those containing purple auras are inherently magical. They are very in-tune and empathetic with other people’s perceptions and thoughts. Most psychics or clairvoyants you may come across in life contain purple auras. Although, there are many normal people with purple auras who do not contain these special abilities, only emphatic traits. When asked what does purple aura mean, I would say it is representative of a person who has an unlimited capacity for inner and metaphysical advancement in all areas of life. Those who contain the enigmatic purple aura know it contains a strength that does not sway like other auras often do.

Aura Meaning

Auras are invisible energy fields surrounding every person’s physical body. It extends anywhere from five to seven feet from our physical bodies. Aura color is representative of a person’s emotional state as well as personality traits.

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What Virtues Do Those With Purple Auras Have?

Just like all aura colors, purple will differ on how it affects each person. Some will feel the traits of the purple aura stronger than others. For people not as in tune with their aura, they may only show the trait of being emphatic. On the other end of the spectrum, those containing this aura can be psychic and more in-tune with the spiritual plane. The purple aura acts like an all-encompassing receptor picking up on the energies of those around you. Anyone who is an empath understands this concept. You are constantly consuming others’ emotions, thoughts, feelings. Their ENERGY. This is not intentional but something that comes with having a purple aura. It can be totally draining for those who do not know how to deal with these external energies.

If you have a purple aura you are more than likely very sensitive but you can hide this sensitivity well. You are sometimes too kind and can be taken advantage of. Often choosing to trust others even when you know their real intentions are not always in your best interest. You are inherently good matured and others may not always pick up on it. Deep down you feel alone and like it is punishment in some way, but the needs of others will always be out of your own. Boundaries can be an issue for you as you prefer to be open and honest with all areas of your life.

You are drawn to tranquility and calmness which can only be achieved in nature. The purple aura comes with a sense of adventure and travel, this applies to your spiritual and physical realities alike. With the receptive feelings that plague you, this will make you go down one of two different paths. One you will be on the social side and want to interact with others however you can. With most saying they make friends pretty easily. Or on the other side, you will engulf yourself in some sort of service to others, helping any way you can.

What Does Purple Aura Mean For Love

Those who have been born with this color aura may have issues in love and friendship. They have secretiveness in their personality that is very attractive to a partner when things are new, but down the road, it can be off-putting. This is due to the fact that your partner never truly feels like they know you. Purples who feel their aura deeply don’t show many feelings to others. This can also come off as discomforting to some. So the purple will often choose to keep a little group of friends that they feel more connected with.

Because you have an all-knowing sense about yourself, you understand how much your words and actions can hurt others, so you in turn are very loyal. You respect the people in your life and realize how precious they are because in instant things can change. You make friends easily but friendships are usually only temporary. Even though you may have many relationships that fail when you find the ones that last you know that they are truly meant to be! Don’t fall prey to others and let yourself be easily taken advantage of. You are not the type to Netflix and chill, one night stands are not your thing. Within you is a deep love and passion that is not easily matched and will show itself when you find the right partner.

What Does Purple Aura Mean For Work

The need to help others makes you a very popular player at work. Jobs and careers that work with animals or help others are where you will thrive! You must still come prepared and ready to learn or you may underperform. This aura is shroud in perplexity and the metaphysical world. So understandably purples find their highest payback working as psychics or acting on their empathic abilities because they know they are really helping others. Kind, true, and sensitive they will many times give too much to work. Making the need to learn a good work–home life balance crucial.

what does purple aura mean

Aura Colors Meaning Chart

Red – Passion, Strength, Grounding, Determination

Orange – Courage, Life Force, Management of Others, Stimulation

Yellow – Assurance, Amusement, Opportunity, Motivation, Imagination

Green – Curing, Hospitality, Assistance, Obligation, Love of the Outdoors

Blue – Connection, Self-Expression, Intensity, Instinct, Accuracy

Indigo – Knowledge, Intuition, Sensitivity, Spirituality, Deep Inner Knowing

Purple – Higher Consciousness, visionary qualities, Spiritual Awareness

What Color Is My Aura And What Does It Mean?

Everyone’s aura is a different color and there are many varying ways you can go about deciphering what color is yours. Teaching yourself is an option if you already lean towards psychic or empathic abilities such as those with the purple aura. But for those of you who don’t, there are other options. You can get your aura photographed by a professional. There are even online quizzes to take or you can go about obtaining the services of a psychic and get an aura reading. So go online and see what you can find out!

How To Read Your Own Aura

To try and read your own aura start by focusing on a body part like your hands. Do this intently as though you were meditating. Do this you may start to see your aura color. You can also rub your hands together creating energy from the friction. This may also begin to reveal your aura color to your untrained eyes. After you perfect reading your own aura you can try practicing on others.

what does purple aura mean

In Conclusion What Does Purple Aura Mean For You?…

The purple aura although seen as mysterious and guarded is one of the most honest and giving auras you can come across. Those possessing this aura should know to trust themselves intuitively as your intuition will not take you down a negative path. Take pride and trust in the gifts that have been bestowed upon you. Remember to protect yourself. You contain a sight and compassion that most never come close to containing, and because of such you are a commodity to those wishing to drain you of your energy.

What Color Aura Do You Have?

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