Is Having Sex On Your Period Blood Magic: An Occultist’s Explanation


Is Having Sex On Your Period Blood Magic: An Occultist’s Explanation

By Amber Rose

is having sex on your period blood magic

Is Having Sex On Your Period Blood Magic?

Yes, having sex on your period is a combination of both blood and sex magic when used with an intention.

Your blood contains your DNA, which serves as a blueprint for not just you but also your entire ancestors. In magic, something with this much power is highly useful. Some could argue that it is overpowering.

The menstrual cycle is seen as a particularly strong phase in witchcraft. Our menstrual cycles, when coinciding with the full moon, have the ability to connect our bodies to the universe, which is the goal of magic.

This explains why witches would hide period blood in espresso, tea, or dark red tomato sauce. In the Hoodoo tradition, it’s frequently used for binding spells that promote sexual attraction. Practitioners also perform spells using a mixture of a man’s sexual fluid and menstrual blood, which is thought to be extremely strong. The mixture is usually acquired and placed in a chalice, or swapped by kissing after oral sex, in a ritual thought to “seal” the magic performed. Or create whatever manifestation the practitioner chooses.

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Is Period Blood Sacred?

Menstrual blood was formerly considered one of the most sacred liquids on the planet, science is now beginning to uncover its amazing healing properties. The Gnostics used to prepare a ‘drink of immortality created from menstrual blood, which is full of healing stem cells and can truly trigger our cellular capacity to rejuvenate and transport us to endocrine levels of rapture, was one of the most essential ceremonies. Or, in a metaphysical sense, open us up to the Vibration of Love and Eternal Life, taking us to another reality.

What Does Having Sex On Your Period Do Spiritually?

Spiritually speaking period blood is designed to nourish and give life itself on an energetic and metaphysical basis. It’s not just sacred and hence strong when used in ceremonies; it’s also so important that it can heal. Menstrual blood was used as a drink, a balm, and a technique to rejuvenate people, animals, and plants in decline by ancient cultures who knew this. Every month, the womb regenerates. This blood’s energy properties include those of renewal, rebirth, creativity, and life. We can actively use the time we bleed to focus on releasing and letting go of anything we wish to let go of. On an emotional, physical, and mental level, we can detox and cleanse. The energy within our bodies is conducive to letting go of whatever that no longer serves us in order to begin fresh.

period sex soul binding

Does Having Sex On Your Period Make A Man Fall In Love?

Yes, it can. Period blood is extremely effective at making a man fall in love. Menstrual blood delivered to a man in his coffee or tea is a sovereign recipe for gaining his sexual interest in the African-American hoodoo tradition, as well as in Sicilian folk-magic. There is no need for a ritual, prayer, or invocation; simply pour some menstrual blood into the man’s coffee or tea. The goal is to get your smell into the sphere of consciousness of your partner. This is nothing more or less than hormone/blood magic, and as such, it is both biological and occult in nature.

Having Sex On Your Period Soul Ties

Having sex on your period can form extreme soul ties, and should only be done when using caution. Some individuals use the term “soul ties” to describe a spiritual connection between two persons. It is thought to emerge after two people have been physically intimate. The symptoms of soul ties are typically the same as those that people feel following the end of a particularly strong relationship. Although these effects might last for months or even years after a relationship has ended. The signs and symptoms of a soul tie may have an impact on your current or future relationships. Even to the point where the person you’re attached to may enter your mind at inconvenient times, such as when you and your current spouse are having a sexual encounter.

It is better to be choosy when having sex on your period so you don’t have to worry about breaking the connection later on.

is having sex on your period blood magic

Sex On Your Period Blood Magic & Period Sex Soul Binding

Many people who are new to casting blood magic spells while having sex on their periods are unaware that blood is the essence of life. In fact, it was from this source that the name “lifeblood” was originated. Because it is one’s spirit manifested in bodily form, you must exercise extreme caution when dealing with it.

This also implies that you should be cautious about who you allow to consume your blood during the act of sex. This is due to the fact that enabling someone to take your blood gives them spiritual control over your essence. It’s crucial to take your time and understand everything you can about blood magic spells and witchcraft as a discipline before you start practicing. It’s always a good idea to look for alternatives to blood magic spells that need the eating of blood. This is because letting someone with nefarious intentions to take your blood could unwittingly turn you into their spiritual slave.

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