Rune For Protection: 6 Magic Runes To Use For Protection


Rune For Protection: 6 Magic Runes To Use For Protection

By Amber Rose

rune for protection

Elder Futhark Rune For Protection

Runes have been used throughout history as protection agents. These runes have divine powers attached to them and because of that, they are also perfect for divination uses. You will often see runestones for protection symbols engraved on the likes of coins, swords, rings, and stones. These rune of protection stones work as amulets or charms to protect you from danger, as well as to invoke good luck and success. Today we will be going over the rune of protection. There are 6 runes used mainly in this area. Algiz: for divine protection, Ehwaz: movement, Eihwaz: defense Ingwaz: strength, Thurisaz: protective light, and Tiwaz: luck.

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Rune For Protection History

Runes aka Rune for protection are ancient and intensely strong occult symbols older than the new testament. They are sets of stones inscribed with a magical alphabet known as the “Elder Futhark” and were used mainly by Northern Europeans from the first century c.e up until the middle ages. They were designed to be inscribed into stone, metal, wood and they contain a magical language that provides the sign, name, and phoneme or sound. A large number of runestones were erected mainly throughout Scandinavia during the Viking Age. After the Roman alphabet became the chose script of Europe, the runes fell out of mainstream use. Although their meanings and forms were retained through the form of manuscripts and inscriptions.

The Elder Futhark

The Elder Futhark runes are an ancient alphabet created by Norse and Germanic tribes of Europe. It contained a three-part system that represented issues of the hearth & home, but the rune’s main connotation was that of a metaphysical, occult, and magical representation. The original meaning of the word rune is “secret, or something hidden.” The Elder Futhark alphabet was used to write many different Germanic languages before the Latin/Roman alphabet came into play and took over as the chosen source. The language in which the runes originate is said to been founded by God Odin and it provided people the ability to employ the elements of nature. The English language even has traces to the Elder Futhark alphabet. So lets us get into how does rune magic work, what are runestones used for, and which rune sign for protection should you use in divination and other ritual practices.

rune for protection

Protection Rune Meaning

#1 Algiz, Phoneme: Z.

If you are using Algiz correctly it is said to grant the user protection. The pictorial representation of Algiz looks like a tree. Trees were viewed as strong imagery to ancient Germanic people and showed the association to nature and magic. This rune of protection sigil is the most powerful when used for protection spiritually as it represents the divine above us. Use an Algiz rune for health protection. Algiz protection rune represents protection from enemies, safety for oneself or others, ascension or spiritual awakening, divination, trust in oneself, communication, and the ability to maintain position.

#2 Eihwaz, “Yew” Phoneme: l.

Eihwaz is the sigil of magical power, protection, and wisdom. With this rune comes protective, and deflective abilities thus giving the wearer protection, insight, and wherewithal to keep safe. Eihwaz’s rune represents reliability, strength, stability, endurance, trustworthiness, enlightenment, the desire to acquire more, the giving of purpose, motivation, and an indication you are on the right path to manifest your desires. Keeping Eihwaz on you ensures a safeguard against any type of attack.

#3 Ehwaz, “Horse” Phoneme: E.

Ehwaz is a rune associated with forward growth. Its protective associations show development, trust, confidence, and change. When you use this rune you are highly supported to move forward towards your goal, while still helping others you care about. Ehwaz is the rune of protection representing companionship, trust, and faith. It is also representative of a horse and any other form of transportation. Slow and steady progress is indicated. Loyalty, teamwork, trust, harmony, friendship, marriage, and confirmation.

#4 Ingwaz, “The Earth God” Phoneme: Ng

Ingwaz is the fertility god and rune for protection of home and hearth. Thus representing protection runes for homes and other dwellings. Used to signal energy and the bringing together of things. This stone’s power will increase over time. Ingwaz’s rune of protection represents male fertility, pure sexuality, safe home, protection, spiritual encouragement, the actualization of potential, the beginning of something, internal growth, relaxation, and inner strength. A time when all loose strings are tied up and you are free to move in a positive direction. Listen to yourself.

#5 Thurisaz, “Thorn” Phoneme: Th.

Thurisaz rune of protection represents protective light. Symbolizing the hammer of Thor who commands respect at all times. Luck, will, regenerative catalyst, catharsis, cleansing, purging, fertilization, male sexuality.

#6 Tiwaz, “The Sky God” Phoneme: T.

Tiwaz’s rune of protection represents victory, analysis, honor and clear thinking, success and victory in the competition, the ability to sacrifice, and knowledge of your inner abilities. With Tiwaz you are protected if you are involved with legal issues and you will succeed in any type of competition.

rune for protection

How To Select The Right Rune For Protection

Let your inner self counsel you towards the right rune for protection. Close your eyes and meditate on your desired outcome, when the time feels right open your eyes and pick up the stone you most vibe with. Or you can choose the rune based on the protective benefits described earlier.

When To Use A Rune For Protection

Any time you feel you need extra protection incorporate a rune into your daily rituals. It is said nighttime use of a rune will provide you the highest amount of energy. You can use a rune before bed to ensure safety in the astral and physical realms.

How To Use A Rune Of Protection

It is best to use a rune of protection in the correct way: vertical the upright position. This is done to ensure protective energy encompasses you. Once you have the rune in the correct position there are multiple ways you can use them. You can wear a rune as jewelry, incorporate the runes into spell work and rituals, turn the runes into sigils by using word representation to associate with your rune of protection, and carry it with you everywhere you go.

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