How To Achieve Gnosis, Raise Energy, & Cast Circle

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How To Achieve Gnosis, Raise Energy, & Cast Circle

By Amber Rose

how to achieve gnosis

Gnosis Meaning: How to achieve gnosis means to reach an altered state of awareness in which the an individual’s will is magically effective.

How To Achieve Gnosis Origins

The practice of altering one’s mind is very old, originally from Shamanic origin. Dating back to the Evenki language era of Northern Asia. These were per-migration magical practices involving healing and manipulation of nature. To achieve altered states of consciousness many tools were often used these included: fasts, self-inflicted pain, and drugs. These practices allowed awareness of other, non-physical planes. Today tools like drums, rattles and reflective objects, music, and chants in combination with incense and dim lighting, are used for “awareness shifts.” Peyote, mushrooms, cannabis, flying ointment are used as well.

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How To Achieve Gnosis – Meditation Practices

Start by lying motionless stay, perfectly still, concentrating on sensing only self. Gain the ability to sense one’s position in spacetime. Now focus on your breathing. Allow your diaphragm to rise and fall naturally, and with ease, but completely and naturally. This allows one to feel their connection to the surrounding world and focus better. Place your mind in a state of not thinking. As you lay motionlessness while practicing your breath-control techniques focus on yourself to clear one’s mind completely. Imagine a flame licking up every thought as it appears until all that is left is a void. This may result in hearing a murmur that is not there, the murmur of the subconscious mind which cannot be “turned off”.

MetamorphosisHow To Achieve Gnosis

Is a meditation technique whereby one comes to know their true self and practices unbias by changing up their habits frequently.

Sound, Sight, or Image Concentration MeditationsHow To Achieve Gnosis

Sound, Sight, or Image Concentration s another meditation method for how to achieve gnosis. This is practiced by focusing on something so strongly everything else seems totally insignificant. It can be a Crystal ball, fire, or wax scrying, etc. using (sight) and also (sound) while stating the OM meditation. Feeling “in-tune” with the universe. Seeing things in the mind’s eye, visualization on small scales.

Third Eye Awakening MeditationsHow To Achieve Gnosis

The methods we are about to go over are to help awaken the third eye. Astral Meditation is to pull one’s awareness out of one’s body and into the realm of space. On scales as vast as our universe itself, mortal matters seem insignificant. This is a very useful form of mediation (pain management, divination, healing). A Tea Recipe for the third eye is Hibiscus, Ginger Root, Ginkgo, Gotu Kola, Parsley, Alfalfa, Billberry, Eleuthero Root. Mix these herbs in equal parts and steep for 5-7 minutes. Lastly, crystals to meditate with are Amethysts, Scolecite, lolite, Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite), Indigo/Blue Kyanite.

Practice doing 2 meditations from the methods listed above weekly for 30 minutes each. Doing 3 or more meditations a week may not be beneficial since you need like 10 minutes each for it to be successful at altering your mind. After you learn how to achieve gnosis you will next learn how to see and raise energy.

Seeing Energy

“Believe in the possibility of what you intend to do, hold it strongly in your mind, and it will happen.” Energy is all around us, even science tell us so.

How To Raise Energy – Basic Techniques

Use some of the meditation examples above to alter your state of mind. Allow the boundaries between you and your perception to vanish. Imagine everything as light or static. Imagine that where your skin ends, there is no boundary, just differently colored light/static. Listen to music that moves you very loudly, and dance if it feels natural. Focus on the sensation you get when something miraculous happens. Goosebumps, shortness of breath, etc. Meditate with a crystal of known type to determine its effects (quiz yourself to see if you can guess its effects based on how it feels). Imagine a ball of light forming between your palms; pass it around or toss it up and down once it forms (use visualization).

How To Raise Energy – More Complicated Techniques

The reality of imagination is the briefest description of quantum gravity you ever saw. Imagination is the act of making things real in our universe. Even if the things we imagine are still impossible, they are real. Imagination and will combined create energy and direct its flow.

How Do I Know If My Magic Works?

There is a physical sensation: your body is burning inside, in a pleasant way. Goosebumps may form on the skin, hair may stand up on end. The air will feel “electric” like it does when a lightning storm is approaching. Delusion versus Magical Prowess.

Circle Casting

“Trace the circle thrice about to keep the evil spirits out!”

Circle Casting – Put This All Together

Mark a large circle in the ground with chalk, string, rocks, etc. Clear your mind and get to a state of mindlessness, with breath control. Walk around the perimeter of this circle and imagine a blue, purple, or white light shooting out of your hand into the ground. Once the light comes all the way back around, imagine it close around you like a large sphere. Stand in your circle and just breathe. This is your energy, so as you breathe in and out, it should breathe with you in a sense. Feel the vibrations inside of the circle, and once closed feel them again – notice that circle is higher energy (more vibrations).

Circle Casting – Further Notes

Neither the markings nor the light on the outside of the circle creates a physical divide, but a metaphysical one. Leaving or entering (even unknowingly) through the circle without cutting a doorway of some form will cause the circle to dissipate. The circle is outside of space and time, so bear in mind you may lose time staying in one (what feels like minutes becomes hours very quickly).

Also, practice casting circle 3 times this week! Try different times of day and different locations. Do one with a chalk outline. Do one in a giant field, and replace the light shooting from your hand with a dance around the outside which just leaves energy in its wake. Finally, cast one circle indoors and imagine it cling to the walls of the room instead of forming a sphere.

how to achieve gnosis

In Conclusion…

How To Achieve Gnosis to reach an altered state of mind is truly a requirement for any successful spellwork. You need to be in a magical trance for rituals, invocations, and evocations to work effectively. Reasons why magical workings fail: distractions! Egotistical identification (awareness of self), fear of failure (self-doubt), and reciprocal desire not to achieve desire (acceptance of self). You must keep your consciousness quiet for workings to be successful. Focus on a meaningless phenomenon to keep oneself from thinking about things that matter, NO DISTRACTIONS.

Visualization in the sense that it is a tool to distract the mind. When done correctly metamorphosis can be achieved. This is when one can at any time act in accordance with one’s true desires, neglecting entirely the superficial conscious desires that float about. To learn how to achieve gnosis, one must be prepared to laugh (calm) and prepared to detach oneself from one’s perceptions of reality (unbias). You may look to the book Liber Null for guidance if you are still having trouble reaching an altered state.

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