North Node In Scorpio: Understanding Your Life Direction & Purpose


North Node In Scorpio: Understanding Your Life Direction & Purpose

By Amber Rose

North node in scorpio

What is the north node in Scorpio? Just like the North Star, your north node is the mark of future prospect or serendipity. It is a path that you follow throughout your entire life. If you can harness your focus on aligning with your north node’s intent, your life will become more satisfying and purposeful. Although keep in mind aligning with your north node true destiny is not always easy. The sign of Scorpio is one of the most notorious in all the zodiacal calendar. Scorpios are synonymous for their magnetic personalities and trans-formative energy. So what does it mean if you have a north node in Scorpio placement in your natal chart?

Understanding The Lunar Nodes

In astrology, a lunar node on your birth chart is a point where the moon’s orbit converges with the northern ecliptic hemisphere at the time you were born. This is an invisible point, but it is extremely significant to our lives. Today we will be going over specifically north node in Scorpio and what does your north node sign mean.

North Node In Scorpio South Node In Taurus

There is a 180 degree split amid the north and south nodes, these two nodes are zodiacal oppositions. If you have the north node in Scorpio, then the south node is always in Taurus. The two nodes work hand in hand to achieve the fundamental vibrational energy need for your spiritual accession. When you embrace your north node, you will reach your karmic lesson which is that of embracing change and accepting help from those around you while also learning how to work smarter not harder. When you don’t work in alignment with what your north node wants you will be living in accordance with your south node in Taurus. Which represents everything you embraced in past lifetimes that you should not be living for in this lifetime. The opposite of your north node.

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North Node In Scorpio Meaning

Well having a north node in Scorpio placement shows a substantial disparity regarding satisfaction and trouble as well as things owned and not owned. If your north node is in Scorpio this is often a difficult placing to carry. These people will usually make choices that have negative effects on their lives. With the bad decisions happening mainly in adolescence. During this life, you are tasked to learn better more sufficient approaches to reaching your goals and desires. Life does not always need to be an uphill battle. Easier said than done right? You would much rather get things done the way you want and you are not keen on letting others help you. Well don’t worry as you get older you will come to understand help is welcome and you will figure out how to achieve your goals more efficiently.

Those with Scorpio in their north nodes have trouble believing and confiding in others. So in turn they won’t reach out for help when they need it. They strive to be super independent and self-sufficient in all their endeavors. In previous lifetimes these individuals valued earthly items as they made them feel more secure and proud. They cared for their families and this was what they stood for. In this life they need to understand they are most self-reliant they what they have come to “know”, if the worst thing happened, you can always come back from it. Listen to the advice and knowledge of others, this will help you to manifest your desires faster! Work smarter not harder. With this placement, you desire contentment and security although you need to come to terms with the fact that change is a constant of life and your metamorphosis will never cease.

How To Live In Accordance With The North Node In Scorpio

So what does this position of the lunar nodes mean for you? What do you need to do so you can begin to live in accordance with your true soul’s purpose. If you have this placement in your natal chart there are a few key lessons you will need to learn to spiritually expand in this lifetime. You must come to welcome change. Understand you have internal value. Learn to take help and accept knowledge from others, it will only benefit you in the long run. Share what you have with those around you. Make sure you focus on ways you can reach your goals and help others get closer to theirs. Let go of that which is not serving you anymore. Don’t carry around dead weight in the form of old baggage. Lastly, you need to learn to work smarter not harder!

Keep reading to learn more about the astrological meaning of the north node in Scorpio!

North Node In Scorpio Key Life Lessons

The North node in Scorpio placement reveals the need to acquire inner strength. Material possessions are not what you should be working for. You need to place your value in the spiritual and emotional. North node in Scorpio placement reveals the need to acquire inner strength. With life comes many unplanned and shocking events. Your placement shows that these challenges will help you to grow on a spiritual level. When these times of change happen and they inevitably will make sure to release what is no longer needed in your life.

Put more emphasis on seeing other people’s points of view. North nodes in Scorpio’s are often seen as very headstrong and not always in a good way. On the other hand with a stubborn nature comes the ability to achieve any goal as there will be no stopping them when they make a decision. They find it hard to confide or accept others’ opinions and help, even when it would benefit them.

If you have a north node in Scorpio placement one of the key takeaways for you is to learn to share. This does not mean only material items but giving of yourself to others. Both personal time and energy. We are shown with Scorpio north node, a contemplative individual who is reliant on the outside but deep down they are very scared to show themselves. These people yearn for warm affectionate interactions. Although they are deeply scared to show their softer side and in turn possibly disconnecting from their autonomy. They have trouble settling down in relationships and find the idea of giving and taking that comes with any relationship foreign and hard to accept. These individuals probably have negative ideas about their sexuality in adolescence. Wanting to relate to others on an intimate level very intensely but probably too scared to act on the desire.

With these early life struggles comes the assurance that as you age these problems will dissipate. You need to learn to trust if you are in any kind of relationship. This is key for you to truly have fun when being intimate. As you are often very guarded around intense interactions that threaten the loss of your individual potential in whatever you are doing at the time. Because of the south node in Taurus placement, you want to remain sturdily grounded at all points in time. The Taurus is the bull and wishes to remain at a calm reliable pace, while the opposing north node in Scorpio is driving you to let go and dive in. The inner you longs for the fervor Scorpio brings, but are inherently afraid of the change that comes with it.

north node in scorpio

In Conclusion…

Understanding your north and south node will provide you with a deeper understanding of your life’s true purpose and direction based on karmic lessons. The north node is associated with your karmic obligations and shows what is needed to spiritually ascend. While the south node shows us associations with past lives and what has already been learned and areas of strength. When we understand what our north node contains we come to terms with the underlying subconscious catalyst for spiritual advancement.

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