North Node In Virgo: Understanding Your Life Direction & Purpose


North Node In Virgo: Understanding Your Life Direction & Purpose

By Amber Rose

north node in virgo

Just like the North Star, your north node in Virgo is the mark of future prospect or serendipity. It is a path that you follow throughout your entire life. If you can harness your focus on aligning with your north node’s intent, your life will become more satisfying and purposeful. Although keep in mind aligning with your north node true destiny is not always easy.

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What Is The North Node In Astrology

In astrology, the node on your birth chart is a point where the moon’s orbit converges with the northern ecliptic hemisphere at the time you were born. This is an invisible point, but it is extremely significant to our lives. Today we will be going over specifically the North Node In Virgo.

When Was The Last Time The North Node Was In Virgo

The last time the North Node was in Virgo and the South Node was in Pisces was January 25, 1997, until October 20, 1998.

North Node In Virgo South Node In Pisces

There is a 180 degree split amid the north and south nodes, these two nodes are zodiacal oppositions. If you have the north node in Virgo, then the south node is always in Pisces. The two opposing nodes work together to achieve the fundamental vibrational energy need for your spiritual accession. When you embrace your north node, you will reach your karmic lesson.

North Node In Virgo Meaning – Karma

North node in Virgo karma conveys intense solutions for issues around personal spiritual development. The duality around the north node in Virgo constructs a yin and yang effect looking to offset any unfavorable facets attained from previous lives. If you have a north node in Virgo, you will come upon many stumbling blocks bought with you from previous lives. Although, having your north node in Virgo also carries tons of positive characteristics that will help you defeat these challenges hindering your spiritual expansion.

Life Road Blocks

There is always karma collected and brought over with us from past lives. For the north node in Virgo, you spent many lives helping others and that will reflect in this lifetime. You were in some sort of position of servitude to others. Either a healthcare worker, maid, etc. You were not recognized for your efforts and may have even been harassed or victimized during this work.

Addressing Karmic Ties

With the north node in Virgo comes a trustworthy self-directive encompassed with a logical brain and practical way to handle all life throws at you. You value perfectionism and have a way to disengage from the emotional aspects that can hold people back in life. These mental attributes give you jurisdiction over the karmic challenges that in the past found you in situations where your devotion and care for others was not acknowledged as it should have been or you wished it were.

South Node Pisces

As we mentioned earlier, your south node is in Pisces, and because you have both north and south node traits you carry these negative aspects as well. After countless reincarnations on this earth, we can develop negative habits that become soul habits that eventually will need to be counteracted. Pisces are water signs and with that comes intense and often negative emotions. This is essentially your shadow self and can be hidden sometimes from conscious knowledge.

North Node In Virgo & New Possibilities

When you see the north node in Virgo in a birth chart, it lets you know there are possibilities for you to start anew. Stop negative habits that keep holding your life back. Now is that opportunity to realign your soul’s purpose on the correct route. Virgo has shown up in this placement to take over your soul and protect you against the negative south node in Pisces aspects.

North Node In Virgo Life Purpose & Direction

The benefits of earthy Virgo balance the emotional water sign in Pisces as well as bringing fresh barriers. Virgo will use her practical associations to guide you toward your true life purpose and direction while ensuring the ability to focus and break old habits. You can rely on your north node in Virgo.

Creating Methods And Cycles

Virgo brings to you methods and cycles that will give you the ability to put your energy into something that will help you in the long run. Stopping your mind from jumping around and having no focus. You have the ability to choose what your new spiritual route will be whether it’s meditation or something like working out. When you can attain a new method for your physical and mental body to work in harmony you will have a deeper understanding of your emotional self.

Focus Your Energy Into Your Imaginative Side

With the north node in Virgo, you are given a chance to look at your emotional side and develop a system to focus all that energy. It would suit you well to look at creative hobbies such as drawing or crafting. Something creative will work best for the north node in Virgo career path. When you can find a way to let out the emotional energy trapped within, you can address your karma. Let the emotional release guide you towards spiritual ascension.

North Node In Virgo

North Node In Virgo Aspects

Having Virgo means you have the attribute of trustworthiness. This is a trait helpful in all aspects of life. People around you know they can trust and rely on you in times of need. This is a sign that thrives in a regimented environment and benefits when a structure is in place.

Self Care

For you to truly ascend you must learn self-care and self-respect. You need to protect yourself both emotionally and physically. Having Virgo in this placement wants you to understand the importance of your value. It shows you that taking care of yourself is just as important as helping others. Don t let people take advantage of you. Say no sometimes. Set up boundaries when your out with others. Being a doormat does not earn your respect nor is it healthy.

Hold Yourself Accountable

To make your soul whole again is a journey that you will go through over the course of your life. The need to do so was caused by you giving too much of yourself in past lives. Virgo showing up ensures the traits needed to set up needed barriers. You should use the attributes Virgo brings like, discernment, practicality, and logical thinking to safeguard your energy and time when life becomes overwhelming.

In Conclusion…

To truly ascend you must employ your north node in Virgo. Understanding Virgos practices you can renew your spiritual direction and overpass any unsavory karmic lessons carried over from past lives.

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