Money Spell Jar: Create Magic Jars To Fill Your Wallet


Money Spell Jar: Create Magic Jars To Fill Your Wallet

By Amber Rose

money spell jar

What Is A Money Spell Jar?

A money spell jar is a wonderful way to manifest financial abundance into your life when you need help and even when you don’t. Spell jars are made to help the practitioner manifest their dreams into reality with the use of sigils, specific ingredients, and a strong motive/intention. For the money spell jar to actually work, you must truly believe that it will and focus all your intent and desire on this spell jar manifesting abundance. When you create a spell jar for money you will use elements that instinctively vibrate with the energy of cash, revenue, and potential. By placing these ingredients into a jar, you can more easily focus during any spellwork and ritual practices.

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Why Should You Make A Money Spell Jar?

To ensure the flow of cash into your life. In this specific money spell jar, we will use manifestation to create a magnet of sorts to draw abundant vibrations to you, by way of the jar. When the high vibrating energy fields relating to money begin to encompass you, prosperity will start to find its way into your life.

It is important to note, that money will not just randomly show up at your door because you created a money spell jar. No, it will not. What will happen is the creating of a process that will enable your desire to manifest money into your physical reality. On the other hand, when you empower a spell to work on your behalf, things can happen quickly as well. So to protect from any unwanted cash influxes, such as a car accident that leads to a payout. Make sure to include that you wish no harm to anyone when performing this spell.

Money Spell Jar Ritual When To Perform

Cast This Spell: During Jupiter Hour

Moon Phase For Spell Casting: Full Or Waxing Moon

Time To Cast: Thursday

Ingredients Needed

A Glass Jar – To hold the entirety of your money spell

Coin – Can be of any denomination you wish

Bill of Currency – Can be of any denomination you wish

Sugar (white) – To make the spell work sweetly

A Piece of brown paper – To write your grounding intention on

A Strand of your hair – To represent your physical being surrounded by financial abundance

A Lighter

A Gold marker – To write your intention down with gold representing the Sun energy

1 Magnet – Preferably green or gold to draw the money energy to you

1 Bay Leaf – Representing money

Cinnamon – Representing money

Thyme – Representing money

Fennel – Representing money

Allspice – For a speedy spell

A splash of water – For a smooth manifestation

1 Candle – Preferably green because it is the color of money

1 Cleansing Proxy – Either incense, sage, full moon water etc.

You May Also Include:

Any charms or crystals associated with money

Pictures of Deities, Gods, or Goddesses

Sigils or Symbols

Money Spell Jar Ritual Instructions:


Use incense, sage, or full moon water to purify and cleanse your area, person and ingredients of negative energies

Cast Circle

Trace the circle thrice about, to keep the evil spirits out! Remember after casting circle you must keep an intense focus on money coming to you throughout the entire ritual.

Add Ingredients In This Order

#1 Take some of your white sugar and place it into the jar. While you are doing this speak out loud the purpose of the sugar in this spell.

#2 Take the gold marker and write down the amount of money you desire to manifest on the brown paper.

#3 Also, write on the bill of money that will be placed in the jar your name, intention, and what you will do with the money you acquire.

#4 Now, take your strand of hair and place it in the middle of the brown paper, as you state aloud what the hair is for.

#5 Put your magnet atop the hair strand while speaking its purpose.

#6 Set your coin & bill combination on top of the magnet while speaking its purpose.

#7 Crease your piece of brown paper folding toward you, and enclosing all your items, three times over. Now put it into the jar. Visualize your desires manifesting as you do this.

#8 Add your water, spices, and herbs to the jar while speaking the purpose for each as they go in one by one.

#9 At this time you can also add any other desired items like sigils, symbols of deities or charms, etc. to the jar. As you do this speak their purpose.

#10 Fill the empty space at the top of the jar fill with sugar. Again speaking the reason for it in this spell.

#11 Now seal the jar using the wax from your candle.

#12 Lastly, to charge and activate your money spell jar, give it a good shake.

money spell jar


Grab the jar and while holding it, imagine a green-hued ball of light rolling into both your physical body and the jar. Imagine what you wish to manifest as if it has already taken place. After you reach this feeling and can see it in your third eye, repeat the following: Harm be to none, I send this word forth and bring it into being.

Close Circle

Give thanks to your gods, clean up and close the circle.

Moving Forward

Once a day, take your jar into your hands and visualize that feeling of the green money energy ball filling you and your jar. You can now place your activated spell jar on top of your altar, or anywhere you will see it on a daily basis. This is crucial to develop a mindset of abundance. If you feel your jar needs reactivating give it another good shake. Keep repeating this until money starts rolling into your life.

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