North Node In Cancer: Understanding Your Life Direction & Purpose


North Node In Cancer: Understanding Your Life Direction & Purpose

By Amber Rose

north node in cancer

North Node In Cancer Life Purpose

If your north node is in Cancer this informs us of a hidden karmic problem relating to control issues. To vibrate in alignment with your soul’s true purpose you must study to understand care and sustenance as well learning to loosen up regarding demanding values or ethics.

Just like the North Star, your north node is the mark of future prospect or serendipity. It is a path that you follow throughout your entire life. If you can harness your focus on aligning with your north node’s intent, your life will become more satisfying and purposeful. Although keep in mind aligning with your north node true destiny is not always easy.

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North Node In Cancer Meaning

In astrology, the node on your birth chart is a point where the moon’s orbit converges with the northern ecliptic hemisphere at the time you were born. This is an invisible point, but it is extremely significant to our lives. Today we will be going over specifically the North Node In Cancer.

North Node In Cancer Karma – South Node In Capricorn

There is a 180 degree split amid the north and south nodes, these two nodes are zodiacal oppositions. If you have the north node in Cancer, then the south node is always in Capricorn. The two opposing nodes work hand in hand to achieve the fundamental vibrational energy need for your spiritual accession. When you embrace your north node, you will reach your karmic lesson which is that of appreciation and responsibility of those around you.

Karma Around Position & Social Standing

North node in Cancer conveys karma carried over from a past life. In this past life, your position and social standing were everything to you. Achieving a high-ranking position either work-wise or socially was your only focus. You were likely someone very high up in society, either a political member, celebrity, even royalty. Financial security was a large part of your persona as you were always trying to keep up with the Jones so to say.

Pursuing Your Souls Objective

Because your previous life was all about the material aspects of the physical world and what benefits you could derive from it, your vibrational energy is out of wack. You did not focus enough of your time on the emotional side of life and in turn, your family and friends were neglected. To counteract the karma of your past life you must embrace soul growth.

Aptitude Of Sustenance

The aptitude of sustenance brought with Cancer is not usually a trait you easily embrace. The south node is the Capricorn astrological sign and it is the opposite of the north node with behaviors seen as hardheaded, and governing that you carry with you from the previous life.

Points Of Opposition For The North Node In Cancer

The two extremely different nodes North and South have a magnet design that opposes each other like the wrong side of a magnet. In response to the opposing nodes, you feel a constant conflict designed to drive you towards welcoming the conflicts of this life.

Coming To Terms With Your Karmic Objectives

For you to spiritually ascend, expansion relies on understanding your emotional side. The soft underbelly of your identity works with you to gain insight into how to love and support others. On the other end of the spectrum, you are fiercely self-reliant and need to grasp that everyone else is not as self-assured as you portray yourself.

Understanding Relationships With Others

With the north node in Cancer, you have a calling to help those in need around you. Whether it’s family, friends, or coworkers. By learning how to care for and assist others you will have a realization about the importance of your personal relationships.

Let Go Of Control

This is probably the main objective for north nodes in cancer and this is the need for control. Control in every facet of life, both personal and work. When you accept this is a trait you can make a conscious decision to slow down and look at what is truly driving the need for control and Let Go!

Learning With Empathy

After you are able to understand not everyone is as able as you are in certain areas of life you will learn the need for empathy towards others. This will push you to assist those in need. When you reach this point you have taken a huge step toward understanding your life’s karmic objective. Every single time you show an act of kindness and servitude to others, you are awoken to the fact that being there for others has an emotional benefit comparable to any material rewards from the past life.

Controlling Earthly Aspirations

For every step we take forward it seems that there are two we take backward. Just like this analogy, there is always the real fear of regressing back to previous life habits. Nonetheless, the north node in Cancer can keep these habits at bay by countering them with the natural inclination to assist and care for those around them.

Spiritual Expansion

Your spiritual expansion is contingent upon accepting the emotional side of your personality. Much like the crab representative of Cancer, you also perceive yourself to have a hard exterior but deep down you are tender. The tenderness you conceal is not a weakness but a strength whenever you can show this side of your personality. When you put others first by placing their needs for care and affection above your own you will grow on a spiritual level.

north node in cancer

North Node In Cancer Emotional Personality

Cancer is a water sign and in astrology, the water signs rule our emotional aspects. This strong association elevates your intuitive side and lets you see beyond the one-dimensional superficial side of this planet.

Crucial Aspect For Relationships

In the earthly realm, we reside, personal and interpersonal relationships play a huge part in anything we do in life. When you have the north node in Cancer you are given the ability when in a safe loving relationship to show your emotional side even though it is scary for you. Showing your soft side will bring you to a point of self-discovery in which your relationships can thrive much more than with superficial items.

Friendships With Others

Connection through friendships is another way to enhance your spiritual awakening. When you are able to balance what is important in your life you welcome the relaxation, safety, and joy that friends and family bring with them.

The Want For A Family & Stability

With the understanding that you want and need the emotional aspects that come with friends and family, you fulfill your karmic lesson. When you reach the soul’s intent and elevate to a higher understanding you realize the love from family and friends is what inspires and encourages. In turn, you move further along your spiritual path toward enlightenment.

In Conclusion…

Those with the north node in Cancer had a past life of opulence and status. When you were birthed into this life you brought with you karmic lessons. These lessons are to teach you to let go of control and learn how to give and receive love to those you care about. When you live in accordance with your north node in Cancer you will feel true soul growth. Realizing you belong with loved ones, family and friends you accept your karmic destiny. After you do you will receive the benefits of vibrational energy from love for the rest of your life.

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