Simple Protection Spell: 3 Spells To Protect, Banish & Warn


Simple Protection Spell: 3 Spells To Protect, Banish & Warn

By Amber Rose

simple protection spell

A simple protection spell is a way to ensure your safety in the metaphysical and physical sense. It can protect you, loved ones, even your home when you are practicing any type of magic or witchcraft. As well as when someone is trying to use these magical forces against you. There are various spells and practices you can perform to get the desired results, safety! Protection is essentially a force field that shields any negative or harmful intentions and energies away from you and back onto the person who cast them. Today, we will go over 3 simple protection spells to protect you and your home, a banishment spell, and a warning spell.

Best Time’s To Perform A Simple Protection Spell:

Waning Moon – To banish evil or negativity

Waxing To Full Moon – For Protection

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difference between pagan and wiccan

#1 Simple Protection Spell To Protect You & Your Home

This spell will place a protective energy shield around you, your home and those around you. For this protection spell, we will be using water and salt as they are two of the main elemental components in magic.

Spell Ingredients:



*If you are performing this spell solely for the purpose of protecting against ghosts and negative entities, you will want to include the ingredients below.

Garlic Salt

Powdered Rosemary

Simple Protection Spell How To:

Gather your ingredients, cast circle and combine the salt and water together inside your sacred space. While you are doing this speak the following incantation:

O Great Goddess

In Your Name We Cleanse

With Salt And Water

Purify This Area Of Evil.

And Fill It With Your Love

O Great Goddess

Make This Dwelling A Protected Place

A Sunny And Safe Dwelling

And Cover Us From Misfortune

O Great Goddess

Make Our House A Home

Go to the entrance of your home. Sprinkle some of the salt water mixture along the entrance by dipping your fingers inside the water while also forming the sign of a pentacle. As you do this repeat the following:

Evil Must Leave But Not Penetrate.

Continue counterclockwise throughout your home, while you repeat this exact ritual in every corner of all your rooms, at any entrances like windows, doors as well as around any mirrors. Remember to do the same for phones and computers, basically anything that has an electrical component to it. You may also do your car and even the mailbox if you are so inclined.

You can do this spell yearly, or whenever you feel the need for added protection. If you have a new home you will want to perform this simple protection spell before moving in.

#2 Simple Protection Spell For Banishment

This is considered a fire spell and is used for bringing an end to either a love, personal, family or business relationship that you don’t want to continue in. Only use this spell if you truly wish to cut ties as it is permanent.

Spell Ingredients:

Protective Herbs Of Your Choice Like: Barley, Basil, Cactus, Cedar, Garlic, Pine, Rosemary, Sage etc.

A Photo Or Something Personal To The Person You Wish To Banish

A Pen

Fire safe bowl

Simple Protection Spell For Banishment How To:

Set your altar up how you normally would, rise energy and cast circle.

Write the individual’s name that you wish to banish on the personal item.

Place all your ingredients (herbs and personal item) into a fire safe device and set them alight while you perform this spell, repeat the following as the items burn:

By The Crimson And The Gold

By Basilisk And Bloodstone

By The Garlic In The Fields

By The Poppies And What They Yield

Invisibly I Make My Sheila

To Detect Thee And Deflect Thee

And Keep Thy Harm From Me.

By Dragons Blood And Salamanders

By Horses When Their Hooves Strike Sparks

By The Dragon Breathing Flames

From The Book Of Life, I erase Thy Names

I Cut The Cords And Unlock The Chains

I Sever All The Ties By Which We Were Bound

And With Impenetrable Walls Myself I Surround

Against Thy Evil And Its Force

Vesta, Pele, Lilith

Kali, Kali, Kali

I Banish Thee Forever From Me

Doubles Back And Tables Turned

Thou Shalt By Thyself Be Burned

Lilith, Vesta, Pele

Kali Ma, Kali Ma

By The Power Of Three Times Three

I Banish Thee, I Banish Thee, I Banish Thee

I am Set Free

So, Mote, It Be!

The remnants from the burn can be discarded by burying them or sending them down a drain. Get rid of all items that tie you to the person you are banishing. It is important to note that this is a spell of permanence and it is extremely powerful, so proceed at your own will.

simple protection spell

#3 Simple Protection Spell Of Warning

This is a wonderful substitute spell for a hex. It will empower you to be in control of the situation while allowing you time to cool off and figure out your next move. As well as preventing you from actually hexing or placing a curse on another individual.

Blood Turn Black And Flesh Turn Blue

I Will Curse You If You Force Me To

By The Left Hand And The Unclean Food

I’ll Curse Your Eyes, I’ll Curse Your Lies

I’ll Call Down A Plague Of Flies

Blood Go Black And Flesh Go Blue

Evil From Me and Back To You

My Soul Clean And Your On Fire

You Mess With A Witch You Get Burned, Liar!

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