Rain Water Spells – Learn How To Use Rain Water For Witchcraft


Rain Water Spells – Learn How To Use Rain Water For Witchcraft

By Amber Rose


If you are lucky enough to have rain in your local forecast, make sure to capture some you can use later for rain water spells! A large number of witchcraft practitioners use rainwater for its magical properties. It is a staple kept in many witch homes for its abilities and uses in spell work, rituals, and to nourish house plants and gardens.

It is believed that when rain water falls to the ground it contains magical energies. These energies are made by the special process in which rainwater is created. To begin the process, water on the earth’s surface rises into the sky above and forms into clouds. When these clouds retain enough water they begin to burst which causes the water to once again fall to earth. This naturally occurring process encompasses three of the 5 elements (water, earth, and air). Because of this, we are naturally drawn to water and its magical properties. When you think about it, we are made up of mostly water just like our planet. Water is the life-giving essence needed by all living organisms. Makes sense why we value this liquid so much. Rainwater is extra special and should be harnessed for all the rain water spells she has to offer.

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Using Rain Water In Spells

Throughout history, magical practitioners have been collecting rainwater and so should you! To retain the rainwater all you will need a clean container. Leave it outside and once you’ve collected enough bring it in and begin your rainwater spells. There are multiple ways you can use this magical rainwater. You can cleanse your altar tools, use it to purify the mystical circle, even cleanse other ritual items like candles and clothes. Add rainwater to herb potions or drinks. Some witches will anoint themselves with the rainwater and add it to their bath water for spiritual baths. When added to the bath rainwater will promote mental focus and refreshment. Anoint your money to promote wealth. Anoint yourself with rainwater if you wish to boost your psychic abilities. Take a mixture of protective herbs and rainwater and you have anointing water that when sprayed will clear negative energy. Rainwater’s magical properties bolster romance and can also prepare you for a lunar ritual. Her magical properties do wonders for plants. You may use it as a blessing oil and it can be added to pretty much anything you want to add an extra boost to your spell work.

An important factor to consider regarding your rainwater is to take notice of what element in which it rains. The elements play a fundamental part in what spells you should use your rainwater for. And you should only keep and use your rainwater during a 60 day period, as that is when it is most potent. Also, you may use whatever you wish to collect rainwater as long as it does not contain iron, as that will change the properties greatly. Now let’s go over the different elements and what elemental the rainwater you have collected will work best for spell-wise.

Elements and Rain Water

Fire Element Rain Water

This rainwater is created from a storm containing lightning. Lightning represents the fire element. Lightning storm rain is said to contain the most powerful energies of all types of rainwater. This type of rainwater is versatile and works in any type of spell or ritual work. Lightning rainwater is great if you are looking to purify or recharge something as well as giving an added boost to your witchcraft. To collect and store use a glass jar. You can also create your own fire element rainwater by warming the rainwater you collect over a candle flame.

Air Element Rain Water

This rainwater is created from a storm containing wind such as a tornado, cyclone, El Nino, etc. It should also be collected and stored in a glass bottle. Uses for wind rainwater include spell work for the advancement of something, moving on from the past, getting out of a stuck place, etc. This type of rainwater works well for any type of moving forward and passing current block aids.

Earth Element Rain Water

This rainwater is collected from plants. For example, there is rain falling off a nearby tree or dripping off flower petals, etc. This type of rainwater represents the earth element. Since all water falls to earth, all rainwater is considered to be earth element rainwater and can be used for any spell work desired. A good use for this is to grab a flower or petal etc. still containing rain droplets and put it on your altar to assume all the earth element rain magical properties. When it is all dried off take it back outside and return it to where it came from giving thanks for the benefits provided to you.

Rain water can also be used for properties associated with the day of the week it rains on.

Rain Water Day of Week Correspondences

Monday Rain Water – Psychic abilities, Goddess magic, Purification

Tuesday Rain Water – Intelligence and Intuition

Wednesday Rain Water – Bravery and Capability

Thursday Rain Water – Abundance and Work Opportunity

Friday Rain Water – Romance and Intensity

Saturday Rain Water – Cleansing your ritual area or home

Sunday Rain Water – God magic and Safety

rain water spells

5 Basic Rain Water Spells

#1 Rain Water Bath

Add 1 Cup of Rain Water to bath water for a enhanced spiritual bath.

#2 Ritual Energy Boost

Use 1oz rainwater that you have magically energized with your desires and pour it over a crystal that you have chosen for its properties to aid you in your ritual.

#3 Intention Ritual

Add 1 Tablespoon rainwater to a glass filled with related magical items like oils, herbs, crystals etc.

#4 Cleansing Ritual

To cleanse yourself for benefits of psychic awareness, or tackling barriers in life start by pouring ½ an ounce of rainwater in a glass bowl. When you speak your enchantments, place your fingers in the water and anoint your body. You can do this by tracing a clockwise circle along with any other sigil you wish.

#5 Consecrate Your Tools

Spill 1 oz rain water over the tool you want to consecrate and state your enchantment as you do so.

In Conclusion…

With so many rainwater spells and uses to choose from you can see why it is an important tool in witchcraft. Rainwater contains potent magical energies you should start to incorporate into your daily rituals and practices! I hope you have learned something new here and can begin to use and benefit from the magical tool that is rainwater!

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What Rain Water Spells Do You Use?



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