Spell Jar Recipes: For Beginners To The Occult!


Spell Jar Recipes: For Beginners To The Occult!

By Amber Rose


Spell Jars For Beginners

The spell jar recipes for beginners to the occult, that we will be going over today include Anti Anxiety, Happiness, and Luck! If these Spell Bottle Recipes sound like they could help benefit your life in some way, then please keep reading to bring some well-deserved helpful magick into your life!

What are Spell Jar’s and How Do I Make One?

For most people who want to practice witchcraft today, this is an easy and accessible sort of magick. Most of us have unused mason jars or glass bottles on hand, as well as natural elements like herbs and stones. With the correct ingredients and intentions, you can build a spell jar to magically manifest almost anything your heart desires.

3 Types Of Spell Jar Recipes: Anti Anxiety, Happiness & Luck!

#1 Anti Anxiety Spell Jar Recipes

anti anxiety spell jar

To assist and protect against anxiety, worry, and negative beliefs, make this spell jar. This potent combination of botanicals and crystals emits calming, tranquil energy that you can carry with you at all times.

What Makes This Spell Effective?

Each of the medicines and gemstones listed below has its own powerful characteristics that, when coupled with your intent, can help to soothe and shield you from harmful energy. White candles are employed in place of restoration and defense. Keep this bottle nearby whenever you need a blast of soothing, anti-anxiety energy to help you relax.

Anti Anxiety Spell Jar Ingredients

You will need:

A lighter

– Jar with lid (small if you prefer to keep the spell jar with you, or larger if you keep a jar at home)

– 1 Candle White

***For the herbs and crystals listed below: choose what is easily available to you or feels right for your anti-anxiety spell jar recipes. Not every item listed is needed. This is a general list of items for you to choose from.


-Salt (safety + bad energy absorption)
-Cloves, ground (releases negative energy)
-Cinnamon (romance + security)
-Espresso grounds (for a clean mind and elevated mood)
-Cardamom (womanly energy, calms the heart and brain)
-Turmeric (defense + negative energy turns away)
-Dill is an herb that is used to flavor food (mental strength)
-Chamomile & lavender tea (calmness + tranquility)
-Oregano (relief, vitality, and enjoyment)
-Rosemary (security, focus, and affection)
-Crushed candy canes/peppermint (reminiscence + tenderness)


-Flame Jasper — Instills bravery in the face of difficult challenges.
-Blue Turquoise — Encourages Self and an Optimistic Attitude.
-Mookaite — helps in stressful situations, bringing peace and feelings of completeness.
-Yellow Tiger’s Eye — Relaxing and stress-relieving.
-Amethyst — Therapeutic, Earthing, Nervous System Tranquil, Aids with Anxious Issues
-Rose Quartz — promotes emotional stability, calms the mind, and attracts love.
-Clear Quartz — Increases the effectiveness of healing energy

Anti Anxiety Spell Jar Instructions

#1 Light a white candle that you’ll be able to pour wax from once your bottle is sealed.

#2 To cleanse your empty jar, wave it in the air above the flame and imagine that it is now absolutely clear and ready to receive the intentions you’ll fill it with.

#3 Start with smaller elements, such as salt or cinnamon, and work your way up to harder materials.

#4 Begin piling your components with a little spoon or folded-up bit of paper. As you place each ingredient inside the anti-anxiety spell jar think about your intention for it. What is this item is meant to bring into your life?

#5 Place the lid on the jar, then drip or pour the molten wax of the candle over the top to seal your anti-anxiety spell jar recipe.

#6 After the jar is sealed, take it into your hands for a few moments, visualize a white protective and healing light surrounding your aura. Emerging from the top of your crown chakra and flowing back into your body from the root chakra.

#2 Happiness Spell Jar Recipes

happiness spell jar recipe

This spell is intended to provide joy and happiness to the practitioner and people in their immediate vicinity.

Happiness Spell Jar Ingredients

You will need:

– Jar with lid (small if you prefer to keep the spell jar with you, or larger if you keep jar at home)

-Ace bandage


-Yellow ribbon

-A sweetening agent such as honey

-A photo of someone who brings joy into your life


-Happiness crystals of your choosing:

(amazonite, amethyst, ametrine, black tourmaline, citrine, clear quartz, rose quartz, smoky quartz, tiger’s eye, yellow jasper)


-Dried herbs for the happiness of your choice:

(catnip, cumin, chives, hyacinth, lavender, lily of the valley, lemon, majorum, peach, raspberry, rosemary, sugar cane)

Essential Oils:

-Essential oils related to happiness

(sweet orange, frankincense, grapefruit, peppermint, lavender)

Happiness Spell Jar Instructions

1. Combine herbs in a bowl, envisioning a particularly pleasant time in your life and transferring that feeling to the herbs. You should have enough to cover the bottom, but you can add extra if desired. Fill the container halfway with the mixture.

2. Place the crystals in the jar gently. Imagine their positive energy bouncing around inside the jar. If desired, herbs can be sprinkled on top.

3. Wrap the image into a thin strip and apply a drop of your favorite oil to it. Fill the jar with it.

4. Drop two or three drops of oil into the container and imagine the aroma filling it.

5. Pour a generous amount of honey into the jar, picturing how sweet it will be.

6. Cover the opening with an ace bandage. “The ingredients in this jar will spread their cheerful energies to myself and people around me, creating joy and happiness,” remark as you tie your ribbon around the jar. This is my will, therefore it is done, for the advantage of all, injuring none.”

7. Display in a popular area, such as your family room or the foyer at your business. It can also be placed on a tabletop or a balcony.

#3 Luck Spell Jar Recipe

luck spell jar recipe

Keep this lovely jar in your home to bring good fortune and wealth into your life. For an added blast of positive energy, add a good luck sigil to your jar!

Luck Spell Jar Ingredients

You will need:

-Glass jar that has been cleaned
-Purification incense such as sage, palo santo, or other herbs
-A green candle

-A lighter


-Quartz crystals are transparent.
-Eye of the tiger
-Green Aventurine


-Black salt

Luck Spell Jar Instructions

#1 Light your purifying candle and sage. At this time you shall ask for blessing from the source, ask to consecrate your space with purifying energy.

#2 Grab your jar and while holding it above the rising smoke let it cleanse the bottle of any negative energies.

#3 Now cast a circle of protection. This can be easily done by grabbing your smudging incense and walking around in a circle clockwise. As you do this repeat the following: I cast this circle for my protection. Letting no negative or unwanted energies in. Only allowing love to come in. So mote it be!

#4 Start placing each of your chosen items into the jar. As you do this one by one, think about your intention for this ingredient and what it is meant to bring into your life. You can also place written sigils or runes into the jar or written on the jar for added luck.

#5 After all ingredients have been placed into the jar. Sit and reflect on what this luck spell jar recipe means to you. What will it bring into your life? Imagine as if this feeling has already taken place.

#6 Take the lit candle and set it on top of your closed jar. Let the wax drip over the lid sealing your luck spell jar. While you still sit visualizing your intentions manifesting.

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