How To Construct A Successful Spell For Baby Witches


How To Construct A Successful Spell For Baby Witches

By Amber Rose

how to construct a successful spell

How to construct a successful spell is based on identifying, raising, and directing your energy. A spell is considered to be anything executed with magical intention, such as an incantation. When you create your own spells they are considered to be extra potent because of the energy you put into them during creation. Spells that are the most successful are the ones that culminated with specific intent. Today we will go over evocation, how to raise energy, candle colors & moon phases, as well as the requirements needed for you to learn how to construct a successful spell.

What Is Evocation

How to construct a successful spell first warns the understanding of evocation. Evocation means to generate energy from within and send it out into the external world.

In a circle, energy gathers until it is released. Sending out the energy in one quick batch like this makes it more powerful or more concentrated. Many visualize this as being a blast of high speed, high vibration energy shooting off into the universe. The energy is used for spells of any kind, or situations where the seeker desires to exert their willpower on the universe.

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Types Of Evocations:

Pure energy from self

Techniques for this method of evocation involve both raising and directing energy. Examples include: basic spellwork and enchantments, sigil workings, consecrations, protection magic and most healing techniques.

Energy from another person or being

Techniques involve “borrowing” energy and then directing it. Energy from others is not brought into oneself, just redirected. Examples include most forms of binding, most curses, and complex forms of protection magic.

How To Construct A Successful Spell – Raising Energy

Different techniques work best for different people. Meditation may be used for something solemn while dancing for something happy etc. Other techniques include drumming, singing, speaking incantations, chanting, moving in a circle, etc. Different incenses, lightings, and candles all help with raising different kinds of energy as well. Pair tools and techniques to help alter your mind with relative ease and effectiveness. An altered mind is necessary to acheive successful magic and tools can help to create this altered state.

“Channel your magical energy with focus, wisdom, and empathy.”

Requirements for a successful spell

Intent – belief that the spell will work in a specific way

Desire – emotional investment in the success of the spell

Commitment – willingness to physically act to “back-up”the spellwork

How To Construct A Successful Spell

-Ground and center yourself

-Clearly define your goal (should be as precise as possible)

-Gather and consecrate supplies

-Visualize intended goal

-Chant words of power (2-4 lines, rhyming, poetic)

*To close out your spellwork, record the spells performed in your grimoire or book of shadows. Include the date, moon phase, and eventually (when it is known) the outcome.

Spell Examples

Spell #1: Peace of mind and the ability to get along with tough company.

Incantation: Salt of sea, wind, moon, and sun, Bring peace to me oh mighty ones! Tools to use include a blue candle, and a blend of chamomile, lavender, and frankincense.

Spell #2: Banishing someone who causes strife in one’s life.

Incantation: Need not this string, be gone from me! May elsewhere your distractions be! Tools to use include a poppet, black candle, and a sage smudge stick.

Spells Associations:

Candle Colors & Meanings

Pink Candles: are associated with love, friendship, companionship, and open-mindedness.

Red Candles: are representative of vitality, success in battle, passion, and grounding.

Orange Candles: stand for creativity, reproduction, and sexual health. Yellow represents energy, self-love, confidence, will, and motivation.

Green Candles: represent money, abundance, and wealth.

Blue Candles: are associated with healing, avoidance of battle, and peace.

Purple Candles: stand for leadership, mysticism, divination.

White Candles: represent purification, divinity, spirit work, and multi-purpose use.

Black Candles: is banishing, binding, divinity, and spirit work.

how to construct a successful spell

Moon Phases To Time Spellwork Correctly

Waxing Moon: is associated with attraction, beginning, and birth.

Full Moon: stands for creativity, actualization, intuition, divination, and divinity.

Waning Moon: represents banishing, endings, and death.

New Moon: is representative of rest, introspection, healing, and spiritual workings.

Other Spells Techniques

-Powder for sprinkling in shoes or on hearths.

-Bottles filled with combinations of materials, which are then buried outside, for example: urine and baneful herbs for banishing, menstrual blood and cleansing herbs for protection, or glitter and fruity herbs for luck.

-Poppets which are dolls made with bits of people (must be bound to be effective).

-Stewing or burning herbs and papers.

-Brewing Potions

how to construct a successful spell

In Conclusion…

Learning how to construct a successful spell can be scary when your first starting out, but don’t let that hold you back from giving it a try. All you truly need is your magical intent and focus to get started. Spells work as middlemen merging substance through conceptualization. Keep in mind the Law of Three which is the karmic principle of magic stating that any energy you cast out will be returned upon you 3 times over. With that being mentioned, that is it! You now have the basics to get started creating your own spells today. Good Luck!

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