Honey Jar Spell: To Attract Love & Sweeten Relationships


Honey Jar Spell: To Attract Love & Sweeten Relationships

By Amber Rose

honey jar spell

What Is A Honey Jar Spell Used For?

A honey jar spell is what we refer to as a sweetening spell. Combining the magic of kitchen witchery to alchemically change the properties inside the sweet honey into a similar vibration. This honey jar spell can be used to sweeten up just about any relationship you have as well as using it to attract love, and even money.

Jar spells have been used throughout history in Folk Magic and Hoodoo practices. Traditionally, witch bottles or spell jars were used to protect you, your home, and your family. Honey jar spells are different for the fact that they act to sweeten someone’s feelings towards you, to inspire love, friendship, joy, etc. The magic behind honey jar spells is simple, employ a sweetener, a jar, and your intent to inspire the person you have chosen to act in a sweeter, more loving manner towards you. The reason these jar spells are so popular is the fact that you can bring the jars with you, wherever you may go. Honey jar spells are an example of sympathetic and harmless magic.

This particular honey jar spell can be adjusted to fit your specific needs. All you need to do is change your intent when you perform the ritual and add any extra needed ingredients. If you want to attract love use herbs that promote that specific desire, the same goes for money, etc.

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Different Types Of Honey & Corresponding Properties

The metaphysical properties associated with honey differ depending on the type of honey you use. Essentially, you can use whatever type of honey you want or can get your hands on for your spell. But, for the best results, you will want to match the correct type of honey to your magical intention.

Flower Honey – Beauty, joy and love

Eucalyptus Honey – Healing, unbinding and protection

Lavender Honey – Magical Potency

Manuka Honey – Spiritual ties and medicinal purposes

Pine Honey – Protection and renewal

Rosemary Honey – Self healing and inner love

Thyme Honey – Purification and protection

Honey Jar Spell Ingredients:

A jar of honey with a lid

A candle – use a color that matches your spells intention



A lighter

Herbs to match your intention

Incense or sage to cleanse

Honey Jar Spell Instructions:


Use incense, or sage to purify and cleanse your space, person and ingredients of negative energies

Cast Circle

Trace the circle thrice about, to keep the evil spirits out! Remember after casting circle you must keep an intense focus on your intention manifesting throughout the entire ritual.

Create Your Intention

Now that you are ready to begin the ritual, grab your pen and paper and write down your petition/intention three times over, make sure to include the name of the person this spell is about. Your intention should be clear and concise. It can be very simple, all it needs to contain is your ultimate goal for this spell jar and the recipient’s name. Now that you have created your petition sprinkle some of your chosen herbs over the paper and fold it once towards you.

honey jar spell

Assemble The Honey Jar Spell

Open the honey jar and insert your intention paper while also adding any remaining herbs you have chosen to enhance your intent. Make sure the paper and herbs are fully submerged in the honey. Tightly close your jar making sure it is fully closed off.

Seal The Honey Jar

Put your candle on top of the jar lid and ignite it. Now, wait as you let the wax meltdown over the lid. While your flame is burning, sit in meditation while visualizing the intended person and their attitude towards you sweetening. Imagine this individual happy, smiling, and giving you the attention you require. When the jar lid is encompassed and sealed in wax, state the incantation below:

By The Goddess Take This Jar,

As You Let The Attraction Spread So Far.

With This Honey, I Do Seek,

The Intent Of This Jar Does Speak.

Close Circle

After, the wax is cooled off your jar give it a shake to activate it, and you are done! Give thanks to your gods, clean up and close the circle.

Your honey jar spell is ready to be kept in a safe space. It can be somewhere you will see it daily as long as it remains untouched by others or kept somewhere out of sight and stored in a cool area. You will not want to open the jar as it will undo the spell casting you have put into place.

In Conclusion…

Honey jar spells are a type of endurance spell. It is often the case that these spells will be worked on or off of for years to come. You can continue to strengthen this jar by using another candle to drip down over the lid while repeating the incantation on a daily basis. You may also use a different incantation or just focus on the intention of your honey jar spell as you hold it in your hands. If you feel you need some extra power give the jar a shake, as this will activate and recharge charge it.

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