How To Activate A Sigil For The Beginner Witch in 2021!


How To Activate A Sigil For The Beginner Witch in 2021!

By Amber Rose

how to activate a sigil

Once you have charged your sigil with your intent you will need to activate it. This is the process of sending your sigil out to the universe along with the sigil working in your subconscious. There are two methods how to activate your sigils. These being passive and active activation.

Is It Essential To Activate A Sigil For It To Work Correctly?

Yes, for your desired intention to be heard by the universe you must activate. This is a step you cant skip or else your sigil will not work

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Active vs Passive Sigil Activation

Active Sigil Activation

The energy is released all at once, or in a very rapid fashion. This type of activation is done through the act of destruction. Very good for quick and fiery manifestation. Use this method for things you want that are very direct and will only need to be impacted upon once. Examples of ways to activate active sigils…Drawing the sigil into the sand and letting the water wash it away, write sigil onto paper and burn or by putting the sigil into your food then eating it.

Passive Sigil Activation

This energy is released over a period very moderately and in a controlled fashion.  Done so by keeping the sigil around oneself so that it can keep working and releasing energy when it’s needed. Ways to passively activate your sigil would be… drawing it on your body, carving sigils into soap and washing with it, or even drawing it in a public space where it can be seen.

How To Activate A Sigil Using Fire

Fire is great for activating sigils related to fearlessness, well-being, stardom, and prosperity, etc. You can go about triggering by flame a couple of different ways. Method 1 using an open flame burns your sigil. If you don’t have an open flame you can do the same thing by simply using a lighter and a bowl or ashtray to burn your sigil. Now that you have your flame available for use, you must make sure you are in a quiet space with no interruptions.

Remove any extra paper around your sigil, so there will be less for you to burn with only the sigil present. Focus on your intention while setting the paper containing the sigil alight. Visualize your intention torpedoing off into the cosmos. Now release what’s left of the burning remnants and let it complete its burn. If the paper does not burn in full, it is OK, your activation will work because you put the energy into it. You are now finished with fire activation and may release the ashes back to the earth.

How To Activate A Sigil Using The Sun

A great form of activation for those lacking the use of fire. This is essentially the same method as fire activation. You will need a copy of your sigil on paper. You can set it somewhere safe outside, where it won’t be bothered. Or the safer way to do it would be putting it into some sort of glass jar, so the sun rays can get through. Let it sit in the daylight for most of the day absorbing the sun’s rays undisturbed. You can also include your favorite crystal or gemstones in the activation process, by placing them on top of your sigil.

The crystal will serve as a physical representation of your sigil you can use in your daily life. Make sure you are alone in a place you can focus on your intention when you begin the process of sun activation. Now place the sigil on the altar, or in the container and place it somewhere you can ensure it will get an enormous amount of sunshine! State your intention out loud, and leave it for the remainder of the day. After a full day’s light, you can remove any objects you have placed in with the sigil and use it as it is activated. The sigil is not done leave it to charge until most of the sigil has faded from view or until you feel it is ready for use.

How To Activate A Sigil Using Water (Not To Be Consumed)

The use of water activation is great for intentions relating to purification of the physical body or mind as well as your space, empathy, contact with others, family, astral travel, love, and much more. To activate by water the container you use must be glass. Preferably clear so you can see through it. Do not use plastic it will not allow any energy to flow inward. To activate using this method grab your sigil and jar/container and a source of water. You will want some sort of fresh natural water that is clean from a source such as the ocean, river, or rain.

If you don’t have access to those sources you can use filtered water. To begin activation get into the right headspace visualizing your intention. Place the sigil in the bowl and fill it with water. While pouring state your intention out loud. Put this somewhere it won’t be messed with out of the sun. Keep the sigil submerged until the ink is no longer visible on the paper and the water is evaporated.

How To Activate A Sigil Using Water (For Consumption)

If you choose this method you will consume the water in order to activate it. It works well for the same ideals as the other water charging method. You will need a glass jar or container with a lid. Water made to drink, you sigil and tape to hold it to the jar. Focus your mind visualizing the intention while tearing the excess paper off your sigil. Take the glass you will drink from and place the sigil on the outside.

Now you need to speak your intention out loud while pouring water into the cup making sure the sigil adheres. Let your cup take in as much water as it can, while still making sure you can pick it up without spilling. Cover the cup and place it somewhere safe for at least a day. You can leave it longer if you desire. Once you feel it is ready you must drink the water while again visualizing your intention.

how to activate a sigil

How To Activate A Sigil Using The Moon

For this method, you will need moonlight and the same tools you would for water activations. It works with phases of the moon. The intentions that work great for this type of activation are the same as the sun. Lunar activations work best during the waxing moon. Gather your jar and sigil and go outside or inside if you have a good spot for it. Find an area where you can place your jar undisturbed to basking in the lunar rays. Get in your headspace place the sigil in the jar and say aloud your intention. As the sun is beginning to rise get our jar and put it somewhere away from sunlight. Do this same ritual each night until the full moon arrives. If you put an object in with the sigil, leave it in with it the entire time before removing it.

How To Activate A Sigil Using The Earth

Use this activation method for any type of abundance, animals, future, job, farming, grounding, etc. There are two main ways to use earth for activation, burial, and gemstones or crystals.

For Burial

Grab your sigil something to dig with and make a hole 8-10 inches deep. This can be done outdoors or indoors in a planter. Put the sigil face down in the hole and as you do this, state your intention out loud and fill it back up and pack it down. Eventually, it will breakdown into the soil.

For Gemstones

It is very easy to activate. Grab a bowl made of a natural material, such as ceramic, your sigil, and salt. Find a peaceful area and focus your mind. While visualizing your intention place the sigil on your plate, cover it with the gemstones, and put it somewhere it won’t be bothered. Leave it there for a bit. As short as a day or longer, until you see fit. And that’s it your done!

how to activate a sigil

How To Activate A Sigil Using Air

Air activations work great for intentions of money, flexibility, inventiveness, smarts, traveling, etc.


You need your sigil and some way to get wind such as a fan, if not outdoors. You can focus and state your intention while you hang your sigil in the wind. Let this go on until you feel your intention has been reached.


Do the same as you would by focusing then take a breath and blow onto your sigil. Continue this process at least 3 times. Visualize exhaling energy into your sigil. Once you have done this you are set and it is activated.

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