How To Do A New Moon Ritual For Manifestation 2021!


How To Do A New Moon Ritual For Manifestation 2021!

By Amber Rose

how to do a new moon ritual

Throughout the year’s ancient cultures have been performing new moon rituals to harness intense metaphysical and emotional energies. Just like everything in the macrocosm, the universe puts off electromagnetic radiation. And the moon is no different. This also means she has effects on us humans. These effects can range from our sleep patterns, and emotional state to our performance in general and much more. This is why farmers from the past would plan planting their crops as well as harvesting around her different phases. For anyone new to witchcraft and wanting to learn how to do a new moon ritual, you came to the right place.

“New moon is a time to create your visions, setting new intentions and goals. It is the time of a new cycle and bringing focus and awareness on positive and loving intentions, raises your frequency and allows you to create what you dream about. Start fresh and positive.”

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How To Do A New Moon Ritual Using New Moon Energies

The new moon is a powerful time period to perform any type of spell work centered around manifestations, new intentions, and personal expansion. With the new moon comes the beginning of a new lunar cycle. The moon then transitions into the waxing stage until it reaches the full stage then goes into the waning period. Cycling through again to the new moon. This cycle proves that the new moon is essentially rebirth and death. Making this a time containing intense metamorphosis energy. With the new moon comes time for us to resonate on what we are releasing from our lives as well as what we wish to manifest. Throughout history, the new moon’s have been a time for covens and solitary witchcraft practitioners to support each other and come together for “new moon circles.”

During a new moon, the best thing you can do to invoke her energy is to complete a new moon ritual. How to do a new moon ritual is the most common question during this moon stage. Today we will go over the basic information you need to create a successful new moon ritual for manifesting your desires.

Examples Of New Moon Intentions

“I am focused and driven to reach my goals”

“I embody Love, I am Love, and spread Love everywhere I go”

“Money comes to me easily and I become more and more comfortable with the thoughts of wealth and abundance”

“I am full of life and I wake up every day with an enormous amount of energy”

“I am grateful for the bond I have with my family”

“I thank the Universe for flourishing my mind with helpful ideas”

“I vibrate higher and higher every day”

How To Do A New Moon Ritual 2021

First, you will have to gather needed supplies and place them on your altar. Collect your journal and something to write with, a glass filled with drinkable water, a candle, protective crystals, sage, and a bundle of dried herbs. Preferably rosemary, cedar, or thyme.

Cleanse Your Ritual Space

Before any ritual, you must cleanse your space. It doesn’t matter if it is an indoor ritual or outdoors. This will purify your area of negative entities and lay a clean slate for the spell work you will be performing. You can cleanse the area with smoke either sage or palo santo, light candles, and or diffuse essential oils as well as placing protective crystals out. As you begin the cleansing ritual ground yourself with deep breaths. Visualize an all-encompassing white light surrounding your area while you meditate on your intentions.

Intentions, Intentions, Intentions…

Before we actually get into the ritual prepare yourself by setting your intentions. With the new moon comes a time of rebirth. It is key to outline the intentions you want to manifest at this stage. This is the perfect time to communicate with the macrocosm and share your desires. You can be reassured that your affirmations and manifestations are now in the gestation stage of conception. They will continue to manifest as you focus on their creation.

Journal everything you wish to manifest at this point in your life. Put the steps into motion by writing down what you want for yourself in all aspects of life. While you compose these intentions, realize how this is making you feel. Hold on to these stimulating feelings you are having. This feeling will help you to associate your intentions whenever you have it later on.

How To Do A New Moon Ritual For Manifestation

Begin by lighting your candle

Go ahead and close your eyes while taking long deep breaths. Placing yourself in a meditative state. Release all the stressors in your life. Ground yourself while becoming fully aware of your surroundings.

Spark your herb bundle

Smudge the soot all around you and your altar. While you are doing this repeat aloud whatever it is you wish to release. Now take your right hand and place it over your heart, while deeply inhaling. Revel in gratitude for the negative energies you have removed. Make sure if you are doing this ritual indoors you have windows open to let negative entities and to allow the smoke vapors to exit.

Take out your journal

Inscribe your affirmations/manifestations. Just like with any affirmations, do not include negative words or phrases only positive statements.

Grab your water filled glass

Hold it near your mouth while you state your affirmations out loud to the water. Visualize your intentions. If it helps to have images printed out around the altar you can do so. Remember the feeling we talked about earlier. Feel and visualize your intention radiating throughout your body as if is already complete.

how to do a new moon ritual

Now drink the water from your glass

While you take the liquid into your self visualize your body consuming your affirmations. Imagine your frequency rising with every realized intention. With this will come the vibrations necessary to receive your desired manifestations. Accept now that your intentions will manifest in unanticipated ways. The universe has heard your intentions and in time they will become reality.

How To Do A New Moon Ritual and Close out the ritual

By again closing your eyes and inhaling deeply multiple times. Feel the gratitude for the universe in all her abundance. Open your eyes. You are now done and the ritual is complete!

In Conclusion…

Remember what the new moon is associated with and that this new moon ritual is mainly for intentions, manifestations, and purification/renewal. Do what feels right to you, feel free to experiment with the ritual and add your own personal touches to it. Do what feels right and you will achieve your desires!

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