How to Manifest Money: Using The 3,6,9 Method


How to Manifest Money: Using The 3,6,9 Method

By Amber Rose

how to manifest money

Manifest: To show something clearly through signs or actions.

How to manifest money into your life…

Have you ever desired something so bad? Thinking about it night and day. Or thought to yourself, how do I ask the universe for money? Well did you know the more you focus on something, the easier it will be to draw that desire into your life?

It is that easy and although, everyone would love to accumulate more abundance of wealth into their lives. Most people do not have a good relationship with money. Not everyone knows financial freedom starts in the mind. Many people have limiting beliefs holding them back from manifesting their financial goals.

how to manifest money

So how can you change your belief system to stop holding yourself back and start welcoming abundance into your life? By using the law of attraction, the principle of how to manifest money, and by using affirmations. Every human on this earth has the ability to manifest their desires, whatever they may be. This energy lies within all of us even though are not traditionally taught about it.

So how do you actually manifest money? The first thing we need to remind ourselves is that money manifestation is that it is all about energy. Money is energy just like every other thing that comprises our physical realm. So, to manifest money, you need to offer enough energy to match the abundance, you are wishing to channel into your life.

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The Law of Attraction

“The law of attraction is the attractive, magnetic power of the universe that manifests through everyone and everything. It is part of the creative power of the universe. Even the law of gravity is part of the law of attraction. This law attracts thoughts, ideas, people, situations, circumstances, and the things you think about.” –

The law of attraction informs us, the frequencies we are vibrating at will match the vibrations we receive from the universe. Our feelings and thoughts, just like everything else, have energy attached to it. The energy we send into the universe is what determines the types of experiences we have throughout our lives. This is how the law of attraction works. The universe will grant you what deserve based on the energy and the vibes you emit. If you understand how to work with this universal law, then you can start using the law of attraction to your advantage and manifest money or any other type of abundance you desire.

how to manifest money

The main way you will learn how to manifest money is by becoming more welcoming of wealth, using the law of attraction.

Every second of the day we are emitting vibrations. The energy from these vibrations will either help you to attract or repel the money you wish to manifest.  The universe is always listening to the energy sent out from these vibrations. So, think positive, think about your wants and desires. Do things that will help you manifest these goals. Use daily affirmations reminding you of those goals. When you vibrate on a higher level while manifesting your desire and speaking your affirmations/manta, then you will manifest that wealth much quicker.

Use the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance

The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance states, “You have everything within you right now to make your life a living dream.”

Beliefs are made from energy as stated earlier. When you align these beliefs along with the same energy as wealth, you will draw an abundance of possibilities into your life. If your beliefs are in opposite alignment, then you will vibrate with lack and scarcity. If you are operating on the scarcity vibrations, you will lack possibilities in life and be held back from your wants and desires. To rid yourself of scarcity beliefs you must reassure yourself. Remind yourself that wealth’s energies are abundant and unlimited.  Take a greater belief in life and practice mantras and affirmations daily. When you state these affirmations in alignment with your desires you will manifest faster.

How to manifest money using the 369 method

how to manifest money

The numbers 3, 6, and 9 are sacred numbers that you will see repeatedly throughout life. The 369 method is how to manifest money by writing using the law of attraction to scribe what you desire. Writing your desires down helps bring them into reality. The reason it is called the 369 method is that the numbers indicate the number of times you will write down your desires throughout the day and at what times.

First, you must write down what you want to manifest into your life.

“It takes 17 seconds to grow momentum on a manifestation and 68 seconds to fully set it into motion.” – Abraham Hick’s

With that being said you should write your goal statements out for 17 seconds straight each time. Now you should write these statements 3 times in the am, 6 times at lunch, and 9 times at night. Do this for 21-45 days and take note of the signs you will see. These let you know your manifestation is working and becoming a reality.

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In Conclusion,

Remember, when we understand and place these universal laws into action, we then realize that we are the creators of our destiny. The abundance of energy, desire, and knowledge lies within every single one of us. This is how to manifest money by using the law of attraction to manifest the abundance we are each calling for.

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