Ley Lines Near Me – How To Find The Earths Ancient Energy Grids

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Ley Lines Near Me – How To Find The Earths Ancient Energy Grids

By Amber Rose

Ley Lines Near Me

First of all, we need to explain what exactly ley lines are known for? Ley lines are straight pathways or grids marked across the planet. These lines were drawn between various historic structures and prominent landmarks. Ancient cultures placed occult temples as well as shrines along these lines to mark them. It is believed that these lines demarcate “earth energies.” The ancients also believed that these ley lines were magical energy centers radiating immense energies. As such our ancestors set up communal areas at the intersections of differing ley lines and considered them to be holy areas. So what do these lines mean for us in modern times? And where can ley lines be found near me? Let’s go over these magical crossings and learn how to wield the energy surrounding them!

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Ley Line Locations

Looking at the most archaic of world maps, we have the ability to connect straight lines to one and other making grids. When you connect the lines together, just like a crossword puzzle you get a grid pattern covering the entire globe. Many of the most commonly know ancient sites of the world are connected to each other on ley lines. Many people wonder if Stonehenge is on a ley line? Yes, it is, just like many other popular sites such as the Great Pyramid, Machu Picchu, and even Mt. Everest. These lines are only found in pagan/occult books and stories and the idea for ley lines was created in 1921 by a man named Alfred Watkins. This man created a club in England where joiners could walk villages looking for ley lines.

Ley Lines Spiritual Travel Ways

It is a common belief that spirits only navigate this world moving in straight paths. Is that what ley lines are? Alfred Watkins spoke of a chain of fairy’s passing over mountains, going as far as the eye could see. Could the Fae creatures transverse along ley lines? British folklore tells of fairy bridges and entranceways into hillsides. Some European countries told tales of funeral processions and the spirits later becoming trapped along the paths to their final burial spots known as Corpse Paths. Are these corpse paths really just nearby ley lines attracting the spirits into their energy fields?

Are Ley Lines Still Beneficial Today?

Do Ley Lines still matter in today’s times? Yes, just as they did thousands of years ago these lines contain high vibrational energies. For use in spell work or ritual practices, these lines would be extremely beneficial. Anyone who has chosen to live the occult lifestyle understands that energy is extremely important. These ley line sites are holy areas where the earth radiates its magical energy. For any type of energy, boost needs ley lines can help.

Where Can I Find Ley Lines Near Me

Ley lines are grids covering our earth. So to find ley lines near you it should be pretty easy. If you are in Europe start by looking for ancient landmarks around your city or state. There will be hundreds. For those of us living in the U.S., You can look for native American ancient landmarks. Google ley lines map near me. Once you locate ley lines near me, start planning your spiritual experience! Just like any ritual or spell work you should prepare beforehand. Do a cleansing ritual before you reach your spiritual site! The cleaner you are spiritually, the easier it will be for you to sense the ley line energy.

“Use the ancient art of Rod Dowsing to discover water, lost objects, chi energy lines and ley lines.”

Take note of you how you feel once you arrive. Do you have butterflies? Feel like your meeting with someone you haven’t seen in years? These are common occurrences when encountering the energy of ley Lines. Use your pendulum to point out areas of energy spikes, stop at these centers and hold your pendulum out. If it does nothing then you probably aren’t on the ley line. When you finally reach the correct spots your pendulum will go crazy. This is called “dowsing” and has been used for years to find these sacred lines. You may also employ the pendulum to communicate with spirit entity’s traveling along the lines. Once you have left the ley lines cleanse your pendulum and yourself.

Ley Lines Near Me

Ley Lines Map USA Popular Locations

Montana Megaliths, Pryor Mountains Megaliths, MT, Bighorn Medicine Wheel, NY, Sedona, AZ, Serpent Mount, OH, Mount Shasta, CA, Mount Denali, AK, Tocobaga Indian Mound, FL

In Conclusion…

Where ever you are located, there will be a ley line somewhere close enough for you to reach it. Google sacred areas near you or simply look up ley lines near me. Egypt is a country containing a large intersection of ley lines. If you are in England in particular there is a spiritual ley lines map that traces from Northeast to Southwest. Easter Island contains a ley line going all the way through the island. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are lookup ley lines near me, and bring some ancient earth energies into your life!

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