How To Use A Pendulum For The First Time: Pendulum Dowsing

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How To Use A Pendulum For The First Time: Pendulum Dowsing

By Amber Rose

how to use a pendulum

The ancient tradition of how to use a pendulum is a great way to get answers to your questions on a spiritual level. Using pendulums is part of a practice known as divination and it is very easy to learn. Divination comes in many different forms such as tarot reading, scrying, using runes, the Ouija board and much more. The basis of divination with any method is the ability to gain insight into events one is going through or to get an answer to a specific question. Kind of like the magic 8 ball, how you ask it a simple question and get back a yes or no answer. Now, let us get into how to use a pendulum for the first time and for beginners to the craft of divination.

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So What Exactly Is Divination?

Divination can be explained in multiple different ways depending on how you ask and where you look. The most basic answer you will get is that this is a form of reading fortunes. As many people in this world do not necessarily believe in fortune telling they look at divination as a way to reach answers and gain insight.

Divination, or “to be inspired by a god,” is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of an occultic, standardized process or ritual. Used in various forms throughout history, diviners ascertain their interpretations of how a querent should proceed by reading signs, events, or omens, or through alleged contact with a supernatural agency.

Weather you believe in fortune telling or not, learning pendulum dowsing is still a wonderful way to get in touch with your spiritual side. These devices have been used throughout history by many different cultures to get simplified answers to burning questions. Pendulum dowsing is a cheap and effective way to get into the practice of divination.

What Is Pendulum Dowsing

Learning pendulum dowsing the is one of the simpler practices of divination. That is why this method is great for beginners to start with before moving on to more advanced practices. So how does a pendulum work when asking questions? Pendulum dowsing is typically a crystal, gemstone, rock that is hung from a chain or a string or some sort. When you ask a question to your tool, it will begin moving in a certain direction. The direction of the movement will give you an answer of yes, no, or maybe based on what you asked it. Does the pendulum tell the truth? Yes and this can be verified when you program your crystal by asking it questions you know the answer to.

How To Pick A Pendulum

The first step to finding the right pendulum for you, is to pick a crystal that you feel most strongly associated with. This can be your birthstone, or any crystal that brings you power and energy as well as fitting into your personal dowsing needs. A good approach to finding the right material is to understand what some of the most common crystals chosen for pendulums vibrate with. The three most commonly used crystals for pendulums are Amethyst, Clear quartz, and Rose quartz. These pendulums are linked below if you are interested in purchasing.

Amethyst Pendulum:

This is a strong protective crystal that vibrates very high on a spiritual level. It is thought to protect against psychic attacks and turns negative vibes into loving ones. This is a strong healer and cleanser that elevates spirituality.

Clear Quartz Pendulum:

This is a good crystal in general as it works to absorb energy. It stores, processes and controls vibrational energy as well. Helping the user to reach their highest vibration.

Rose Quartz:

This stone vibrates and attract love and peace. It is associated with the heart chakra and promotes empathy and receptiveness.

how to use a pendulum

How To Cleanse The Pendulum

After you have chosen the right pendulum for you, the next step is to cleanse it of any past energies contained in the stone. You can do this by cleansing your device the same way you would other crystals.

  • You can leave it out overnight to charge in the moonlight
  • Smudge the pendulum
  • Cleanse in cold or hot water
  • Leave it out to charge in the sunlight

After letting the pendulum purify you can then start to use it.

Getting To Know Your Pendulum Before Use

Before you can start to use your newly cleansed tool, you must first build a relationship with it. This is how you learn the language of your pendulum. You need to know which way she will swing for yes no and maybe etc. To do this you will need to ask the pendulum a few tuning questions.

#1 Begin by introducing yourself to the pendulum and telling it your name.

#2 Ask it for guidance and help. This can be done in the way of a prayer to your higher self or spirit guides. Keep it simple.

#3 Program by asking it to show you what way does the pendulum swing for yes, no, and maybe. You do this by asking the pendulum to show you yes and wait to see what direction it moves. Do the same for no and maybe, and make sure to write down the results so you remember what the movements mean. There is another method for programming and this relies on asking the pendulum questions. Such as am I a female or male and wait to see how it swings. You can then ask more questions you know the answers to while taking notes on the responses you get. Only ask questions you can get clear answers to. Other movements made by the pendulum during these questions can be considered maybe if you don’t get a definite answer.

How Do You Use A Pendulum For The First Time?

#1 Pick up your device and hold the chain loosely between your pointer finger and thumb.

#2 Think up a question you want to ask that will derive a clear yes or no answer. Remember you can ask anything you need help with weather it be what should I order for dinner or where did I place this missing item. This can be simple questions or larger spiritual ideals.

#3 Get your answer

How To Use A Pendulum Safely

Just like any other metaphysical tool you can also use the pendulum incorrectly without knowing your doing so. Be careful of using it in these ways specifically:

#1 When you feel unstable or not you are not vibrating very high weather it be emotionally or physically. This can cause your device to give you inaccurate responses.

#2 Don t use your pendulum in place of a doctor.

#3 Only use on yourself unless you have permission to learn how to use a pendulum for others.

#4 Keep an open mind. If you think you already know the answer to a question asked your reading will not be accurate.

#5 Don’t rely on the pendulum as a cure all for every decision you need to make.

In Conclusion…

Pendulum dowsing is not for everyone, but it can be a wonderful way to gain insights for those out there willing to give it a try. Bond with your pendulum and go into each question with an open mind as this will yield the more pure results. Remember to have fun as you learn about and bond with your pendulum, this is only the beginning of multiple methods to practice divination you can get involved with.

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