How to Use Candle Magic in 2021 for Beginners


How to Use Candle Magic in 2021 for Beginners

By Amber Rose

Candle magic

Firstly, even if you are new to magic, you probably still know that candles play an integral part in witchcraft. Over time they have been used to increase the effectiveness of spells. Moreover, they act as a tool used during rituals and for casting spells. When performing Candle Magic, you are promoting enhanced opportunities and bringing change into your life. This magic is driven by transformation as it is a Fire element. Fire transmutes and changes everything it encounters. Let us go over the magical properties associated with the different types of candles as well as color meanings, flame meanings, and how you can start practicing candle magic at home today!

Candle magic

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The first step is setting an intention and knowing exactly what you wish to manifest! After you have established your desired outcome, it’s time to find the matching candle color to help you manifest your desires!

Candle Magic Colors

Before picking your candles, you first need to choose the correct color that corresponds with the intention you are setting for the ritual/spell. Below is a color chart and meanings so you know which candles to pick.

Candle magic

Candle Color Chart Meanings

White Candle:

This is the most versatile and commonly used candle in the group. It is all-purpose and symbolizes purification, cleansing, and truth. It is thought that white candles will enhance any type of white magic spell so burn with other colors. Burning white candles rids of lack of energy force and removes weakness. 

Blue Candle:

Symbolize healing/health, peace, intuition, and dreams. Uses to strengthen inspiration, suppress sadness, heal from a relationship, or simply have a melodic day.

Yellow Candle:

Symbolizes attractiveness, clairvoyance, material possessions, and knowledge. Used during rituals of travel and study. Improve your school and studying abilities or communications with family/friends. This color activates joy and inspires dream fulfillment. Light this candle when you are studying.

Purple Candle:

Symbolize spiritual energy and connecting with one’s higher self, divination, the afterlife, and psychic abilities. An incredibly special color associated with strong power. This candle amplifies magic if used with a blue candle it will increase a healing spell.

Red Candle:

Symbolizes passion, love, sex, virility, courage, creativity, and energy. This is the type of candle you will use when performing love spells of any type. Light this candle when you want to enhance your relationship with these traits. Also works to rid of anger, rage and create joy in your life.

Dark Blue Candle:

Symbolizes changeability

Green Candle:

Symbolizes growth, wealth, prosperity, hope, the material world. Light this candle to attract money and new monetary happenings. This color also works for fertility growth and new work opportunities.

Orange Candle:

Symbolizes calmness and peace, concentration, intellectualism, knowledge, joy and creativity. Great for finding lost items, confidence, chakra balancing as well as personal success and strength.

Pink Candle:

Symbolizes self-acceptance, vanity, femininity, beauty, compassion. Pink is the color of happiness. This color is great for affirmations. Use this color candle when looking for a relationship or to increase passion.

Brown Candle:

Symbolizes agriculture, crops, earth, stability, gardening, pets. If you need more seriousness and stability in life light this color candle. 

Black Candle:

Symbolizes protection, power, banishing, breaking habits and wisdom. Rids of negativity and evil. Keeping black candles around the house will keep it safe from negative energy.

Grey Candle:

Symbolizes neutral energy

Now that we have chosen the candles we need for our spell we will go on to dressing the candle,

How to Dress a Candle

Dressing a candle is when you put extra intention and special ingredients into your ritual/spell. I will list a couple possible ways to dress a candle below:

Carve sigils and words into the candle with the witches’ most important ritual tool…the Athame.

-Rub/anoint the candle in oil

While you are preparing and dressing your candle remember to visualize the intention you wish to set for this spell. This will add extra magical energy to your ritual.

After dressing we must charge our candle…

How to Charge your Candle

Firstly, charging an object is when you put your intention and energy into it. The best time to charge your candles is when you are dressing them. Do this by imagining the desired outcome while you hold the candle in your hands. Visualize your energy embedding itself into the candle. It is as simple as that!

Light the Candle

Now it’s time to light up your candle, cast your spell and let that baby burn until it burns out on its own! Below I have included some descriptions of candle flame meanings and how you can study what they mean for your spell and the possible outcome you are set to receive.

Candle Flame Meanings

The meanings of candle flames, center around the way the flame is burning. The flame will help guide you to manifesting your intentions. Different types of flames have different meanings and can also help you to gauge how successful your spells will turn out.

How to Understand Candle Flame Meanings

Red or Yellow Flame:

Symbolizes Mundane energy

Blue Candle Flame:

Symbolizes Spirit presence

Dancing Flame:

Flames that dance around and burn in sporadic fashion are often telling that a spell has the power to work but may also have varying sets of issues.

Tall Strong Flame:

Tall enough to reach goals and strong enough for enhancing spells

Candle magic

Flickering Flame:

Flames that go in and out in a flickering fashion are often associated with a spirit’s arrival. Flickering flames can be interpreted in 4 different compass points:

1. North: If the flame flow north its is indicative of a physical cause not spiritual.

2. East: Eastward flowing flames are indicative that the cerebral side of your spell is working.

3. South: South bending flames show strong concrete energy encompasses your intent.

4. West: Westward flames show that expanse of energy and emotion is in your magic

Opposing Flames:

Someone is in possible opposition of you. You can try lighting more candles, if you get the same results, stop working and try again later.

Popping Flame:

This flame indicates some form of negative communication

Crackling Flame:

Show forming communications, possible arguments

Self-Extinguishing Flame:

If a flame goes out it is said your spell work is over. This can either mean the spell has been received or that your spell has been rejected by the spirit world.

Dual Flames:

The original meaning of two flames burning from one wick was thought that two energies split. They can either be working together or against each other. This can be understood by the type of spell being performed.

Short Weak Flame:

Weak flames derive weak results.

Steady Flame:

Usually considered to be a positive outcome and spell is working.

Low Flame:

This is aflame with weak energy and will not manifest into anything. If the flame is steady but low, it is telling you to be dolent and expect a positive outcome. A flame that dies down will not come to fruition. The bigger a flam grows your spell is likely to work.

Fast Burning Candle:

There are 2 types of fast burning candles

  1. The Uneven Burning Candle– One side is melting faster than the other indicates your intentions were not properly set. Try again later.

2. Even Fast Burning Candle– A faster than normal burning candle but burns easily is considered to be a good omen.

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In Conclusion,

Now that we have gone over the basics about Candle Magic, let us go over how you start practicing Candle Magic for Beginners! Remember a basic candle magic spell/ritual consists of 4 main steps. First, you must set an intention/goal for your spell. Secondly, you will choose the correctly colored candle that. A candle that corresponds with the intention you wish to manifest. Next prepare the candle for carving with your sigils and writings. After carving you will charge your candle with the intention you wish to manifest. Lastly, you will light the candle and it is important to remember you should  let the candle burn itself out. You can read the flames as well to interpret the strength and possible outcome of your spell.

For more information on Candle Magic check out the books linked below:

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Candle Magic for Beginners: Spells for Prosperity, Love, Abundance and More by Rockridge Press

Wicca Candle Magic: A Beginners Guide to Practicing Wiccan Candle Magic with Simple Candle Spells by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Practical Candleburning Rituals: Spells and Rituals for Every Purpose (Llewellyn’s Practical Magick Series) by Llewellyn Publications

The Art of Hoodoo Candle Magic in Rootwork, Conjure, and Spiritual Church Services by Missionary Independent Spiritual Church

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