Sour Jar Spell: How To Make A Hoodoo Misfortune Jar


Sour Jar Spell: How To Make A Hoodoo Misfortune Jar

By Amber Rose

sour jar spell

A sour jar spell is created to make a targeted individual(s) life sour. These jars will stop attempts of someone trying who is trying to cause you harm or ill intent. Sour jars can be used on a single person, but they’re also frequently used to sour and break up romantic, familial, and other connections. Sour jars are a type of defensive magic that aims to make the life of the target unhappy, sour, and otherwise wrecked. This type of jar spell will imprison the intended’s soul in a jar and will make them feel the misery they’ve caused you until you open the jar and end the spell.

Most sour jars have vinegar as a basis either white or apple cider. The awesome thing about sour jars is that they can be customized to your liking and, like other folk customs, are inexpensive. All you need is a jar, your preferred vinegar, a petition with the target’s name, and your intent.

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Sour Jar Spell Ingredients You Can Use:

Some of these things should be handled with gloves. Some of these aren’t for the faint of heart, either.


Black Salt

Black Pepper

Hot sauce or hot peppers


Animal hair

Human hair



Mustard Seeds

Poppy Seeds


White Vinegar




Graveyard Dirt






Cat Claw

Dog Tooth






Other Items To Include:

A photo of each person, and a signature if available, or names of each person, personal items such as a strand of hair, nail clippings, or items used by them such as a tissue, napkin, tip of drinking straw, toothbrush bristle, Q-Tip, cigarette butt, roach, end of a cigar, etc. should all be included in the jar.

Sour Jar Spell Casting Directions

#1 Cleanse

Before you begin the sour jar spell assembly, you must purify and protect yourself before beginning this project. Cleanse and protect before starting the job, and then again before doing the daily work and once more when you finished with the sour jar spell.

#2 Assemble

Combine all of the ingredients in the jar. One by one as you assemble the jar, speak to each ingredient. State our loud what you want each ingredient to do. As you do it, direct your sorrow and rage at it.

The vinegar should be added last to the jar. After adding the vinegar close the jar.

Now give the jar a good shake. Shake it gently yet firmly, visualizing the events you want to happen. Tell the jar your aim in hushed tones, then focus everything of your pain, hate, and anger…your bad energy…into the jar.

#3 Seal

To seal the sour jar spell, close the lid snugly after assembling all of the contents, and then light a white or black free-standing candle or taper candle on top of the lid, allowing the wax to flow over and cover the jar lid and threads to seal it shut. Make sure you do not break the seal once you have completed the sour jar spell assembly.

sour jar

Sour Jar Spell Final Thoughts…

Sour jar spells should be worked for 7 or 9 days and candles should be burned on the jar’s top. If it’s a revenge or curse jar black salt should be used. Every day, light a candle and let it burn out you can use smaller candles if you desire. Every day, shake the jar to keep the energy flowing. To keep light out, the jars can be wrapped in aluminum foil. You want the targets’ lives to be dismal and hopeless, and they should be forced to stare at all the carnage with no way out insight. Discard the jar after 7 or 9 days. This is generally accomplished by immersing it in a river or burying it somewhere near the targeted individual’s home. To everyone, their own, folk practice is about making things work for you.


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