Understanding Your Birth Chart: The Ultimate Guide


Understanding Your Birth Chart: The Ultimate Guide

By Amber Rose

understanding your birth chart

What is my birth chart?

Understanding Your Birth Chart, also known as an astrology natal chart, is a depiction showing where all the planets were in their orbit around the Sun at the time you were born from our vantage point on Earth. An astrology chart reading can disclose your strengths and shortcomings, as well as your spiritual growth prospects and the optimal time to make major decisions. You’ll need your time, date, and place of birth to generate your most accurate astrology birth chart.

You won’t be able to figure out your ascendant or rising sign without knowing your birth time. You won’t be able to tell which house the planets in your chart belong to. However, you can still get a lot of information by entering your date and place of birth, so don’t let it deter you from looking at your astrological natal chart.

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What does your birth chart tell you?

A birth chart is a cosmic portrait of the universal energies at play at the time you were born. It serves as a road map for figuring out how you came to be who you are. Your birth chart illuminates the most unfathomable aspects of yourself, going well beyond your horoscope sign. Astrology charts can reveal unexpected details about your habits and preferences. They’re a great way to learn about your own “blind spots” and how to apply that knowledge to personal development and advancement. You can figure out which skills to hone and which areas of your personality to improve. You learn what the positions of planets like Mercury and Mars imply for you, as well as how their interactions with one another affect your personality.

Understanding my astrology chart

Understanding your astrology chart requires knowledge of three primary components: Zodiac Signs, Planets, and understanding birth chart houses.

The first aspect to go over is the zodiac signs. The majority of individuals already have a good understanding of this section of the birth chart. Each sign has its own personality and significance. These interpretations are applied to the locations on your chart where they appear.

Then there are the planets. What do the planets mean in your birth chart? Understanding a planet entails comprehending the energy contained in each of your birth chart’s points. They provide meaning to signs and houses by having their own identities that expand on the meaning of the signs and houses.

Finally, there are understanding the houses in your birth chart. Each of the twelve houses reflects a different part of our lives.

how to read a birth chart

How to read a birth chart?

The Zodiac Signs


Aries is the zodiac’s first sign, and it is assertive, fiery, and action-oriented. This fire sign is full of assertive individuals that go right into difficulties and undertakings.


This earth sign is associated with beauty, tranquillity, tenderness, and a strong sense of direction. The Taurus sign, on the other hand, is anchored in the earth and can be (un)surprisingly tenacious.


Gemini is a sign of polarity. They’re intricate and lively. Communication and information are also important aspects of this air sign.


Cancer is a water sign that is based on nature and emotion. They rise and fall like waves in the water, but they are more in touch with themselves and the world around them as a result.


The Leo is a fire sign that is large, energetic, and proud, just like the lion.


Virgo is a thoughtful and intelligent Earth sign. Virgos is a sign that is grounded in the physical world and is known for being analytical, sensible, and methodical.


While Virgo is concerned with the practical, Libra is an air sign concerned with balance and harmony. Libra is all about recognizing and advocating for justice in all aspects of life.


Scorpio comes next. The Scorpio is sometimes misunderstood as a fiery and passionate sign, although it is actually a water sign with strong intuition. It has the same strength and conviction as the ocean.


Sagittarius, the penultimate fire sign, is brimming with wisdom. They are all about launching yourself like a fiery arrow to new places. As a result, geography, intelligence, and adventure are all strongly associated with this sign.


Capricorn, the final Earth sign, connects the physical and emotional worlds. As a result, it is symbolized by the sea-goat, a mythological creature with a goat’s body and a fish’s tail. This sign is also associated with the evolution and power of energy.


This is a charitable air sign. It breathes new vitality into the earth. Ironically, it offers so much that it rarely has anything left over. Aquarius takes on a detached demeanor among astrology enthusiasts as a result of this.


Finally, there’s Pisces. The dreamer and the absorber are the characteristics of this water sign. It has absorbed all of the energies of the signs that have come before it and is thus in touch with small fragments of each. As a result, Pisces is a sign of emotion and creativity.

how do you analyze a birth chart

How do you read a natal chart?

The Planets

The placement of each planet in various zodiac signs at the time of your birth is shown in your natal chart. You may have numerous planets in the same constellation in some cases, but they may be widely dispersed in others. Each planet has a certain purpose, and by learning to read them, you can learn more about yourself and your journey.

The Sun

Your major sign is determined by the position of the sun in your horoscope. It reflects your ego, feeling of self, and conscious self. When others inquire what zodiac sign you are, you say your sun sign, which is also known as your star sign.

The Moon

Your moon sign best represents your emotional, inner world—your shadow self. You can learn more about your most intimate self, your intuition, and your relationships with the major maternal influences in your life by studying the primary characteristics of this sign.


Mercury is the planet that governs communication as well as our mental processes. For how you perceive and rationalize things, consider where Mercury is in your birth chart. It will show you how you make judgments, as well as how you process and disseminate data.


Venus, the glorious feminine planet, is associated with pleasure, love, and wealth. Your Venus sign can help you understand how you feel about love, how you feel about dating and romance, and what your own tastes are.


Mars is the planet of activity, physical desire, and ambition. It is the divine masculine planet, represents your ability to establish yourself in the world. Consider this planet to gain an understanding of what gives you a sense of direction and the raw energy that motivates you to get out of bed each day. When you are under pressure, competing, or hurrying to fulfill a deadline, you can clearly see the manifestation of this energy.


Jupiter represents growth, abundance, wisdom, and ideology. Your Jupiter sign can reveal your views on education, ideas, and the moral principles that guide your life. Its placement in your birth chart might show how you feel about money, getting gifts and blessings, and traveling and long travels.


Saturn is concerned with your work ethic and professional accomplishments. Your Saturn sign might reveal your level of ambition, discipline, and experience in life.


Uranus is an eccentric planet whose location in your horoscope might represent your uniqueness and how you respond to change or the unanticipated.


Because Neptune is a planet of fantasy and illusion, its position in your horoscope can reveal areas in your life where you may be perplexed. It may touch on aspects of your life that you tend to avoid or try to brush aside.


Pluto’s energy is not to be underestimated, despite its small size. This planet’s position in your horoscope reveals the regions of your life where creativity and destruction collide. In stressful moments, it’s the hidden, primordial self that emerges.

how do you read a natal chart

Understanding the houses in your birth chart

The Houses

Rising/Ascendant/1st House

The outward aspect that people perceive of you is the rising sign. What are people’s impressions of you? People perceive you as an outgoing person who is always on the move if your rising sign is Sagittarius.

2nd House

The second house is all about money, self-assurance, and worldly possessions.

3rd House

The third house is all about communication and intimate relationships. It can also refer to short-distance travel such as autos and buses.

4th House

The fourth house, often known as Imum Coeli, or “bottom of the sky,” is concerned with domestic matters. Traditions, parents, morals, and beliefs are all important. This is the bedrock of your existence.

5th House

Childhood, creativity, taking risks, and casual dating are all associated with the fifth house.

6th House

The everyday aspects of life are represented by the sixth house. The day-to-day maintenance, such as maintaining your health or running errands.

7th House

Partnerships and relationships are the focus of the seventh house. The seventh house is about you and someone else, as opposed to the first house, which is about you as a person.

8th House

The eighth house is associated with high-energy ideas such as sex, change, and mortality.

9th House

Higher education, law and order, and philosophy are all represented in the ninth house.

10th House

The tenth house, often known as Midheaven, “medium Coeli,” or “middle sky,” is concerned with work and public image.

11th House

Social structures such as networking, acquaintances, and humanitarianism are all dealt with in the eleventh house.

12th House

Finally, the twelfth house denotes secrets or enigmatic stuff such as phobias, addiction, and incarceration, among other things.

understanding the houses in your birth charts

How do you analyze a birth chart?

-What zodiac sign Venus, Mars, and the moon are in?

-Which of the 12 houses each planet in the chart is in?

-Saturn denotes areas where you may need to put in more effort.

-Jupiter denotes areas where you may be fortunate.

-The angles created between any two planets are called “aspects.”

-If there is a “stellium” (3 or more planets in one sign), the person will experience a strong concentration of one type of energy.

-The chart’s elemental balance (planets in fire, earth, air, and water signs).

-In the chart, there is a good balance of attributes (planets in cardinal, mutable or fixed signs).

-The planets’ pattern (there are seven “shapes” in a traditional chart).

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