Types of Magick, The Ultimate Guide!


Types of Magick, The Ultimate Guide!

By Amber Rose

types of magick

Magick by itself is considered to be neutral. Neither good nor bad, black or white. Meaning the person who is the one practicing is who decides if it is good or evil as well as what types of magick are to be practiced. Magick can be divided into 3 categories. Lower magick, Intermediate Magick, and Higher Magick. Lower magick encompasses the laws of nature. This means it works with things such as the elements. Intermediate magick works with the laws of humans and how the microcosm can be affected. Lastly, we have higher magick, which deals with the universal laws of the macrocosm and how it can be inhibited. Now that we better understand the 3 different levels of magick, let us get into the different types of magick!

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What is Magick

Magic is “the art of producing a desired effect or result through the use of incantation or various other techniques that presumably assure human control of supernatural agencies or the forces of nature.” –

Types of Magick

Black Magick

Black magick is used for malicious and wicked aspirations done with the intention of death and/or violence in mind. Legend concludes in order for one to practice black magick they can only do so with the assistance of evil spirits or demons. A popular grimoire for these practitioners to work with is the Goetia. Although it is not the only form of magick practiced or even the most popular, black magick is often associated with the practice of witchcraft. Thus giving any type of magick or witchcraft a bad name in the eyes of Christians who believe any type of occult practice is evil and that all magick is black magick. Which is simply not true.

Candle Magick

Candles play an integral part in witchcraft, over time they have been used to increase the effectiveness of spells. Moreover, they act as a tool used during rituals and for casting spells. When performing candle magick you are promoting enhanced opportunities and bringing change into your life. This magic is driven by transformation as it is a Fire element. Fire transmutes and changes everything it encounters. The first step is setting an intention and knowing exactly what you wish to manifest! After you have established your desired outcome, it’s time to find the matching candle color to help you manifest your desires!

Ceremonial Magick

Ceremonial magick is also referred to as high or ritual magick, as stated earlier. This is an occult practice considered to be part of the “Great Work.” The “Great Work” means to reach enlightenment and self-discipline. A very ritualistic practice where the initiate looks to cleanse themselves so they can become a vessel for diving light. During these rituals, the practitioner will use specific ancient invocations to engage with the spirit world. This form of magickal practice is very regimented. Individuals who practice must master meditation and visualizations. They also need the standard altar set up supplies to engage in these practices. Often ritual magic is performed in lodges, covens, and secret societies but also be done by the solitary practitioner. Western high magic follows in the footsteps of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Chaos Magick

Chaos magick is very different from the traditional practices of ceremonial magic and the rituals that go along with it. Developed in the 1960s, Austin Osman Spare was said to be the “father” of this practice. He was considered to be a trailblazer for his belief in the strength of the subconscious mind and the ideal of sigils. Unlike ceremonial magick practices in which a deity is invoked, with chaos magick the practitioner invokes energy from the subconscious mind. Chaos magick is often misunderstood and difficult to define. Sometimes referred to as “success magic” or “results-based magic”.

It uses focused energy to disrupt the universe. Doing so to achieve specific, desired results. This magical practice is cultivated around using any idea or ritual you wish to implement. Combining different practices and beliefs even if they contradict each other. Chaos Magick forces practitioners to be continually transforming. A very personalized and eclectic practice of magic. This reliance on result-orientated magic often pushes its practitioners to get continually better results and to examine methods that do not seem to be working.

types of magick

Folk Magick

Folk Magick is a blend of other types of magicks as well as a mixture of pagan/mixed religious aspects. Traditionally used as a way of spell casting. Done for safety and abundance as well as healing benefits. Folk magick ancient tinctures and healing medicines are passed through stories and grimoires.

Gray Magick

Gray Magic is a phrase used for practices that are considered to be morally inconclusive and biased traits of one’s uses of their magickal energies. Such as using a hex on someone. It could be viewed to some as the practice of black magick, but if you are using it to halt against some form of negative energy it would be considered gray magick. This is because it is both good and bad so it falls in the middle.

Natural Magick

Natural magick is also referred to as elemental magick. This is a magick that works with all types of nature and the five elements. Incorporating gemstones, crystals, essential oils, and herbs, etc. as well as the influence of astrology. Natural Magick uses energies from living things. Salves, tinctures, etc. are created from recipes of natural magic in combination with talismans and magical sayings from folk magic.

Practical Magick

Practical magick is a phrase mainly associated with things such as psychic abilities, divination, astral projection, etc. This practice incorporates many other traditions practices and their approaches to magick.

Sex Magick

Sex magick is a deeply focused practice in which the practitioner or practitioner’s use the energy produced from sexual intercourse (either by themselves or with a partner), they then “direct” it towards a specific intention.

Sympathetic Magick

Sympathetic magick is done from afar using things suck as poppets, or dolls, etc. A connection is made by associating some form of a personal object or something from the victim’s body to the conduit/doll.

White Magick

White Magic encompasses good energy and positive outcomes. Such as abundance, healing, and good luck.

types of magick

In Conclusion…

There are plenty of different types of magick out there for you to practice. Stay safe and use proper precautions before undertaking any of these magickal practices. The world is your oyster, so do with it what you want, So Mote It Be!

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