How To Write A Manifestation: List, Journal, & Letter


How To Write A Manifestation: List, Journal, & Letter

By Amber Rose

how to write a manifestation

How to write a manifestation using the law of attraction isn’t difficult to understand. Your desires will manifest for you if you keep focused on your dreams and maintain a positive perspective about them. However, going from the dream to the experience can sometimes feel like a lengthy, arduous journey. In this article, we will go over how to write a manifestation list, journal, letter and examples that can help you maintain a positive focus on your goal long enough to boost your energy and begin creating momentum toward it.

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Manifestation List Meaning

A manifestation list is a list of everything you desire to see manifest in your life. It encompasses all aspects of life, from physical items to emotional emotions and interpersonal relationships. The subject can be as broad as your current situation or something you intend to do in the future. Depending on how much detail you want to go into, you can make this list as short or as long as you like. A manifestation list is a tool for visualizing your ideal existence. Focusing on what you want helps to ensure that the universe is aware of your desires, and the Law of Attraction takes care of bringing them to fruition.

How To Write A Manifestation List

#1 Make a list of all the things you’d like to manifest in your life. Write everything down in free form, as rapidly as possible, and without censorship.

#2 Return to the list and categorize the items into themes such as physical, thought, soul, as well as money, romance, and personal development. Whatever makes sense to you is what you should do.

#3 Examine the things in each group to see if any common themes emerge. Let’s imagine you want to materialize a new home, you want to be near the coast, and you want to create a family. Perhaps there’s a motif here about parenting, finding a home, and so on.

#4 Consider and rank each item on your freeform list to see if you can cut it down. Discard anything that doesn’t seem significant to you.

#5 Rewrite your list in a more ordered manner, potentially using the previous groupings to make each thing more evident. To get to the heart of each item on this list, remove any extraneous words. Make a list on the left side of a piece of paper and divide it into two columns.

#6 Invest five to ten minutes with each item on your manifestation list, and put “so that I_____” in the second column. Consider the following scenario: If I have the sentence “I live in a magnificent house near the seaside” in column one, I might write “so that I can enjoy the beauty and fresh air” in column two. Make certain that this is something that truly resonates with you; this is the answer to the why question. It’s also possible that you’ll wish to rewrite the original piece.

#7 Take some time with each item and then write in column three, “Now that I have that, I feel____________ .” Assume it’s the future, and you’re already living in that beach house, soaking in the sun and breathing in the fresh air. Imagine it with all of your senses engaged, as if it had already occurred. Now write down the emotions you’re experiencing now that you’ve manifested something.

Manifestation Journal Meaning

Maintaining a manifestation journal is an effective way to manifest your desires. We’ve all heard about journaling, and the majority of it stems from a mental standpoint.
Employing journaling to help you regulate your emotions can be extremely beneficial to your mental health. It’s a tool to assist you in manifesting what you want in your life. One simple concept is all it takes to transport something from the realm of thoughts and ideas into the sphere of your life and personal and material experience.

How To Write A Manifestation Journal

-Get yourself a dedicated journal for manifesting your goals and desires.

-Write in it regularly, daily if possible. Set aside some time to write in your journal.
Setting and sticking to a schedule is more important than the exact time. Life has a habit of getting in the way of our plans.

-There is no minimum number of words you must write. On any given day, write as few or as many words as make sense to you. Also, don’t be concerned if the amount of words varies from day to day; this is typical.

-Ideas to write about can be whatever you choose.

One option is to do a brain dump. Simply jot down whatever that comes to mind concerning the item you want to create. And if there’s something on your mind that’s been consciously or unconsciously blocking you, this is a terrific method to do it. Simply write without editing your words in your head before putting them down on paper.

Another good method to write is to imagine your future life. Even if you’ve already gone into detail in prior diary entries, go into further detail this time. Alternatively, choose another area of your future existence and imagine what it will be like once you arrive. Compose your affirmations – this is a useful technique for when your mind wanders. You’ve probably already written down the affirmations you repeat on a regular basis, and you’re probably very close to word perfect. Writing them down helps you remember them and gets you out of writer’s block.

Another good topic to address in your manifestation journal is being grateful for things that have happened to you during the day. Even if you also keep a gratitude notebook. When it comes to manifesting things into your life, there’s no harm in repeating yourself. Another alternative is to write positives — it’s always a good idea to have a positive mindset, and writing them down will assist to reaffirm that.

how to write a manifestation letter

How To Write A Manifestation Letter To The Universe

Understanding how to write a manifestation letter to the universe asking for something you want in life, is a fantastic approach to help you focus on what you want while also asking with enthusiasm and genuine emotion. Which are two essential conditions for the law of attraction to operate.

The following is how it works:

-Write a letter as if you were conversing with a friend, describing the position you’re in right now, for example:
“Greetings, Universe I’m having financial difficulties right now and don’t have the money to pay for my automobile, which I desperately need to drive to work. I’ve done everything I can think of and haven’t been able to come up with a solution.”

-Include all concerns. Normally, when using the Law of Attraction, we don’t discuss our worries and instead focus on the positive, but in an emergency case like the one described above, it’s critical to get rid of our fears. So make a list of your worries about what might happen. ‘I’m quite anxious that if my car is impounded, I will lose my work, and that I will find it difficult to find another job.

-Portray Your Wants. What you wish to occur. What is it that you require? So, what exactly do you want to happen? When would you like it to take place? This is where you start to feel more optimistic and focused on the end result.
Using the preceding example, you could say:
‘I’d like to be able to pay off my car payment in full this month before the end of the month’ (insert date here). I’d also like a little more money to be able to have next month’s car payment in my bank account so I don’t end up in this predicament again.
I am so grateful for my car, I don’t know what I’d do without it; it takes me to work, keeps me socially connected with all of my friends, and allows me to explore new areas I wouldn’t have seen with out it.’

-Give thanks. Thank the universe for providing your desire in your final paragraph, and express it as if it has actually occurred. Get into this grateful mindset because it will align your vibrational energy to obtain what you want. Tell the world how beautiful it is and how you are constantly amazed by it; there’s no need to suck up; simply appreciate the efforts it has made to assist you.

-Release your Manifestation. Sign, date, fold, and place the letter in an envelope once you’ve finished writing it. Place the envelope in a drawer designated solely for letters to the universe, or use a separate box. If you’re writing it on a computer, create a folder called “Letters to the Universe” and save it to your desktop, then drop the file into it. Trust and believe in your letter coming true.

What Are Some Manifestation Examples?

#1 I’ve finally met the man of my dreams. I’m head over heels in love! It was love at first sight us both. We knew we’d found our soulmate the moment we laid eyes on each other. He shares my sentiments. With each new day, our friendship grows stronger. I owe it to the Universe to have brought us together.

#2 When I looked in the mirror today, I was astounded by the change I had undergone since the previous year. I made the decision to get back in shape. What an adventure it had been! Thank you, Universe, for assisting me in overcoming all of my obstacles and trials.

#3 Now I live in the house I’ve always dreamed of. It’s just wonderful in every way; it’s exactly how I dreamed it would be. I just moved in last weekend, and my entire family is raving about it. Each room is perfectly appointed with all of the necessary facilities, and the entire residence exudes a sense of serenity and tranquility. To top it off, the view of the city from outside is unrivaled. I am grateful to the Universe for making my dream come true.

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