How To Remove A Curse With Salt: 3 Ways To Clear Your Energetic Field

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How To Remove A Curse With Salt: 3 Ways To Clear Your Energetic Field

By Amber Rose

how to remove a curse with salt

Salt is a highly valued additive in witchcraft because it contains magical purification and protection properties. Because of this salt is used in spellwork and rituals by countless different traditions worldwide. If you need to remove a curse salt is a great vehicle for doing this. Curse’s and hexes are considered to be “base magic.” This means with basic witchcraft knowledge you can very easily break the curse. Curses are also very easy to place on others if you have negative intentions in mind. Making how to remove a curse with salt a required skill set for any magical practitioner. Today curses are not as relevant as they once were, but they still do happen occasionally.

There are various approaches to place a curse or hex upon someone. If you feel you have had a curse placed upon you, the warning signs include night terrors, health issues, legal issues, loss of sleep, no energy, missing items, loss of focus, and relationship issues. To curse someone or place a hex on them means to focus negative energy on that person. It is important to note that it is also possible to curse yourself with your own negative attitude. Whatever the source of the curse may be, the methods we are going to learn for how to remove a curse with salt today still apply.

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How To Remove A Curse With Salt

If you are feeling any of the above-mentioned effects of a curse, you need to rid yourself of it immediately. There are multiple variations to get rid of a curse or hex, but today we will be going over salt remedies. Below are a few common ways how to remove a curse with salt.

#1 How To Remove A Curse With Salt: Take A Ritual Bath

Ritual baths are probably one of the most effective ways to clear yourself of any type of negative energy. Adding the magical protection properties of salt to your bath will only make it more potent. For this method, Epsom salt is what most magical practitioners use. Epsom salt has been used throughout history for its healing and pain-relieving properties. You may also use sea salt if you prefer in this protection ritual.

1: Take a shower and wash off your body. While you are doing this get into a focused meditative state in preparation for your bath.

2: Fill up your tube with hot water.

3: Add 2 cups of your choice salt (Epsom or Sea) and mix it into your bath water.

4: Get your rosemary essential oil and add 10 droplets to your bathwater.

5: Add 2-3 chamomile tea bags to your bath.

6: Now get into the tub and visualize all the negative energy leaving your body.

7: State your intentions and being to visualize the hex disbursing from you and the negative side effects washing away.

8: When your bath water starts to cool off, release the water. Take a bit of the leftover salt to toss over your left shoulder. As you get out of the bath let your body air dry. If you feel that the curse placed upon you was extra potent repeat this process over the next 2 days.

#2 How To Remove A Curse With Salt: Lemon Aura Cleanse

Lemons make a wonderful cleansing operative. They also contain magical properties associated with happiness, and joy as well as a large amount of solar energy! Things you desire when feeling the negative energies of a curse. This makes lemons an ideal choice for breaking a curse. It is also believed that if you use a lemon to break a curse you can guarantee it will work! Below is the recipe for curse removal by way of lemon and sea salt.

1: Grab a lemon and cut it in half.

2: Dip the cut sides of your lemon into sea salt.

3: Pick up half of your lemon and hover it methodically around your entire body. Keeping the lemon about an inch away from your body as you trace yourself. While you do this visualize the lemon salt combo grabbing the negative energy right out of your body. You can use the other half if you wish and repeat this process once more for extra measure.

4: After tracing out your energetic field around the body, put the lemon remains on your altar.

5: Keep an eye on the lemon in the days to come. If your lemon dries up, it means the curse was removed! Sprinkle some extra sea salt on your dry lemon before you take it to compost. If the lemon starts to mold, it means the curse removal did not work and you should repeat this practice over using a new lemon with salt.

how to remove a curse with salt

#3 How To Remove A Curse With Salt: Form A Safety Enclosure

If you feel the curse was not placed on you directly but on an area, you inhabit such as your home or work, you can create a safety enclosure out of salt. Before you actually salt these areas you should first check the property for any items you feel are empowering the curse. If you do happen to find something take your salt and sprinkle some upon it before getting rid of the item.

1: Open the windows.

2: Clean the floors of the property.

3: Now mop the cleaned floors with a mixture of salt and water.

*If you cant mop, you can encase the property in a circle of salt. While you are doing this anoint the property by stating your intentions. Keep in mind salting the ground is not advised as it can have adverse effects on nature.

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