How To Make Florida Water: Authentic Recipe and Uses

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How To Make Florida Water: Authentic Recipe and Uses

By Amber Rose

How To make Florida water

Learn how to make Florida water spray to cleanse your home, and for ritual use.

Florida water came about as a light perfume or toilette water during the 19th century in America. The recipe was eventually adopted and popularized by Voodoo and Hoodoo practitioners, who used it for the metaphysical benefits associated with the ingredients.

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So What Is Florida Water Made Of?

Although called “water” the brew is not actually a water-based potion. Instead most people choose to ruminate the flowers, herbs, and essential oils in vodka with little water included. This elixir has a robust earthy, citrus smell combined with mild floral bouquets.

The spiritual potency contained in Florida water is derived from the aromatic botanicals its created with. These ingredients attune with prosperity, compassionate entities and high vibrations wherever the water is incorporated. Florida water basically raises energetic vibrations with anything it comes into contact with. This is why it is so popular when used as a protection agent. It essentially makes the environment incompatible for any negative energy to reside.

Florida Water Uses

This magical concoction can be employed as the foundation of any energy and spiritual workings. Wonderful Florida water can be used in a multitude of different ways… For starters grab an empty cleaning bottle and fill it with Florida water to use as a spiritual soap/disinfectant. When you take a shower or bath, use this water to clear your auric energy field. Next time your cleaning the house add some Florida water to ensure the home has been metaphysical cleansed. It is an ideal tool for anointing objects, spaces etc., as you can easily spray a space before any type of ritual, energy work or divination practices. If you need need to charge and clear any crystals or altar tools you should use this water. In some cases this otherworldly water is also used as an offering to ancestral spirits.

Energy practitioners of all sorts should keep Florida water on hand for its abilities to safeguard you and your space when working. When you administer the Florida water to your body, do so at the top of your head and bottom of your feet. As well as applying on your wrist, temples and the 7 chakra energy centers.

Placing small containers of the water around your home acts as a barrier for low vibrational energy that might want to come inside. Also, when you bring anything into your home, weather it is new or old, give it a couple sprays of your elixir so as not to let any bad energy inside. If you have bad dreams or insomnia, keeping some of this water close to your bed can help to filter low vibrations out of the room.

If you are ever feeling not yourself or low on energy, give your body a rub down with the water. You can also add some to Florida water into laundry detergent and cleanse clothing and bed sheets. Routinely spray every room in your home to help cut energy cords that may be in place.

As you can see the ways in which to incorporate Florida water in day to day life are never ending. So any time you are in need of a good cleansing or boost in your energy, remember to use some of this magical water and experience the metaphysical benefits it will bring. You can buy it online, but in my experience it is much more potent when you create your own.

How To Make Florida Water From Scratch:

There are many different recipes available on how to make Florida water, so today we will go over only the ingredients used in the authentic hoodoo/voodoo recipes. This way you can handcraft your own personalized recipe from verified ingredients to ensure a magically potent batch of spiritually charged water.

Each of the herbs, florals and citrus listed below possess metaphysical properties. When you mix them together with your intent, they will become a highly powerful cleansing and protection potion. Now, lets get into the recipe for Florida water so you can experience the high vibrations they bring today.

Florida Water Ingredients:

2 Cups Vodka – Quality does not matter

1 Mason Jar

1 Saute Pan

A Strainer

*Now pick (2) ingredients from each category listed below. Remember to pick the materials you feel most in-tune with to use in the brew.

Ambrosial Green Herbs:

4 pieces of fresh Basil

4 pieces of fresh Mint

4 pieces fresh Rosemary


3 pieces of fresh or dry Jasmine

3 pieces of dried Lavender

3 pieces of fresh Rose Petals


2 pieces of Lemon Peel

2 pieces of Lime Peel

2 pieces of Orange Peel


1 Allspice Berry

1 Cinnamon Stick

1 portion of Cloves

how to make florida water

Formula For Florida Water:

#1 To start give thanks to your herbs for the magical benefits they will add to this Florida water elixir.

#2 Pour 2 cups of vodka into a saute pan on low heat.

#3 Now separate the dry ingredients and add them to your pot, letting them simmer for 10 minutes.

#3 Add the remaining fresh ingredients and let them brew on low heat for 40 more minutes.

#4 Grab the mason jar and strainer. Place strainer over jar and pour in the freshly brewed water. Keep the lid on when you not actively using.

Your water is now ready for use!

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