How To Set Up An Altar: Authentic Wiccan Altar Set Up

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How To Set Up An Altar: Authentic Wiccan Altar Set Up

By Amber Rose

how to set up an altar for spirit guides

Learn how to set up an altar for witchcraft and spiritual practices!

What Is The Purpose Of An Altar?

A spiritual altar is set up to give practitioners of the craft a dedicated space to channel magical intentions and re-ground energy. Altars can be set up anywhere, but are most often in a witches home either inside or outdoors. Now, lets get into how to set up an altar and the things you will need.

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Where Is The Best Place To Put An Altar

This is the first step after deciding to want to set up an altar.

Start, by thinking about where in your home is most quiet and where you have the most privacy? Spare bedrooms work well if you have the room. A basement area would work. If you are short on square feet you can set up in a closet or even in the kitchen if that is your sacred area. For people that have land or a backyard you can think about going outdoors. Where-ever you decide to keep your altar is fine as long as it wont be disturbed by anyone else. The main idea here is that you establish the altar in an area you deem spiritual and sanctified.

How To Prepare Your Altar Space

After choosing an area in your home to keep the altar, you must cleanse the space.

Sweep up, mop whatever needs to done. Once you are done cleaning, smudge the room using either incense, palo santo or sage.

Smudging is crucial because the smoke it creates cleanses the area of negative energy and raises the vibrations around it. Even if you don’t think there is a need to do this you must, as everyone has energy cords that get attached to their living areas. Energy cords are formed in response to interactions and through daily experiences. This putrid energy is collected and will eventually make its way into spiritual workings lowering the vibrations if not smudged beforehand.

What Do You Put On An Altar

Items kept on top of the altar can be anything you feel most spiritually attached to. With that being said, let’s first look at the basic materials that are included in a Classic Wiccan altar set up…

  • Athame
  • Bell – That you can ring to tune the vibrations
  • Candles – (you will need a candle to represent each element. The candle color should also correspond with that element.)
    *Earth – green candle – represents being grounded, feminine energy, and security
    *Air – candle can be white or purple – represents wisdom, intellect, and masculine energy.
    *Fire – red candle – represents sexuality, imagination, and strength.
    *Water – blue candle – represents healing, purification, and intuition.
  • Candle Snuffer
  • Censer
  • Chalice
  • Crystals
  • Glass of water
  • Hourglass
  • Pentacle or Pentagram
  • Salt
  • Statues or candles representing God & Goddess
  • Wand

How To Set Up An Altar

spiritual altar set up

Other Items You Can Include On An Altar:

How To Consecrate An Altar

Once the altar is set up, you will want to perform a consecration rite before you actually start to use your new altar. To consecrate the altar you will need 5 items: a bowl, water, match, lighter and salt.

#1 Start by setting the bowl of water down in front of the altar.

#2 Kneel before the bowl and light the match, then dip it in the water to extinguish the fire.

#3 Sprinkle some the water over your altar as you recite this prayer to the gods:

By the moon, stars and sun. By the god, goddess and ancestral guides. Blessed be this altar and all here on. Good for all and harm to none. Blessed be.

#4 When you have finished the rite, dispose of the remaining water.

Your altar is now set up and ready for use!

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