How To Celebrate Litha: 11 Ways To Celebrate Summer Solstice

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How To Celebrate Litha: 11 Ways To Celebrate Summer Solstice

By Amber Rose

How To Celebrate Litha

What does Summer Solstice Mean to Pagans?

Midsummer also known as Litha to Pagans around the world, is the mark of the first day of summer. During Litha, the days are the longest of the year and the nights are the shortest. So How to celebrate Litha? By going outdoors in the warmness of summer and the nutrient beneficial effects it has on the earth and people alike! Today we will go over the origins of this occult holiday as well as ways how to celebrate Litha for yourself!

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Litha Meaning

Litha aka Summer Solstice aka Midsummer is a festival and celebration focused around the sun and related gods and goddesses. The ancients accredit the sun to being the battery of the earth, the “life force” if you will. Trusting in the attributes of the sun to bring much-needed heat and nourishment. When summer arrives with it comes crops full in growth and wild herbs fully maturing. During this time the Litha Goddess is said to be in the Mother form, pregnant, and ready to birth during the harvest season.

11 Ways How to Celebrate Litha?

1. Praise the Sun Gods & Goddesses!

How do you honor the summer solstice? The main way to do this on Litha is by honoring the sun gods & goddesses. Doing so with prayer and offerings. Common sun deities you can praise consist of Aine, Belenos, Etain, Helios, Horus, Huitzilopochtil, Macha, Ra, Saule, Sunna, Yu Yi, and many others not listed here.

2. Wake Early And Watch The Sun Rise!

A great way to start your day during Litha is to wake up early, make yourself comfortable outside, and watch the glorious sunrise! Midsummer is after all, about celebrating the sun! What better way to do that than meeting the sun as she wakes the world for the start of summer.

3. Rejuvenate Your Altar!

Litha is a new season and with that comes the time to clean and purify your altar. Start by adorning the altar with items in honor of Litha. Remove all the items laying atop your altar. Clean this area and purify it with cleansing smoke. While you have everything off the altar take the time to consecrate your tools with some type of summer seasonal oil.

4. Surround Yourself With Nature!

One of the most simplistic ways you can go about celebrating the Litha festival is to spend time outdoors. This celebration of the metaphysical is all about the sun and honoring the gods. So the best way to embrace this wonderful time of the year is to spend time in your natural habitat, outdoors! Go to a National Park or to a lake and bask in the sunlight. You can go to the beach or have a pool party in Litha’s honor. There are countless activities you can get into when the days are at their longest.

5. Gather Flowers!

While you’re celebrating and enjoying Summer Solstice take time to gather flowers! Give gratitude and smell the flowers! Take them home and use them for crafting or to adorn your altar.

How To Celebrate Litha

6. Make An Outdoor Fire!

Summer bonfires are awesome when you are having outdoor get-togethers! Incorporate the fire element in honor of the sun. The bigger fire the better! Start the bonfire before your party begins and let it run throughout the night.

7. Summer Solstice Celebrations!

Everyone wants and needs to eat, right? So make sure you celebrate this Litha by making a meal to take outside to have a picnic! This is a festival, after all, so make it a party. Invite your friends and family over to enjoy a feast! Have everyone bring a dish of their own. Litha meals often contain any types of seafood, grilled chicken, and fresh fruits and veggies that are in season.

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8. Cast Fulfillment Spells!

Midsummer is a wonderful time of year for spell work natured in pleasure, success, fertility, and completion. The work you did during the spring is coming to fruition this Litha. Just like spring, your spell work will also manifest itself this Summer Solstice!

9. Add Fire and Water Scrying To Your Celebrations!

Use divination by either fire or water scrying. These techniques are increasingly powerful during the Midsummer time. For fire scrying you probably already have a fire going so this will be easy. If you choose to also scry using water, you may scry in the outdoor water bodies around you or using a water-filled bowl.

10. Celebrate The Fae by Making Fairy Homes And Leaving Them Offerings!

How to celebrate the Summer Solstice Litha this year? Well in mythology Summer Solstice is one of the seasons you can find the Fae around. So incorporate Fairies into your sabbath celebrations! A wonderful way you can honor them is to create fairy homes to place in your yard. Start by using a ready-made birdhouse. Paint it in bright and attractive colors fairy’s would be attracted to. Go ahead and gather some treats that fairies would be attracted to. The Fae typically like any kind of sweets and alcohol. Don’t just throw the offerings into the homes without thought. Place intention behind your offering and make sure not to thank them, as they hate the phrase. Now place your homes all around your yard. Place them out far enough that they aren’t right up against your house.

11. How to celebrate Litha? Craft, Craft, Craft!

Spending time outdoors during Litha gives you lots of time to get creative! Popular crafting activities to do during Summer Solstice include making dream catchers, floral crowns, and wreaths. You can make summer floor brushes and also sun wheels.

How To Celebrate Litha

For more information on How to Celebrate Litha check out the books linked below:

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The Modern Witchcraft Guide to the Wheel of the Year: From Samhain to Yule, Your Guide to the Wiccan Holidays By Judy Add Nock

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How Do You Celebrate Litha?



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