How to Make a Sigil For The Beginner Witch!


How to Make a Sigil For The Beginner Witch!

By Amber Rose

how to make a sigil

What are Sigils

A sigil is a drawing/design holding a magical meaning and energy. The word sigil comes from a Latin word meaning seal “sigillum.” In ancient times the phrase “sigil” was representative of a visual symbol calling upon either angels or demons. Such as the book “The Lesser Key of Solomon”, which contained many sigil representations of the princes of hell.

These pictorial symbols were thought to be symbolic of the spirit they wished to invoke energy from, thus giving the person in control of the symbol power over the spirit entity. In modern times creating sigils is a bit different than it used to be. We will go over multiple ways you create sigils based on your own personal intentions rather than calling upon a deity. Setting your desired intention is the most important part of creation. You need to come up a positive affirmation stating what you want from this process.

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How Are they Used

Sigils are symbolic representations of intentions or energy. Once these sigils are “charged” or “activated” they will help to manifest the intentions, words, or energies you intended them for. Created to bring about the desired result after achieving a state of “gnosis”. Our subconscious mind does not speak to us in words but rather pictures. This is why positive affirmations alone do not work. Creating these ancient symbols transforms the intentions that are ingrained with our energies into a symbol. Doing so in a way the subconscious mind can understand. Sigils also need to be representative of what you want and must not include any negative affirmations only positive statements. Be sure to avoid using words like… no, not, never, don’t, aren’t isn’t, etc. There are 5 main types of sigils, which I will list and give a brief overview of…

5 Main Types of Sigils

Intention Sigil

These sigils are often created to help manifest the desired outcome. They work by focusing specified energy into a symbol. The symbol is then activated to align your subconscious, the universe, and spirit entities to manifest your desires for you.

how to make a sigil

Correspondence Sigil

These sigils connect the corresponding energy of one thing in order to have access to that specific thing or its energies. For example creating sigil for an herb you need in ritual but don’t have.

Name Sigil

These are created to connect with a person, place or thing by creating a sigil from the intended name.

Linking Sigil

Created to form a link between one place or thing and the other. Typical uses for these sigils would be like you moved homes and you want to take the energy from the previous space to the new domain.

Combination Sigil

This is when you combine multiple sigils for many differing purposes. Many times this is done by placing them on top of each other and tracing the results. This type of sigil comes in handy when you need more than one energy at a time.

7 Ways How to Make a Sigil

There are multiple ways one can go about creating their own sigils. Ranging from the very complicated to the very simple. I will explain each of the 7 ways detailed below to help you find the right way to start creating sigils for your Chaos Magic practices.

Automatic Writing

To use this method of creating a sigil requires you to have something to write with and paper. You also need to be in a quiet, comfortable setting, enabling you to enter into a trance-like state. Once there, you can connect with higher entities and ask for their help to assist with whatever questions you have. Then the magic starts to happen and your hand will start to freely write. All while the conscious mind has no idea what you are writing down. You are allowing the entity to communicate through you. You would then used one of the ways mentioned earlier to create a sigil.

Magic Square

To use this method requires you to use numerology and something referred to as “Kamea” or the “Magic Square”. It is a box with a grid pattern containing an equal number of squares horizontally and vertically. When you add each column, diagonal square of numbers, or row separately they equal the same number. You then, use numerology to give each letter of the word you want to make into a sigil a corresponding number then draw a symbol by connecting the grid numbers.

how to make a sigil

The Meditation Sigil is very similar to the Automatic Writing Sigil…


A sigil created during meditation or trance.


A sigil created using existing symbols or images expressing the practitioners intention.


This method requires you to use a runic alphabet. You would then incorporate the appropriate runes together to make a sigil.

Witch’s Wheel

To create a witch’s wheel you must place the alphabet into a three layered circle. Once you break down your intention you draw lines from one letter to the next which creates your sigil.

how to make a sigil


This is the most common way of creating sigils. You must first write your intention statement. You will then proceed to remove all vowels. Also, remove any repeating letters. What is left is what you will use to create your sigil. Doing so by connecting versions of these letters into stylized sigils.

In Conclusion…

Sigils are a fun and creative way to practice many types of magic. You can place them around your house for protection, write the sigil on a bay leaf for abundance. Really anywhere or anything can be a good place for your sigil, as long as you can see it. Give it a shot and create your own sigils today. For more information on what to do after you have created your sigil and how to activate it check out our post on Chaos Magic here!

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how to make a sigil

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