How To Protect Yourself From Negative Energy Of Others, Using Witchcraft!

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How To Protect Yourself From Negative Energy Of Others, Using Witchcraft!

By Amber Rose

how to protect yourself from negative energy of others

How can you protect yourself from others negativity?

Learning how to protect yourself from negative energy of others, is a needed tactic on the earthly plane. I’m aware that one of the most typical issues people face is figuring out how to deal with sensing negative energy from someone. When a person is giving you the silent treatment, stonewalling, brooding, pouting, indignation, hatefulness, harmful consequences, or other negative energetic expressions. Have you ever experienced how some folk’s energy can be felt as soon as they walk into a room? Others make us feel tense and on edge, while some individuals have a peaceful, soothing vibe. This post deals with the issue. Using occult, metaphysical and spiritual actions to protect yourself from absorbing the energy of others around you. The article includes witchy tactics you can start using to protect yourself and maintain your energy levels.

Why do I absorb other people’s energy?

If you are wondering why do I absorb Peoples energy? There is an answer. Anytime you come into contact with another individual there is an exchange of energy. Whether it’s in the morning commute or across the boardroom table. There is your energy and there is the energy of the other person. The energies collide at some point in space. Even though you can’t see it on a visual level, there is a vibrational dance taking place, with the strongest energy taking the lead. This means that if you are not grounded in your energy field, it may be penetrated and impacted by the energy of an acquaintance, lover, kid, friend, family, or even a stranger. So, even if you’re having a wonderful day, if you happen to encounter someone who’s having a poor day, your good day will most certainly turn negative due to their overpowering energy.

All of this occurs without your knowledge, but what if you applied a greater level of consciousness to all of your interactions and relationships? What if you could be in charge of your energy and not be influenced by other people’s negative energy? What impact could this have on your quality of life? And what about the stability of your intimate relations?

If you want to preserve your inner energy, you must first understand that it is the most precious asset you have. In other words, your greatest source of power and attraction is how you feel on any particular day. You are more linked to your power and ability to intentionally create if you feel happy. If you’re feeling sad, you’re probably disconnected from your energy and unintentionally creating more of what you don’t want. When we allow other people’s negative or incongruent energies to affect our energy, we relinquish our power and decrease our vibration to a point where we can no longer actively create. This signifies that it’s all about you and your inner energy, how you feel inside. It is critical to make “how you feel” the most essential element of the day and to not give up your energy to any energy vampires in the world.

But, what are the signs of negative energy in a person and how do you protect yourself?

12 signs of negative energy in a person

#1 Someone who is easily upset.

#2 They don’t show a lot of joy.

#3 Very judgmental.

#4 They whine about everything.

#5 Always have bad luck.

#6 Prone to accidents.

#7 Sickly.

#8 With each encounter, they wear you down.

#9 Possibly a hoarder.

#10 People can sense low vibrational energy when around this person.

#11 No good relationships with family or friends.

#12 Not good with animals and kids don’t like them.

blocking negative energy quotes

“I don’t think I’m better than anyone, I just don’t want certain energies around me.”

How To Protect Your Energy From Others As A Witch?

How can I increase positive energy in my body?

Any witch must have personal protection. You simply need a rudimentary capacity to sense and manipulate energy to conduct any of the procedures listed.

You can safeguard yourself in four ways:


Making a protective shield can defend you by establishing an energy barrier around your entire body. In essence, an energy barrier acts as a second coat, protecting you from any magical effects or hazards you may encounter as you go about your normal activities.
You may combat bad energies and other things that can infiltrate your energy field, such as spiritual vampires that suck other people’s energy, with some simple psychic self-defense tactics. Shielding is a good complement to meditation, Reiki, chakra restoration, and other energy activities. When you cast magick without casting a circle of protection, you’ll need personal shields. If you feel that negativity is being directed at you, you can use a personal shield. This occurs when you get the following feelings: Loss of energy, Despair, A shift in your mindset, or Uncomfortable sensation.

Spend some time detecting your own energy and pushing it in one path then another to start shielding. Concentrate on how it feels and what you see. Begin forcing your energy to extend across your body once you’ve become familiar with it. Consider this energy to be a protective shield. Maintain this strong energy armor and push back against external pressures as needed. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time. This will take some time to master, but it will be well worth it.


How do I block my energy from others? Blocking is related to shielding, but it is carried out literally. Maneuver so that you are separated from the negative energy by a physical barrier such as a chair, desk, or even a wall. This will permit you to flee or make the next two stages, charging and returning, much easier. Physical goods like stones and candles can be strengthened with the goal of creating barriers between you and outside forces or bad energy.


Charging entails focusing on momentarily raising your energy level in order to deflect bad energy away from your body.
Commanding your energy is essential for metaphysical self-defense.
Use a shielding talisman, which is a physical item that is enchanted expressly to protect the possessor, while you’re working to master your shield. To keep amulets functional, they must be charged on a regular basis. Pair charging with a positive affirmation or incantation to improve your control or reaffirm your beliefs.

Absorbing or Returning

How do I redirect negative energy? You can redirect negative energy in form of any spells, curses, or hexes that come your way by reversing. This form of sorcery works well with mirrors. Many people are hesitant to work with reversing magick. Instead of returning energy, you can trap it into an object. Using sympathetic things like poppets is a safe technique to absorb rather than return. You can make a doll or a poppet to protect yourself from harmful energy. You can take the magic pouch with you wherever you go. While this isn’t the be-all and end-all of protection magick, it’s plenty to get you started on some quick and easy protection rituals.

How can I increase positive energy in my body?

how do i redirect negative energy

So, how can a person’s will for positive energy, lead to energy manipulation and increase the positive energy in one’s body?

Your emotion, thoughts, and spoken words are manifestations and representations of the same energy that pervades every molecule in the cosmos. There is no such thing as a place that is lacking energy. When you communicate a thought, a passion, a desire, or a prayer, you are releasing its energy into the ‘world.’ Things will start to happen if your energy is projected strongly enough. So think positively about what you want, which is good energy.

Aside from the positive thinking and manifestation aspects, you can also try to:

-Lessen your daily stresses

-Take some time off work

-Get out and exercise

-Quit smoking

-Spend less time sleeping – this may sound counter-intuitive, but the more time you spend in bed leads to depression. We also require less sleep than what is typically recommended.

-Eat more protein and foods with a low glycemic index. Foods like whole grains, nuts, veggies high in fiber, and olive oil.

-Drink less

-Drink more water

Symptoms of negative energy at home

#1 You owe money to someone. Stagnant prosperity is the first clue that something is interfering with your ability to expand.

#2 You are constantly exhausted. You lack the urge to go to work even after a good night’s sleep.

#3 You are continuously stressed. A minor trigger can send you into a panic attack. You lose faith in yourself and find it difficult to carry on with your daily routine.

#4 Your immune system is weakened. You seem to get sick a lot.

#5 You are unable to communicate with others in a healthy manner. The majority of your talks take the form of a debate. You have the impression that no one understands you.

#6 You have bizarre nightmares in which you and your family members are involved. This is simply your subconscious mind’s attempt to warn you about the negativity in your environment.

#7 Unknowingly losing items. Regardless of how well organized you are, you have trouble finding your belongings.

How to stop negative energy from entering your home

If you want to stop negative energy from entering your home, pick up some sage. Sage cleansing comprises of lighting the sage, then going room to room, letting the smoke cleanse the space of any negativity. Make the sage cleansing a part of your daily routine, and you’ll have a simple and efficient technique to cleanse any lower-vibrational energy from your home environment.

Feng Shui negative energy protection

There are other methods, such as Feng Shui, the historical art of establishing balance and harmony in a home, that you can apply when wanting to know how to protect yourself from negative energy of others when seeking how to cleanse your house. Feng Shui, which has been practiced by eastern cultures for thousands of years, is another powerful technique to conduct daily spiritual purification in your area. You may eliminate bad energy by optimizing the energetic flow of your environment by employing the fundamentals of Feng Shui in each room of your home.

Bedroom Feng Shui

We propose removing the energy of your bed, especially the mattress, for successful spiritual purification in the bedroom. It’s a good idea to replace the mattress you shared with any ex-partner since this is thought to help you move on from the memories associated with it. However, due to the high cost of mattresses, not everyone will be able to replace theirs after a split. Another approach is to cleanse your bed with an energetic cleansing ritual. To begin, open your room’s windows as wide as possible to let in as much light as feasible. Then remove the covers off your bed and scatter a few dozen white rose petals across the naked mattress.

Place a container filled with equal parts salt and water on the floor in each corner of the bed. Allow the spirit of the saltwater jars and roses to purify and raise the mattress and bedroom by leaving them in place all day. Sage the space to burn away any old energy as the final stage. Regardless of your present relationship status, this energy cleaning technique is beneficial to use at any time in your life. Promote open and clear energy in the bedroom with light-colored bedding for spiritual cleaning with Feng Shui. Also, by leaving adequate room surrounding your bed and not placing it flush against the wall, you may maintain a good energy flow in this area.

Living Room Feng Shui

Another way to get rid of bad energy in your home and how to protect yourself from negative energy of others, is to make sure your living room has the right amount of good energy flowing through it. This can be accomplished by ensuring a well-balanced layout. Make sure your furniture faces the room’s entryway to keep the pleasant energy flowing. Place a huge chunk of Shungite on your entertainment center to absorb and neutralize hazardous electromagnetic radiation emitted by a television set or other electronic devices. This crystal, one of the oldest in the mineral kingdom, is ideal for absorbing and eliminating damaging EMFs from electronic gadgets. With its natural, rustic appeal, it also lends a touch of modern style to the area.

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