So Mote It Be, History of The Free Masonic Phrase!


So Mote It Be, History of The Free Masonic Phrase!

By Amber Lona


Many people have heard or may have even used this iconic antiquated phrase “So Mote It Be”. But where does this phrase come from, and what does it actually mean? It is used in closing during many Pagan and Wiccan rituals. Seeming to rival what Christians say when closing out a prayer, Amen. Is this occult equivalent of Amen? “So Mote It Be” vs Amen? Let us explore the origins of this mystical saying.

“I call upon the powers that be. To bring what I want straight to me. By fire, air, earth, and sea. As I say, so mote it be.”

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Pronunciation of “So Mote It Be”

How to pronounce So Mote It Be:


So Mote It Be in Spanish:

Que Asi Sea

So Mote It Be in French:

Qu’il En Soit Ainsi

So Mote It Be Meaning

“A ritual phrase meaning “so may it be,” said at the end of a prayer. Used especially by Wiccans and Freemasons.” –

Mote is a verb meaning “Must.” Stating this phrase “So Mote It Be” is how occult practitioners finalize rituals and spell work. Very similar to the saying Amen when closing out a prayer. This closing statement (affirmation) is a way of cementing your desire into the universe ensuring your desire is manifested into your world.

What’s Masonic Mean

“Pertaining to or characteristic of Freemasons or Freemasonry.” –

Hand of universe reaching out to human hand. Inscription is a maxim in hermeticism and sacred geometry. As above, so below.

Masonic Origins of “So Mote It Be”

“So Mote It Be”, was originally popularized by the infamous occultist Aleister Crowley. He used this idiom in part of his manuscripts. Explaining this was a very special powerful and archaic saying. Now while all that may be true, the phrase more than likely comes from the Freemasons. Mason’s say “So Mote It Be”, and the implied meaning is essentially the same as Amen. The Freemasons had a huge impact on Crowley and the founder of Wicca, Gerald Gardner, as he was said to have many connections with the Freemasons. They were the ones to popularize and bring the phrase into the mainstream during more modern times. A poem known as Halliwell Manuscript of Regius Poem, which dates back to the 15th century, was where the phrase “So Mote It Be” was first said to appear.

“May the elements bless this space with the mystery and powers of earth, the knowledge and wisdom of air, the strength and protection of fire, and the love and beauty of water. As I will it, with a blessing from “the one”, so shall it be done… “So Mote It Be” – So mote it be quotes

Although the author remains unknown, the saying was characterized in this manuscript as one of the “old charges” of Masonic tradition. More than a few researchers believe that the Freemasons would adjust their day so they could interact with these ancient documents “old charges”. It contained multiple rhyming verses penned on stationary. This poem was circulated through multiple channels for years until it reached its final destination at the British Museum.

Nowadays Modern Pagans or Neo-Pagans have adopted the use of this phrase as well during rituals and spellwork. The dignified beginnings of the phrase “So Mote It Be” are reminiscent of the decree of oversight the Freemason enterprise engaged in. Here is an example of the ending of a spiritual verse; Amen! Amen! So mote it be! So say we all for charity. The phrase has been used in the same manner for many centuries now.

“I have the power in my heart. I raise my eyes, this is the start. As soft as the air, as fast as the wind. Come in, harmony, please come in. Earth mother and sky father. Use your love and your power. Please, grant us harmony within the hour, So Mote It Be” – So mote it be quotes

In Conclusion…

This is a timeless phrase carried throughout history first by the Freemasons, then popularized by Crowley and Gardner. “So Mote It Be” is in current times used most commonly by Neopagans but it is still used by the Freemasons alike. This saying has a few different interpretations of the meaning. Although they are only slight variations such as so may it be and so be it etc. Remember when closing out rituals, spellwork, or prayers using this iconic archaic phrase, with it, you invoke centuries of Free masonic customs.

Common Questions About Freemasons

How do Mason’s Greet Each other?

Free Masons greet each other using signals such as certain hand placements, symbols on your person/clothing and they ask specific questions only other masons will know how to answer.

What Happens When a Free Mason Dies?

They are given a Masonic funeral. This is an accommodation offered to the three different levels of Masons. Master Mason, Fellow Crafts, and Entered Apprentices. The difference with Masonic funerals is that there are rituals performed.

What is the G in the Masonic Symbol?

The G in the Free masonic logo is representative of an archetype similar to God although not God, as they are not religious. It stands for “Great Architect of the Universe”. These society members are free to practice any religion they please. The only catch is that they must admit to trusting in presence of a “Supreme Being” or “Great Architect of the Universe.” This is done to ensure control over their members as they believe they are under constant watch from an external source, the “Supreme Being”.

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