Types of Witches explained… The Ultimate guide

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Types of Witches explained… The Ultimate guide

By Amber Rose

types of witches

Firstly, in this post, we will go over the many different types of witches in our vast world today. All from different cultures and carrying different practices. Secondly, for some witchcraft is more of a skill set and for others, it is also a religion. Also, making it accessible for all spiritual backgrounds. Moreover, if you’re beginning this wonderful journey of witchcraft or just interested to learn and you’re wondering what type of witch you might be, here are some various different types of witches you might encounter and the unique differences between each type of witch.

In conclusion, please note that there are many different types of witches and witchcraft, many more than this list details. Remember to keep an open mind as you learn, practice, and implement.

types of witches

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Types of Witch’s Explained:

1. African:

This is a generalized term for the many different types of witches and magic practiced in Africa

2. Alexandrian:

Firstly, Alexandrian Wicca was founded in the 60s by Alex and Maxine Sanders, Alexandrian Wicca is a British offshoot of Wicca and witchcraft. It has many similarities with Gardnerian Wicca. Secondly, Alexandrian Wicca pulls from elements of ceremonial magic and Kabbalah. Gardnerian does not. However, Alexandrian Wicca is often viewed as the more eclectic, less structured version of Gardnerian Wicca. Moreover, they believe if it works, use it. These witches must be initiated and advance within their ranks in order to gain more knowledge of their craft. Lastly, Alexandrian witch covens meet when there are new moons, full moons, and during Sabbat festivals.

3. Ancestral:

 Uses an ancient form of magic centered upon contacting the spirits of the dead and communicating with one’s ancestors.

4. Angel: 

Practitioners of magic who communicate and work strictly with angels and other varying divine beings.

5. Art: 

Practitioners of magic who works with art as their primary medium.

6. Arthurian:

 Use magic based upon the old legends of King Arthur.

7. Astrology: 

A witch who uses astrology as part of their magical practices and lifestyle.

8. Augury:

These types of witches are very similar to shamans in what and how they practice. The Augury witch will help those in need of direction while on a spiritual quest. They help by interpreting signs and symbols along the traveler’s journey. Augury witches have the gift of prophecy, not divination such as a “fortune teller”.

9. Celtic:

 Base their studies and study and worship on ancient Celtic deities, mythology, earth magic, and ceremonial rites.

10. Ceremonial:

Is a practitioner that combines both the practices of ceremonial magic and witchcraft. They call upon an eclectic group of spiritual entities. Often leaning towards the archetypal figure’s representative of energies the practitioner wishes to manifest. Often these witches are more spiritually centered than most ceremonial magicians. They will use an Earth-centered path that focuses on the Feminine Divine within.

types of witches
Ceremonial Witch
11. Correllian:

Called the Correllian Nativist Tradition. This variation of Wicca was founded in the late 20th century by Caroline High Correll who claimed to derive from a long line of hereditary witches. She was also a psychic, spiritual healer, and herbalist. She was very much influenced by her hereditary lineage and Aradian witchcraft.

Seen more as eclecticism and universalism, it was not recognized as Wicca until the 1990a. What makes Correllian Wicca different from the others is in part their attitudes toward the Pagan community and its future that tend to set them apart. They believe strongly in the need for increased communication and co-operation between Pagans everywhere from differing Traditions. Correllian Wicca is a very widespread practice still in existence today.

12. Cosmic:

These are contemporary witches who look to the stars using astrology, astronomy, horoscopes, etc., and work those elements and celestial energy into their practice. These witches are also referred to as “Star Witches”, as they follow the planets and the alignment of the stars and basing their rituals and spells on the different placements.

13. Crystal:

Any witch who focuses on using crystals in their day to day magical practices

14. Dianic:

Witches who choose this practice are the ones who practice the most feminist of all witchcraft practices. People who follow the Cult of Diana are all women, no men allowed. Dianic witches worship their Goddess through her three aspects—Maiden, Mother, and Crone. All Rituals and worship can vary but come from a feminist viewpoint with feminist aspects.

15. Divination:

These types of witches use Tarot cards, I ching, Palmistry, Tasseography – This is a witch that attempts to solicit information directly from the divine through the use of interpretive tools. They practice using specific methods and tools to receive guidance from the divine.

16. Egyptian:

These are often magical practitioners who incorporate ancient Egyptian deities and magic into their practices, along with many Wiccan traditions as well.

17. Eclectic:

An approach where a witch picks and chooses from many different traditions to create a personalized form of witchcraft to meet their specific needs or abilities. They do not strictly follow one religion or tradition or the other, but learn from many different systems and apply what works best for them. Eclectic witches draw from many places making their practices uniquely their own. These witches make their own rules and follow their own path. Each eclectic witch has a practice differing from all others.

18. Elemental:

These witches study and practice based on the elements: earth, air, fire, wind, and spirit. Elemental magic is based on and honoring each element. The elemental witch may keep items representing each element on her alter. These witches call on the elements in their work performing rituals casting spells.

19. Faery:

Often an eclectic witch seeking to commune with faery folk and nature spirits in their magical workings. They have their own organization or tradition and it has developed on its own through common practice.

20. Folk: 

These witches practice a magical tradition of witchcraft is closely related to both British witchcraft and Faery.

21. Floral: 

Witch who works mainly with flowers.

22. Gardnerian:

An offshoot of the practice of Wicca. It came about in the 1950s and was created by Gerald Gardner, often considered to be “The Father of Wicca”. Many practicing Gardnerian Wicca are tied to nature, often challenge societal norms, and have many rituals based on their foundation. Gardnerian witches must be initiated, you are not able to self-initiate. This belief system has a very structured system of advancing within its ranks and the more you grow in the program the more you will learn about your craft.

23. Hearth:

Hearth Witches combine the energies of the Green Witch and Kitchen Witch led by the magic of the home. She wants to invite nature along with all her elements. She views the home as a sacred space. Many have their own gardens used for growing their own herbs and plants. Also known as a Hedge Witch. Hearth Witches practice a combination of herbalism, energy healing, counseling, and nature mysticism.

They are tuned into the four elements and observe nature’s cycles and rhythms closely. Hearthcrafting is also a big part of being a Hearth Witch. Magical homemaking activities will help the Hearth Witch to be grounded. This witchcraft is practicing daily mindfulness to transform the ordinary into the magical.

24. Hedge:

For these types of witches, Hedgecraft is a path that is similar in some ways to the shamanic path, as they are practitioners of an Earth-based spirituality. They engage in spirit flight and journey into the Otherworld. They can be very powerful midwives or healers. Birds are commonly associated with Hedge Witch, most commonly the goose and the raven. The term “hedge” stood for the boundary of the village which represents the boundary existing between this world and the spiritual one.

25. Hellenic:

The Hellenistic path is influenced by the polytheistic beliefs of the ancient Greeks. It also broadly encompasses the Greco-Roman path, followed by those who worship the Roman gods. Practitioners of this path observe both the Solstices and the Equinoxes as this is important in honoring the Gods and Goddess of this faith. Followers of this path worship their gods and also make regular offerings in exchange for the good favor of their gods. Offerings need to be made to the gods associated with the particular concept or virtue.

Types of Witchcraft
26. Hereditary:

Also known as a Family Witch, is someone who has been taught “The Old Ways ” traditions passed down through their family. Even if you are born into a family with the tradition, you are not born a witch. You must make a conscious decision to accept the craft if wanting to become a witch. A hereditary witch is one born into witchcraft. It is part of their family or their lineage.

Many of their magic and practices come down from many generations prior. Though many still work with their own practices in addition to the ones that were passed down. Hereditary witches must be born into witchcraft, but remember if you choose not to practice you will not be considered a witch.

27. Kitchen:

A witchcraft practitioner uses the tools around the kitchen to work their spells and create their rituals. Kitchen witchery is about much more than food. This is an increasingly popular type of witchcraft, it is all about working with the energies of nature to make the practitioner’s home a secure and sacred place.

28. Lunar:

A witch who works with the lunar cycles. They are ruled by Cancer and the Element of Water. Often holding rituals on the new and full moons, also possibly on the waxing and waning quarter moons. Deeply in tune with the moon and how its signs affect you physically and emotionally. They have an incredible depth of emotion and are very intuitive, and are probably even psychic. It is also of note many Lunar witches also have a strong Cancer signature inside their astrological charts.

29. Musical:

 A witch who expresses her thoughts and feelings through music.

30. Satanic:

Satanic witchcraft combines Witchcraft and Satanism, the idea originating from Luciferian Witchcraft. Historically Witchcraft is seen as separate from Satanism. However, with the changing of the times, this is now seen as a newer type of witch.

31. Sea:

Sea witches have strong ties to bodies of water such as lakes and the ocean. Elements often used in her practice such as sand, shells, driftwood, or other elements that come from that place.

32. Secular:

Secular witches do all the same things as other witches such as casting spells, using crystals, herbs, oils, and candles, the only difference is that they do not attach spirituality to their practice. They don’t worship a higher being or deity or an sort. This makes their practices entirely nonreligious. Now, this doesn’t mean that a secular witch CAN’T be spiritual, it only means that their work is not spiritual. The two are completely separate.

33. Sigil or Word Witch:

 A magic practitioner who uses sigils and weaves words into their magic.

34. Solitary:

Solitary witches are ones who practice alone, without a coven or any sort of tradition. Sometimes these solitary witches have skill developed over previous lifetimes. A legend among witches is after practicing for several lifetimes, the knowledge of “The Craft” is awakened upon entering puberty. Solitary witches can be any type of witch, the only difference is that they choose to practice alone instead of with a coven. 

Certain legends say solitary witches are reincarnations of other witches who have been practicing for generations and when reaching puberty, their knowledge is awoken. So because they already remember and understand the craft, they don’t have the need for a coven.

35. Tech:

 A witch that wields modern technology to aid in her witchcraft, for example using a microwave instead of a cauldron.

36. Traditional:

Traditional witches are ones who have a base in the history of witchcraft as well as the Old Craft that came before Wicca. They take a traditional approach to their practice. Traditional witches want to honor the “old” ways of their craft and focus primarily on working with the local history and spirits of their area. These witches practice teachings from the old times but there are still many contemporary traditional witches who practice today.

types of witches
Traditional Witch
37. Wild:

Typically they are Hereditary witches and will work on their own or in family groups similar to but not the same as a coven. Usually, healers, using tools of the earth; such as crystals, herbs, oils, and potions. Most of the time they don’t worship any deities, instead choosing to worship the Earth and the Moon. These witches are not Wiccan, Wild Witchery is much much older than Wicca.. 

They do not believe in harming anyone or anything. Wild Witches will share their homes with pets, wildlife, and native animals. Tending to live in the country finding the city to be spiritually and psychically draining. In most cases, they use natural tools for divination, such as water and crystals, rather than Tarot Cards. They also share their homes with Fea of differing varieties. Most Wild Witches are naturally gifted, the gifts are usually inherited by the females in the family only.

You may also be wondering…What Types of Witches are associated with the Astrological Signs?

38. Aries: Blood Witch:

A blood witch is one who uses blood in her magical workings. These witches have the ability to cast powerful Candle Magic spells while also calming the currents of energy. Not needing much to strengthen their magic, only their fiery passion! The first sign of the Zodiac is when Fire gets its power back and nature is reborn when the sun enters the Spring Equinox. Waves of energy are ready to ignite the Blood witch’s passions.

39. Taurus: Elf Witch:

Elf witches are well in tune with the power of Nature and Earth. They are interested in exploiting and exploring the powers of Herbs, but also the powers of their sexuality. Earth Signs hide the power of Nature within themselves. They have a godly ability to make everything that is green fertile. Taurus witches have a true Elf power. Always bringing the Life of Nature with them everywhere they go. 

40. Gemini: Energy Witch:

The Gemini witch has a highly sensitive intuition making it possible to easily receive and send energy to the past, present, and future. She also has the natural ability to sense changes in the energy levels around her. This witch is one with the most versatile nature. Energy also like air is always changing direction. Gemini witches have the ability to transmute negative to positive energy and then positive to negative depending on their emotional state. This frisky nature makes them great at being able to manipulate astral energy.

41.Cancer: Kitchen Witch:

Cancer witches love working their magic inside. Often done so by harnessing the energy from around the house, using different tools and supplies like food and herbs. Cancers also love brewing potions. These witches have highly sensitive stomachs because this is the part of the body that dilutes and transmutes energy the same as being done in the kitchen. They give their lunar blessings and use the tides of the moon to enchant their potions and their spells.

42. Leo: Enchanter Witch:

Enchanter Witches have the ability to catch people’s attention. They usually make very good illusionists because they can easily distract and hypnotize people and animals alike. This Type of Witch is blessed by the Sun giving them the extraordinary abilities to attract anything they want to be given then they focus their energy.

43. Virgo: Hermit Witch:

The Virgo witch is a hermit witch. She has a highly potent magical strength given she remain focused. They will often reinvent themselves while in the silence of Nature. Virgo – the Virgin, needs time plenty of time for themselves. These witches are often solitary witches needing to explore the richness of their powers by themselves. Grounding is very useful to the hermit witch as it provides a way to rid of the negativity around.

44.Libra: Music Witch:

Music witches are often very inspired and talented in arts and crafts. Making it easy to create spells. They will also sing the spell to empower their magical vibes. The music witch needs to be centered so she can have harmony and balance in her magical workings.

45. Scorpio: Nocturnal Witch:

Nocturnal witches love to work during the late hours of the night. The quiet of night provides the practitioner the ability to focus and assert their dominance. Scorpios are incredibly intuitive and great at seeing what is supposed to be hidden. Don’t confuse the night and darkness for evil. What they cannot perceive or see will interest the nocturnal witch. This witch is considered to be one of the wisest.

46. Sagittarius: Thunder Witch:

Thunder witches are considered to be children of the God of Thunder. This is a witch that is smart and fair and also able to cast very powerful magic. Also, they have an incredible ability to direct a wide and strong current of energy towards anything they please. They are known for their optimism and wisdom.

47. Capricorn: Green Witch:

Green witches are the types of witches that have the ability to easily wield their magical prowess in urban areas and nature. Saturn governs Capricorn making it easy to direct elemental forces. Grounding is also beneficial for the green witch.  

48. Aquarius: Star Witch:

Cosmic or star witches are well in tune with orbs of the planets and stars. they have abilities to direct star energy into this World. By looking at the stars, Aquarius knows All things are connected, making everything is possible.

49. Pisces: Fairy Witch:

This type of witch can easily tune in with the Fairy World and rise above the Physical plane. They invite and work with fairies in their lives day to day lives while also establishing a meaningful connection with the spirit of nature.

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types of witches


At this point, you’re probably trying to take in and understand all the information you’ve been given about the different types of witches out there. Firstly, with all the types of witches listed just know your intuition will lead you down the right path of witchcraft for you!

Secondly, you might find yourself drawn toward a certain element, tool, or towards your astrological sign listed above! However, that’s ok, take the time to feel out which craft suits your personal needs best. Or take from many and create your own personalized traditions. Moreover, doing this will help you to open your mind and cultivate new levels of respect for the earth, the elements, and yourself. In conclusion, I wish you the best of luck on your new journey and hope this list of the varying types of witches has helped you.

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