What Does Having An Orange Aura Mean, The Ultimate Guide!

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What Does Having An Orange Aura Mean, The Ultimate Guide!

By Amber Rose

what does having an orange aura mean

What Does Having An Orange Aura Mean

What does having an orange aura mean on the aura spectrum? Orange is the color associated with innovation and immense energy. Those who possess an orange aura are usually seen as courageous, adventurers, and risk-takers. With their high amounts of energy, a release is often needed usually in the form of sports or sex. These are the individuals who love to live life in the fast lane. The orange aura identifies with delight, satisfaction, and amusement. Orange’s love new opportunities and thrive when they are learning. The orange aura is attuned with the sacral chakra as well as sensual intensity.

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Aura Meaning

Auras are usually unseen or invisible energy fields surrounding every single person’s physical body. Some people have the ability to perceive auras although most do not. The aura energy field extends anywhere from five to seven feet from our physical bodies. Aura color is representative of a person’s emotional state as well as personality traits. For those lucky few able to see their own auras, it is said that they look like a prism of moving colors. Each color has a different connotation correlated to it. Some colors will stand out more so than others. This can either mean you have many traits associated with that aura color or during the time the color was seen you were having a strong emotion triggering the color spark.

Aura Colors Meaning Chart

RedPassion, Strength, Grounding, Determination
OrangeCourage, Life Force, Management of Others, Stimulation
YellowAssurance, Amusement, Opportunity, Motivation, Imagination
GreenCuring, Hospitality, Assistance, Obligation, Love of the Outdoors
BlueConnection, Self-Expression, Intuitive, Instinct, Accuracy
IndigoKnowledge, Intuition, Sensitivity, Spirituality, Deep Inner Knowing
PurpleHigh Consciousness, Visionary Qualities, Spiritual Awareness

Shades Of The Orange Aura

Each of the main colors we see has multiple different shades. This applies to our auras as well. Just like our individual traits and habits the different shades of the orange aura show us ways we differ from others with the same aura color but in different shades. First, you need to determine if your aura is straight orange or is it mixed with other colors? If other colors show in your aura they can darken or lighten your overall color.

Light orange is going to represent more positive energy while a dark orange can relate more with negative associations even when orange is still the dominant color. Each shade of orange has a unique energetic vibration and meaning attached to it, this contributes to your overall aura. Let’s go over different shades of the orange aura and the related behaviors and traits.

Red-Orange Aura

Red-orange is said to be the most prevalent of the orange aura shades. The color red is associated with dominant and fearless energy. Representing intensity, power, and stamina. When red is combined with the orange aura we often see confident leaders or people with immense inner strength and power.

Yellow-Orange Aura

The color yellow is representative of vitality, motivation, intellect and enthusiasm. People pursuing a spiritual life path or working towards a higher purpose are said to contain yellow-orange auras. Yellow-orange’s are people of high mental acuity, usually methodical, accurate, logical and controlled.

Dark Orange Aura

A burnt or dark orange aura usually represents someone working through aspirations, or in need of a transformation. The darker the shade of the orange in an aura is symbolic of more negative energies. Dark orange auras are also associated with apathy, passivity, and laziness.

Orange Aura Personality Traits

In general, orange personality traits are viewed seen as energetic, gifted, and courageous. With the intense vibrations and fervor contained in red auras, mixed with the traits of intelligence and cleverness possessed by yellow auras. The orange aura is enjoyable, socially inclined, and adventurous. At work, those with an orange aura are praised for their capability and ambition put forth towards completing goals. They are the life of the party and look to keep everyone around them happy, while they get as much as they can out of life. On the other end of the personality traits, spectrum oranges don’t like to be out of control. This is often a saving grace for them as their excitement at new adventures can more often than not turn into them making carefree and not smart decisions on the fly.

what does having an orange aura mean

Orange Aura Relationships

Oranges thrive in relationships where they can be adventurous, thrill-seekers and want a partner they can travel the world with. With the high amount of energy contained in the orange aura, they need a partner who can keep up with them and who is open to new experiences.

People with orange auras are also highly intellectual and innovative with the need to be around people and socialize. With this in mind oranges will usually be receptive to there partners needs if they have doubts about new experience’s the orange wishes to try

Oranges love the thrill associated with the pursuit of new love. They are said to be flirty, inciting, and kinetic when beginning a romance. Orange auras are thought to be bold and courageous in all aspects of their relationships and because of this, their partner should be eager and enthusiastic about the prospects and opportunities that come with dating an orange.

Orange Aura & Chakra Relation

To fully comprehend what the orange aura means, you need to understand the metaphysical relationship between the aura color and your ruling chakra center. Your aura reflects your inner physical, emotional, and spiritual-energetic state of being. If you have an orange aura you will also have a dominant orange chakra center. The chakra energy system is located along the spine and is color-coordinated just like auras.

The sacral chakra is associated with the realm of emotions. It’s the center of our feelings and sensations. It’s particularly active in our sexuality and the expression of our sensual and sexual desires.

Those with an orange aura are attuned to the orange sacral chakra energy center. The sacral chakra represents the lumbar portion of the back, sex organs, and lower stomach region. This chakra is associated with your inventiveness and can be energized by new creative opportunities, and travel. If your sacral chakra is out of balance you can eat orange food as it is thought to reconnect you with your orange aura energy.

How To Know Your Aura Color

To find your aura color there are a few different methods. Start by focusing on a body part like your hands. Keep doing this intently like you are meditating. As you focus a color may start to reveal itself, this is your aura. You can also try rubbing your hands together vigorously to generate friction. While you are doing this the aura color may emerge. These methods don’t always work for everyone, but it is worth it to give them a try if you’ve never had your aura read!

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