How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides: A Beginners Tutorial

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How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides: A Beginners Tutorial

By Amber Rose

how to connect with your spirit guides

Understanding how to connect with your spirit guides is actually a pretty simple task once you learn a few basic principles. This is because spirit guides are constantly around us, just waiting to be called upon. The great thing is, when you propagate a relationship with these spirit guides you will be able to pick up on advice that will benefit you in your entire life. Whatever brought you to this article is not a coincidence, you are here for a purpose. Let’s go over the ways that will allow you to understand the important guidance waiting for you from the other side. This guide will also help to ensure you interpreting the spirit’s messages clearly.

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But first… What are spirit guides?

Spirit guides are otherworldly beings specific to each and every individual. They are here to help guide us along this long journey called life. We each have multiple guides and they were put in place to help us long before we were born into the physical reality. The spirit entities were appointed to us by the universe as a way to help us understand our higher self and to make this journey easier. These entities warn, nudge, encourage, and Shepard. They don’t make decisions for you, but are here to accompany and enlighten. They are benevolent, goodhearted helpers with only one goal in mind, to help you make the best choices during your life.

These are beings of the highest truth and will put you in alignment with the universe as a whole. The easiest way to describe what a spirit guide truly is, is to understand them as entities made up of universal energy only here to assist. When intuition is lacking spirit guides can help. The reason for this, is that these entities know what has already taken place and what is currently happening in your life. They can come in the form of both male and female, but are only shown to you this way to make it easier for your subconscious to understand. In reality, they are neither sex, just energy shown to you as such. When you are first learning how to connect with your spirit guides, it is important to stay open minded and abandon any lingering fears.

Different Types Of Spirit Guides

Spirit guides can come in many different forms, but the most common are:

*Family members who have crossed over




*Ascended beings

*Spirit Animals

How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides

Once you learn how to connect with your spirit guides, you will experience something very enlightening and profound! There are multiple different ways you can actually go about connecting with these entities, the most important factor is that you stay open minded throughout the experience. Now, let’s go the simple steps you should start practicing to get in touch with your personal spirit guides today!

#1 Set Your Intention

For best results you will want to set unclouded intentions as far as what you want help with. Many people will write down specific facets so as not to get anything confused. Others choose to hold the intention as a thought at the forefront of their mind. When you set a specific intention, you are ensuring that you will receive the guidance you need as well as forming a deeper connection to the spirit guides.

#2 Welcome The Spirit Guides In And Ask Them For Help

To begin the line of communication, you must invite the spirit guides in while keeping an open mind towards their responses. Your spirit guides are always around you and waiting for you to call on them. Ask them for help and guidance. This can be about anything you wish. Once you get comfortable asking for help, the more guidance you will receive. When you welcome these spirit entities in you must do so in a manner that only invites good spirits in. You can do this by stating something along the lines of the following:

Thank you spirit guides of the utmost veracity and empathy, for revealing the answer about, (insert question here).

*It is crucial that you approach this step with acceptance and empathy.

how do you connect with your spirit guides

#3 Tune In To What the Guides Are Saying

Listen for what the spirit guides are trying to communicate with you. This is often done by slowing down, and meditating to quiet the mind. Meditating is also the best way to open one’s mind towards receiving spirit guides messages. If you start practicing mediation it will be much quicker to pick up on their communication’s. This is a result of being more sensitive and in tune to the world around you. Another approach to try when listening for a spirit’s answers, is to state a prayer to align you with their messages. Thus allowing you to pick up on their presence.

#4 Ask The Spirit Guides For A Sign

Ask the spirit guides for a sign in response to your intention. This sign can be anything really that acts to affirm a decision or question that has been made. Spirit’s communicate by way of signs and messages like a specific number showing up, message on a road sign, a song popping on the radio. If a message does not come quickly to you, don’t wait around and dwell on it. Simply try again at a later time. This is due to the fact, that when we ask spirit to reach out, it will happen almost instantaneously.

#5 Believe In Your Abilities To Communicate & Give Thanks To Your Spirit Guides

For communication to work you should always trust in your ability to receive answers and you must end each session by giving thanks to your spirit guides, for the answers given. This will ensure that they know they are always welcome and that you will be open towards receiving their guidance again in the future.

How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides In Conclusion…

This is the way you will begin learning how to connect with your spirit guides. Invite them in, set your intentions, tune in to the spirits, ask them for a message and end the session with belief and thanks. Making contact with your spirit guides will be a life changing experience that you will always be able to look back on. It will also become an important skill to hone in on, for continual spiritual guidance. Many people look at establishing communication with spirit guides reassuringly, because they know that they are never truly alone in the world and they can always reach out when in need.

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