Self Love Spell Jar: Learn To Create A Jar Spell


Self Love Spell Jar: Learn To Create A Jar Spell

By Amber Rose

self love spell jar

What Is A Self Love Spell Jar?

A self love spell jar is something you can use to enhance your confidence or give yourself a boost. When I’m feeling low or a little blah, focusing on myself while performing this practice brings out things I didn’t realize were there. It’s all about setting positive thoughts and sending out what you want to get in return.

I’ve been doing a lot of self love spell jars lately! Jar spells are one of my favorites since they are simple, potent, and beautiful! Spell Jars also have the added benefit of turning the real jar into an amulet that you may carry with you or display on your altar.

This self love spell jar is intended to instill a profound sense of self-love in you, as well as to erase negative ideas and increase your confidence.

Before You Begin The Self Love Spell Jar….

Before beginning this spell, I prefer to jot down any negative beliefs I’ve been thinking about myself and then rewrite them into positive ones. I might jot down “I loathe the way my stomach looks and how it makes me feel self-conscious” if one of the ideas was about body image. I then transform this negative phrase into a positive affirmation, such as “I’m very happy with how fantastic my body always works to support me every day.” I value all of my body’s parts, and I’m showing improvement every day.”

Remember, it’s worthless to try to make a self-love spell jar, or any other jar for that matter if you’re in a bad mood. You receive back what you put forth! To put yourself in a good mood, turn on some of your favorite music, move around for a while, and do something you enjoy.

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The next step is to assemble all of the self love spell jar’s ingredients.

You will need:

Any glass jar or bottle will work as long as it has a lid.


Pink candle

Incense, sage, or palo santo

The remainder of this is merely a list of suggestions. Use what you have on hand and is easy to come by but use what your heart desires.

Sugar – to sweeten the way you feel about yourself

Honey – for self love

Salt – preferably Himalayan or sea salt – for self love and cleansing


Rose quartz crystal pieces – for self love

Rosemary – for self love and cleansing

Dried rose – for self love

Dried Lavender – for love and healing

Pink string, ribbon, or thread

self love spell jar ingredients

Self Love Spell Jar Ritual

To begin, gather all of your materials and cleanse each one with purifying smoke.. You should make certain that the moment is appropriate before proceeding. The phases of the moon can aid or hinder your spells. That’s why it’s crucial to either study about the moon’s influence on magic.

Next, you may choose to cast a protective circle around your jar, light your candles, and place your jar within the circle.

Now, you can start to fill the bottle with each ingredient one at a time. Repeat the positive statements you’ve written and visualize the energy of each intention flowing through you and into the jar as you do so.

Layer the contents and repeat your affirmations until the jar is completely full. You may roll up your affirmations and place them in the jar as well. As you continue to envision the self-loving energy of each positive affirmation filling the jar. After you’ve added all of the things, you’ll need to seal the spell. To produce a wax seal, light the pink candle and let the wax to drip down the sides of the jar/bottle. I like to place the crystal, in this example rose quartz, into the wax while it is still wet.

You can burn or bury your affirmation sheet once you’ve finished the spell. You may also want to finish off your jar by adding some pink ribbon or thread to it.

How To Use Your Self Love Spell Jar?

That’s it, your super easy to create and effective self love spell jar is finished. Feel the energy you’ve made by holding the jar in your hands. Place it on your altar or at your work desk where it will be seen frequently. Hold it in your hands when you need a little pick-me-up and let the positive feelings overflow.

When I’m out for crucial meetings or when I’m feeling down on myself, I like to have this jar in my bag. When a negative idea enters my mind, I grab for the jar and visualize the powerful energy of self-love and acceptance overwhelming my body.


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