How To Start Your Spiritual Journey

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How To Start Your Spiritual Journey

By Amber Rose

how to start your spiritual journey

When learning about how to start your spiritual journey, you will notice a shift in your views and a new understanding of reality. It’s a path toward greater knowledge and higher consciousness. You’ll learn to heal yourself from the grief you’re carrying, as well as social traditions and “conventional thinking.” You will eventually begin to comprehend the mysteries of life as you progress from being unconscious to being a capable, conscious, compassionate, holistic, and fully functional person.

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What is a spiritual journey?

A spiritual journey is a seven-stage transformative process that takes us through our spiritual growth. Our route is pre-programmed in our expanding minds, hearts, and energy systems. It’s an essential part of our desire to be alive – to live completely and grow, to expand in meaningful ways and to make a positive impact on the world. A spiritual journey exposes our complete potential as human beings. The spiritual path essentially leads us from despair, detachment, and limitation to love, connection, and advancement.

Going on a spiritual journey

The majority of people believe that spirituality is an ego-driven path chosen by an individual. In reality, the spiritual journey is a quest for greater understanding of life’s meanings. Our entire life, from a philosophical standpoint, is a spiritual journey. Our spiritual path is made up of all of our experiences, things we learn, people we encounter, our hurts, passions, joys, and pain.

Even if you do not take a spiritual path, the journey of life will teach your soul important things. Our starting and ending points are never identical. Even though it is only a small transformation for a soul in one lifetime, our soul goes through a metamorphosis process between life and death. A soul’s condition will gradually improve over the course of multiple births. Finally, before joining with the Higher Power, every soul fully awakens and attains enlightenment in one final birth.

Here are the signals that you’re being asked to embark on a spiritual awakening journey:

-You’re feeling a little lost in life.
-You yearn for a location to call your “real home.”
-You’re always trying to figure out what your meaning or purpose is.
-You have the impression that you have a significant task ahead of you (which is yet to be revealed)
-You have the feeling that there is a lot more to life than meets the eye.
-Strange synchronicities, signs, and omens are happening to you.
-You’re discarding your old self and transforming, yet you’re still unsure of who you are.
-There’s a sensation of longing and melancholy for something you can’t place.
-You have periods of sadness, depression, and existential crises.

how to begin your spiritual journey

How to start your spiritual journey:

1. Awareness:

Something awakens us from a state of lack of self-awareness, and we realize we have options. We’re following the mob, but we’re beginning to wake up. New possibilities are emerging as the mind becomes more active.

2. Relinquishment (Getting Free):

We now see the opportunity to break free from the herd and leap over the barrier into freedom. It takes courage to do something like this. To open up to more individual opportunities, we must forego the imagined safety of the multitude. Fear begins to lose its grip as we prepare to take command.

3. Taking Back Our Power:

Now things start to get interesting. As we assert our right to live the life we were born to live, we get our first taste of liberty. As we explore new possibilities, our minds are expanding even further. We are currently enjoying the advantages of independence. When people are no longer part of the herd, they typically do things that are out of character for them. They may begin to dress differently, travel, change jobs, pursue new interests, and alter their behavior.

4. Celebrating Our Greatness:

Learning about freedom leads to a greater understanding of ourselves. This is when individuals start to do soul searching and realize that the truth is found inside us, in the strength of our hearts and souls. It’s the period when we cross the gap between the physical plane’s limitations and the spiritual plane’s expansiveness. We’re getting ready to undertake the ultimate paradigm shift into a new way of being in the world, but we have no idea where we’ll end up.

5. Demonstrating Our Identity (Uniqueness):

As we accept ourselves as spiritual beings, we ascend to a new dimension, the spiritual plane. We are now directed by the truth that we feel in our emotions. This piques our interest in expressing our inner purpose and sharing our brilliance with the rest of the planet.

6. Mastering Our Thinking and Ways of Being on the Spiritual Plane:

As part of our integration of this creative reality, we must master our thinking and ways of being on the spiritual plane. We understand how our activities can have a good impact on a bigger number of individuals now that we are more aware of the big picture.

7. Higher consciousness:

At this point, we are completely effective as producers of the life we were born to live. We are acutely aware that we create with our brains and hearts from the inside out. We understand how manifestation works and how our ideas and feelings influence the outcomes we experience in our lives. We’re learning to live in accordance with the laws of the universe and receiving the benefits of our efforts.

how to start your spiritual awakening journey

Additional Thoughts on the Stages of Spiritual Growth

The first two stages of our spiritual growth, awareness and relinquishment might be considered preparatory. When we complete the second activation and break free from the grip of the herd, our personal change truly begins. At this point, we understand the need of thinking for ourselves and letting go of others who wish to control our lives. Having the fortitude to break free from these shackles gives us the impetus we need to make the ultimate paradigm change. Then we’ll be able to move forward and create the lives we were born to experience.

How To Start Your Spiritual Journey Final Thoughts…

A spiritual road is not a straight shot up a mountain. Rather, it is strewn throughout a variety of valleys, with ups and downs. The path’s natural ascents and descents are what make the journey challenging and one-of-a-kind. You’re likely to get lost in the center not once, but several times. Don’t be discouraged by these annoyances. You might even lose track of your way and begin climbing the mountain. To get to the finish of the voyage, you may need to use every ounce of willpower, devotion, and perseverance you have. For novices, getting adequate direction is always beneficial in making the spiritual path easier and smoother.

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