Protection Spell Jar: How To Craft A Jar Spell For Protection


Protection Spell Jar: How To Craft A Jar Spell For Protection

By Amber Rose

protection spell jar

A protection spell jar is one of the most beginner-friendly witch tools you can craft, and it’s a fantastic method to protect yourself, your house, and your loved ones from unwanted energy. Furthermore, we’ll construct a protection spell jar using these step-by-step instructions, so you’ll know exactly how to cast the spell and assist it in manifesting so you can finally feel safe and protected from negativity. Now let’s get into how to build a protection spell jar.

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So What Exactly Is A Protection Spell Jar?

A protection spell jar is a spell that you cast on a magickal jar that has been prepared with appropriate components to send safety and security your way, while cleaning yourself and people around you from evil and mystical threats. Jar spells are created by combining a number of items that vibrate with protection and infusing them with your desire. You then seal the magick created inside the jar. One of the reasons jar spells are so popular among witches is because they may be re-charged and re-activated at any time. For example, if you utilize this protection jar spell, all you have to do to re-activate it is take the jar, think about the protection you require, give it a good shake, and you’re done!

How to Choose the Most Effective Herbs

When it comes to herbs with protective magical properties, there is a plethora of choices. With so many herbs to choose from, selecting the finest protection herbs for your magic jar might be difficult. When determining which herbs to employ in a protection spell jar, the first question you should ask yourself is, “What do I need protection from?” Once you’ve determined what you need protection from, it’s time to look for plants with the appropriate properties.

Jar Spell Ingredients

-A pen and paper to write down your intentions

-A jar with a lid

-White or black candle

-Some Protective Herbs: Carraway, comfrey, anise, basil, blueberry leaf, garlic, ginger, rosemary, sage, cinnamon, aloe, Angelica, ash, bamboo, bay, blackberry, cactus, carnation, clove, coconut, cumin, cypress, dill, eucalyptus, fennel, fern, frankincense, hazel, holly, honeysuckle, ivy, juniper, lavender, lilac, lime, mallow, mugwort, mustard, myrrh, nettle, onion, pine, raspberry, rose, sage, st. John’s wort, tulip, willow, wormwood.

-A crystal containing protective qualities (use small pieces or crystal so the jar doesn’t break when shaking to activate or recharge.)
-Salt, or witch’s black salt (Salt has a lot of power in terms of protection and cleansing rituals.)

-Ground eggshells

-Sigils (optional)
-Acorns, feathers, and other natural objects (optional)

Protection Spell Jar Recipe

#1 Gather all of the components for the protection spell jar that you intend to use.

#2 Cleanse your environment, as well as your energy field and ingredients for the protection spell jar. Use the smoke from sage, palo santo or incense to do this.

#3 You can now cast a circle of protection around yourself and ingredients to keep your energy operating uninterrupted during the ritual. “Trace the circle thrice about, to keep the evil spirits out!”

#4 Set your intention – what do you wish to protect? What are you protecting yourself from? Visualize the end result and come up with the perfect affirmation to describe it. When you choose your intention, you should feel protected and secure. Make a sigil or write it down on a little piece of paper.

#5 Fill your cleansed jar with the chosen ingredients, including your intention paper. As you place the items inside the jar make sure you are visualizing the feeling of your intention as if it has already manifested.

#6 Now place the lid on your jar.

#7 Hold the spell jar in your hands while you visualize a white protective light encompassing you and your jar.

#8 Take the candle either white or black, set it onto of the closed jar and light it. Let the colored wax, drip over the sides of the jar. Letting the candle burn until all sides of the jar are covered. This will ensure it is sealed.

#9 Close the circle and place your newly created protection spell jar in an area of the home that feels right. You will want to keep it somewhere private and out of public view. You can put it under your bed to keep nightmares at bay. Bury the jar in your yard surrounding the home. If the jar is small enough it can be worn as a necklace. Even gifted to someone you care about and want to protect.

*Anytime you want to recharge or reactive the magical energies contained inside the jar, give it a good shake while thinking of your protection intention.

protection spell jar recipe

How To Cleanse The Jar

Because your protection spell jar acts as a magnet for negativity, it should be cleansed on a regular basis. You should do this at least once a month. Place your jar on a windowsill, left out overnight during a full moon, or during the day to absorb sunlight.

How Long For The Jar Spell To Begin Working?

It will happen quite rapidly. As your protection spell jar will begin collecting negative energy the instant it is created.

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