What Do The Four Archangels Represent: Archangels Of The Elements

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What Do The Four Archangels Represent: Archangels Of The Elements

By Amber Rose

what do the four archangels represent

What do the four archangels represent?

The four elemental archangels who are the same 4 angels in the bible represent the various energies that correspond to characteristics of our soul’s lower levels. We frequently work with this group of archangels because they are the nearest to us – or, more accurately, the level of the material world in which we live. In the old times, such was the customary explanation provided to students of magick. We learn to balance ourselves on the most fundamental level by invoking them, and anyone who does so for just a few weeks will notice beneficial improvements in their lives:

-a lower propensity to exert control over your environment or other people
-increased self-assurance and faith
-a higher sense of tranquility and well-being
-There are numerous other advantages of living in the here and now.

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what do the four archangels represent

Is there a distinction between angels and archangels?

Archangels are the mighty, intelligent forces that direct that energy. Angels are practically pure energy, whereas archangels are the powerful, intelligent forces that guide that energy. Angels are ubiquitous; they’re the very stuff that the universe is built of. Archangels are celestial beings who are only a step behind the gods. They exist on the level of creation directly above ours, making communication with them quite simple. They’re also really willing to collaborate with us if we ask.

Angels resemble elementals in that they are powerful forces with just enough understanding to carry out orders. This is why you must give them explicit directions, as they will usually complete a task in the simplest manner possible and are incapable of distinguishing between human conceptions of good and bad. As a result, I strongly advise asking them to execute their work “without harming anyone.” It’s also why magicians employ archangels to guide and restrain angels, ensuring that whatever magick they’re performing on them is good.

What are the four archangels?

The four archangels that represent the elements of magic are Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, and Uriel.

Who are angels and what is their purpose?

Raphael – Element Air

archangel raphael sigil

Raphael is the archangel of air, and his name means “God’s healing.” He is likewise linked to the East and the spring season. The archangel of reasoning and common sense. His air energy is linked to the strength of the mind. He is depicted walking back roads and meeting strangers in several works that were left out of the Bible. In one narrative, a traveler meets Raphael and confesses his love for a woman, but every time someone tries to marry her, a demon intervenes and murders the suitor. He seeks Raphael’s assistance, and Raphael provides him with the formula for a special incense to manufacture; it works, and the man and woman are able to marry.

Ways To Visualize Raphael:

-Yellow flowing robes.

-A staff with two entwined snakes.

-Anything that relates to spring.

Reason For Invoking Raphael:

-To improve your ability to communicate your opinions to others.
-For safety when traveling.
-Any type of healing.
-For meditative and mental clarity support (for example, to help ace an exam).
-To sharpen one’s brain and gain a better understanding of philosophical and spiritual concepts.

Gabriel – Element Water

archangel gabriel sigil

Gabriel is the archangel of water and the west. Fall, love, and our subconscious mind are all intertwined with her. Her territory is the most mysterious portion of our psyche, where we get our intuition, feelings, and dreams. Gabriel tells Mary that she will give birth to Christ in the biblical tale of the annunciation. As a result, as Christmas approaches in the late fall, Gabriel always comes to mind, bringing back warm childhood memories.

Ways To Visualize Gabriel:

-Blue flowing robes.

-A chalice begin held.

-Anything tied to the season of fall.

Reason For Invoking Gabriel:

-To get rid of rage or sadness.
-To repair mental wounds of any kind.
-Anything related to genuine love.

Michael – Element Fire

archangel michael sigil

We have arrived at which archangel is fire… Michael. He is known to many individuals in the Western world. He is related to the summer and the southern direction, and he signifies combative force. Michael is the archangel of strength, determination, ambition, and sex drive, and he is also one of the easiest archangels to access. Michaelmas, the feast of the archangels, is celebrated on September 29 in Catholic churches around the world, but it is called for Michael.

Ways To Visualize Michael:

-Red flowing robes.

-A sword begin held.

-Anything pertaining to the summer season.

Reason For Invoking Michael:

-To lose weight or improve one’s fitness.
-For competitive aggressiveness.
-For the sake of safety.
-To increase one’s enthusiasm.
-For any situation involving fire.

Uriel – Element Earth

archangel uriel sigil

Those of us who practice magic have a special admiration for Uriel. He keeps an eye on us, particularly when it comes to divination. Uriel is the earth element’s archangel, and the time associated with him is winter. Uriel is associated with the north, and his domain includes anything pertaining to the physical realm, especially well-being and prosperity.

Ways To Visualize Uriel:

-Robes green like the forest.

A pentacle is held.

-Anything relating to the season of winter.

Reason For Invoking Uriel:

-To aid in the practice of divination.
-For everything that has to do with money.
-To amass material riches.


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