How To Put A Love Spell On Someone: 4 Methods


How To Put A Love Spell On Someone: 4 Methods

By Amber Rose

how to put a love spell on someone

In this article, we’ll discuss how to put a love spell on someone, and how to use love spell witchcraft for various scenarios, so that everyone who reads our site can discover a good ritual to suit their individual fate-altering demands. We’ll also discuss what prevents people from casting effective spells and what improves a caster’s magical talents. Almost everyone possesses at least some basic magical talents. When they aren’t used for a long time, though, they don’t grow, so most people never learn what a good intuition is or how focused ideas might bring about change.

Although we refer to make how to put a love spell on someone as a simple spell, keep in mind that nothing in magic is ever simple. Just keep in mind that you can only employ the spells detailed here on yourself. You should not meddle in other people’s life just because you lack the authority to do so. Because you alone answer to yourself, your fate, and your karma, and only report to Higher Powers, you can use magic to aid only one person: yourself.

Love spells that fail or make mistakes have a number of drawbacks, some of which can be felt by the caster. As a result, love magic should not be performed by someone who is unprepared or ignorant. Before casting any spell conduct thorough research and preparation. Avoid backfires, karma, failure, or manifesting unfavorable outcomes.

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#1 Simple Love Spell

In a big pot, combine three large cinnamon sticks, a bunch of fresh basil, seven cooking cloves, and six glasses of water. Bring the water to a boil in the pot on the stove. Drain the herbs and fill your bath with water. Add three pansies, a daisy, and the petals of a pink flower.

(Note: Carefully select your flower to avoid allergic reactions, oil-related problems, and so on.) Immerse yourself in the loving energy that surrounds you. Consider changing the color of your aura to a passionate, loving crimson. Start on a Friday, the day of love, and repeat the spell for three days in a row.

#2 How to put a love spell on someone – to make them fall madly in love with you!

To cast a love spell on a man, go for a three-hour walk in any direction. You have the option of walking quickly or slowly. The secret is to not take a break for more than three hours. In three hours, go to the first supermarket you come across and buy five apples that you believe are the best-looking. Make sure each apple is individually wrapped in paper so they don’t touch. Exit the store and return home on foot. If you grow fatigued and come across a bench, you can stop walking and rest for a time. Even if you’re hungry, you shouldn’t eat; however, you can sip some water.

Unpack the apples and place them on your bedroom’s windowsill. Your bedroom should, ideally, face the sun. Allow the apples to warm up in the sun before using. Even if the apples are cold, the spell will still work, but the result will be less than ideal.

Remove your clothing and begin rolling the first apple over your nude body. The apple should rest on your brow, neck, chest, and the middle and lower portions of your stomach. Speak the following incantation while rolling the apple:

“You (the man’s name) are staring at me, but you don’t see me.” You’re looking for love, but you’re not paying attention to me. You (the guy’s name) are fantasizing about having fantastic sex, but you don’t realize you won’t be able to find someone better than me. I (your name) could wait, I (your name) could dream, but I (your name) woke up in the morning, bought some ripe apples, and transformed one of them into a magical key.

This will free your mind to consider me. It will allow you to love me again. This will open your stomach and flood it with me-related dreams. It will cause your loin to desire me. This isn’t only a key. It’s an enchanted key. May the forces of the Earth and Sky work in my favor. May Love serve as my guide. As soon as your lips touch this apple, I’m enticing you (the guy’s name) to transform and fall in love with me. This magic was cast by me. May this spell be successful. “May no one be able to undo this spell.”

Keep in mind that the more times you perform this love spell and the longer you roll the apple over your body, the more energy it absorbs, transforming into a program that makes the guy fall in love with you. Get dressed and go to the guy’s residence once you’ve completed the process. You must give him this apple right away because he has until midnight to consume it.

Repeat the ritual the next day. It should be done five times in a row. You’ll give some of your love to the guy with these apples, helping him to fall in love with you. His affection for you, on the other hand, will not last and will wane within a year. But don’t be concerned. In general, starter spells, do not last. When you perform spells at home, you should be aware that they may either wear off quickly or require re-casting on a frequent basis to maintain your connection strong, assuming you are able to successfully cast the love spell a second time. When it comes to magic, nothing is guaranteed. If the spell doesn’t work, try performing it again or try a new love spell.

love spell witchcraft

# 3 How To Put A Love Spell On Someone Using A Piece Of Their Clothing

A personal item of some type or an image of the person is required in many love charms. Anything from the person you want to cast a love spell on can be used as a personal touch in any love spell.

Spell Ingredients

1 piece of clothing belonging to your partner

1 item of clothing belonging to you

3 feet of red or white ribbon, yarn, or string (or twine will work)

1 candle (red or pink)

1 teaspoon of salt

Love Spell Instructions:

This spell must be cast in a location where it will not be interfered with if it is left behind. Many people choose to perform the ritual on their altar, which is usually a secluded space separate from the rest of the world.

You’ll need to light the red candle after you’ve found a suitable casting place. Chant the phrases while holding the clothing articles in your hands.

“In order to demonstrate a spiritual relationship, I bind thy apparel to thy clothing. May the colors of our attire and the colors of our spirits blend throughout time.”

While tying them together with the string or twine, you might want to repeat this chant a few times. After you’ve used all three feet of string, knot it off so that the clothing articles are securely joined together, and lay it in front of you on the altar or somewhere safe. Draw a circle around the bound clothing articles with the cup of salt and chant the words “This unity begins with our clothes, but reaches the deepest layers of our souls.”

It’s a good idea to close your eyes and imagine the relationship intertwining, merging, and permanently mixing together for a few moments. Visualize your relationship in the way you want it to be. Some people prefer to put their hands on the clothing items that are linked together and press them down onto the surface on which they are resting.

After a sufficient amount of time has passed, open your eyes and chant “thus mote it be” before blowing out the flame. Keep the ring of salt around the bound clothing articles in place until the spell has worked its magic and you’re happy with the outcome. If you cast the magic during a full moon or waxing moon phase, it will be more powerful. This spell will not work if you cast it during a declining moon phase.

#4 Love Spell Jar

Spell Ingredients:

a piece of paper and a writing instrument
a lidded jar or container
A photograph of your favorite flower would suffice.
A perfume that evokes feelings of love – Cinnamon or roses, in the form of essential oil or the physical item, work well here.
Depending on what you’re trying to attract, use a pink or red candle.
Your favorite fragrance candle or incense

Love Spell Jar Instructions:

#1 Set the tone for your spell by burning candles, lowering the lights, or doing whatever it takes to get into the right mentality. I recommend lighting candles or incense that provide a sense of warmth to your chest for this spell. Everyone’s experience will be unique, and that’s fine. This is all about putting you in the right frame of mind.

#2 Cleanse your surroundings if necessary. If it’s a shared space in your home, such as a bedroom or living room, this is very crucial. This may not be as crucial if you have a permanent altar location that only you have access to.

#3 Cast a circle in your favorite way if your witchcraft requires it.

love spells

#4 Take a piece of paper and a pen, and write down the type of love you’d like to attract. You can be as personal and descriptive as you like with your notes. However, I advise against writing down a specific person’s name — not because of the Wiccan Rede or the Threefold Law, but because how would you know if their love is sincere if your spell succeeds and they come to you?

# 5In the center of the paper, arrange the items that remind you of love. Drop or spray the page with oils or scents if you have them. You don’t want the smell to be overbearing, so don’t use too much.

#6 Then, in the middle of the paper, add your favorite flower – or a picture of your favorite flower. We use flowers in this charm because they are a universal symbol of love and attraction.

#7 Focus on what you wish to attract into your life while lighting the pink or red candle. Consider it carefully. What exactly are you looking for? What type of person would you like to have in your life? Or, put another way, what type of person do you want to be?

#8 Roll up the paper and state the following: Part the water and illuminate my path, true love will come to stay, a flower for love and scent for lust.”

#9 To seal the rolled-up paper into form, drip candle wax over it. As you do so, feel the warmth from the flame and the tranquil energy come over you and your area as you say the following. “My heart is warmed by the warmth of love and serenity emanating from the flame.”

#10 Close the jar and place the paper inside. We keep our ingredients safe from the surplus energy of our daily lives by sealing them inside.

#11 To add a loving sealant to the spell jar, let the candle wax drip over the lid. As you do so, say the following. “Bring me love and joy, sealed with a warm wax kiss.”

#12 When you’re done with your jar, close your eyes and hold it between your palms. Concentrate on your goals. See it in your head and open your heart to the possibilities of love and happiness that the Universe has to offer you.

#13 To soak in the warmth of the sun and the tranquility of the moon, place the jar on a windowsill or anyplace where the sun and moon may shine on it.

#14 If at all possible, let the pink or red candle burn out. If not, burn it as much as you can over the next few days to get rid of it.

#15 Every Friday, focus on your intentions while meditating with your magic jar. Fill the spell with your loving energy and let it serve as a beacon for whatever you want to attract, like a guiding star in the night sky.

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