Rosemary Magical Properties: 10 Ways To Use Rosemary In Spellwork!


Rosemary Magical Properties: 10 Ways To Use Rosemary In Spellwork!

By Amber Rose

rosemary magical properties

If there is one herb that every witch can benefit from keeping around the house, it would be Rosemary! You can use this herb for multiple different purposes. This is definitely what you need to start growing in your kitchen or garden for beginners to witchcraft. Here is an overview of all rosemary magical properties so you can start incorporating this versatile herb into your daily spell work!

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Rosemary Magical Properties:

Rosemary’s true name is Rosemarinus officinalis and she is a perennial bush. She is associated with the Fire element. Rosemary also contains all-encompassing magical attributes! These attributes include helping people with their recollection as well as improved brain cognition. She is commonly referred to as the polar plant and compass weed. Also know as Elf Leaf, Sea Dew, Guardrobe, Dew of the Sea, Mary’s Cloak, Stella Maria, Star of the Sea, and Incensier. For spell work, Rosemary can be used in place of many other herbs including Frankincense. Rosemary is an earthy plant and has been revered for her flavor profile with many saying it contains the same flavors of chicken and wild game.

Toted by many for its regenerative effects and use in healing poppets. Use rosemary for love spells, and bath magic for cleansing. This versatile herb can be used in pillows to prevent bad dreams. Also good to use in hand soap for purification before any type of healing magic. It is also known that rosemary is associated with faeries, so if you are looking to attract them include this herb! Let’s go over the history of rosemary’s magical uses as well as ways you can start using rosemary at home.

Rosemary History

Dating back thousands of years people were using rosemary magical properties. She is often kept in kitchen’s and gardens alike, in honor of the woman of the home representing her authority. Down the road years later rosemary was identified with the faith of new lovers, and was often given to the young couple as a wedding gift. This is an archaic herb linked to retrospect. Ancient Greek students would take advantage of this attribute and wear floral wreath crowns atop their heads while taking tests! Rosemary was used through out the years to flavor and enhance wines as well as for Christmas aesthetic. Priests would use this herb to incense for church services and countless other cultures used it to ward off witches and negative entities. Folks recently deceased in England would have it burned in their homes and laid over their coffins.

Rosemary is a vibrantly growing herb. Some ancient civilizations believed you could bring it in after winter thaw, replant it and she would live for 30 plus years! In Christian religious history, rosemary was associated with Jesus and Mary. The Greek Goddess Aphrodite was also associated with rosemary being drawn next to it multiples times.

How To Use Rosemary Magical Properties For Spell Work

If you wish to cleanse your house of negative energies or simply use rosemary as incense for yoga or meditative purposes, do so by suspending the herb from the doorways. This will help to block unwanted things from crossing the boundary. Enhance your poppet with the energy of rosemary by stuffing it inside. You can also use dried rosemary for countless other medicinal benefits. Rosemary may be substituted for frankincense or other similar herbs. Ways to incorporate rosemary into spell work include:

Ways To Incorporate Rosemary:

  1. Create a Magically Enhanced Wreath of Herbs: Many kitchen witches and others practicing spell work use herbs. A great way to include rosemary and your other favorites is to adorn them around your house. Create a wreath of any magical herbs you wish and place it somewhere you will see often.
  2. Use Rosemary Essential Oils For Cleansing Witchcraft Supplies: Any tools on your altar will benefit from rosemary’s purification benefits. You can use the herb in a fresh state by turning it into an essential oil or buy the already ready-to-go essential oils and dowse your supplies in it.
  3. Use Aromatherapy for Cognitive Aid: You can use incense or essential oils for the smell alone and it will help you to remember things better. It can be daily tasks or taking a test.
  4. Carry An Herb Protection Packet With You: Wearing rosemary and other protective herbs on your body will help to prevent unwanted energies from entering your space.
  5. Smudging And Cleansing Space: Purify your personal space by smudging all areas of your home. This will ensure a safe sacred area.
  6. Use Rosemary In Handfasting Rituals For Virility: Place rosemary into floral crowns or into bridal flowers for the blessing of children.
  7. Take a Rosemary Bath: Use rosemary in a ritual bath. This can be done by itself or used with other herbs. Taking this bath will help to benefit you in many ways. Cleansing your aura, clearing blocked chakras, even getting rid of a jinx.
  8. Use Rosemary In Cooking: Include rosemary in your cooking by adding to your favorite dishes! This way you are killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Set your magical intentions while sprinkling in rosemary to sauces or teas. This added herb will give protection to anyone eating it. Keep in mind rosemary has a strong taste so go light if adding to a drink.
  9. Rosemary Broom: You can cut and arrange rosemary into little “brooms.” These can be used to purify your sacred areas. You may also use this broom to cleanse yourself by sweeping yourself clean from top to bottom.
  10. Rosemary for Spells: Any way you can dream up, you can add rosemary’s magical properties to your rituals. You can sprinkle rosemary around your candle. Start incorporating the herb into any type of divination practice for psychic strength and focus. Add it to any type of powder you often use. Include it as part of offerings or wear the scent for memory help. The list of uses goes on and on.
rosemary magical properties

For more information on Rosemary Magical Properties check out the books linked below:

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How Do You Incorporate Rosemary Into Your Spellwork?



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