Happy Ostara! How To Celebrate Pagan Easter in 2021

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Happy Ostara! How To Celebrate Pagan Easter in 2021

By Amber Rose

Happy Ostara

Happy Ostara Meaning

Happy Ostara, it’s time to celebrate, spring is finally here!

Ostara, Eostre, Spring Equinox aka Easter is the Pagan holiday/festival celebrated during the month of March on either the 19th, 20th, and/or 21st of every year. This is the time of year when spring arises. Ostara is one of eight Pagan holidays on the Wiccan Wheel of the Year Calendar. This holiday is considered to be a minor sabbath and it falls during the vernal (spring) equinox. The time in which the sun passes over the celestial equator. With Ostara comes a time of labor and planning as well as much-needed support and assistance. Happy Ostara also reminds us that warmer weather right around the corner!

The season has changed and with it comes the illumination of spring. “The world stands at the threshold, in perfect balance between winter’s dark and summer’s light, and then tips over the threshold into the light. The fertility in the land awakens and blooms as the growing season begins. This is a time of balance. We give ourselves over to the exuberant energy of spring while remaining open to that which grounds us and gives us strength.” Let us go over where Happy Ostara comes from and how you can begin celebrating this holiday/sabbath for yourself!

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Important Note About Ostara & Pagan Holiday’s In General

Pagan Holidays and Festivals are different from most holidays we are used to celebrating. Different in the regard that they do not celebrate a specific date so much as they celebrate the season it represents. Some participants celebrate this festival during the spring equinox while others often choose to celebrate on their own time when it works for them. There is no specific date. Celebrate when the time feels right!

Happy Ostara History

The archaic tradition/festival/holiday of Ostara comes from Germanic origins. These people were at the time were honoring the goddess of the dawn “Eostre.” Many have asked what god Easter is named after and this is who “Eostre.” The name Ostara is also derived from this Goddess. The Germanic people also named their correlating month of Eosturmonab (our month of April) for her. The word Easter comes from a mix of the words Ostara and Eostre and is essentially the Christian cousin to the Pagan Ostara holiday.

Although not much is known about how they used to celebrate Ostara, there were some early writings explaining that this is the time of year of seeds, eggs, and fertility. This is where the recognizable bunny comes into play as the rabbit was associated with Ostara because traditionally this is when rabbits would emerge from hibernation. Making coloring eggs and egg hunts a popular and traditional way many cultures choose to celebrate this time of year.

What is Egg Symbol’s Pagan Meaning

This is a traditional symbol for both Pagan and Christian Easter holidays. It is seen as a symbol of new beginnings and fertility and the circle of life.

Deities Associated With Ostara

Goddesses mainly associated with this celebration are springtime deities. The goddess of Ostara, Flora, Freya, and Cybele are in the foreground of many altars. You can also choose to work with Persephone or Demeter as they align with the agricultural cycle. There are resurrected gods you may choose to invoke who return during spring. Some even look to wild and fertility gods to honor and for help this time of year.

Colors Associated With Happy Ostara

The same colors you would use to celebrate Easter apply here. Any type of pastel and greens and pinks work for Ostara celebrations.

Happy Ostara
Wheel of the year poster. Wiccan calendar.

Symbols Associated with Ostara

Bunny’s or Rabbits, Eggs, Grass, Seeds and Sun!

What Activities Are Practiced During Ostara?

Many people use this time of year to get prepare and get ready for spring by working in their gardens and planting seeds for the year to come. Working with animals is common as well as coloring eggs, and crafting activities. Any type of outdoor activity is encouraged as well as creativity boosting acts like things involving the arts. With Lupercalia just behind us, romance is still in the air lingering throughout the spring about to unfold!

Practicing Magic During Ostara

Magic for new starts and beginnings is great during this time! If your looking for stability in life or new love, joy, repair, or inventiveness practicing during Ostara will prove as an added bonus to this kind of spellwork.

Blessing to Goddess Eostre for a Happy Ostara

“As we turn the wheel toward spring, great spirit and wise goddess bless my growth. Thank you for the abundance of beauty mirrored in nature during this sacred season. Inspire and encourage me to bring color, passion, energy, and life to my work. Help me to embody my gifts in this world in a way that pleases and honors you. And when I am discouraged, remind me to stop and smell your beautiful flowers. For the highest good of all my kin, so it is. Happy Spring.”

How Can You Celebrate Ostara?

There are many ways you can celebrate Ostara, whether your by yourself or with your family and friends. I’ve listed the most common ways you can partake in the festival of Ostara.

Happy Ostara

Start By Setting Up An Altar

Set up an altar somewhere by a window or outside. A garden would work, anywhere you have privacy and can go to be alone. You do not need pricey tools for your altar just candles a censer and something like flowers or seeds to set atop it. When morning arrives make some time to meditate and pray for the season. This is also when you can make offerings to your goddess of choice.

Celebrate With Friends

Join together with a group of your friends and family and hold an Ostara ritual. Create your own bbq and enjoy the season with your family and friends while eating your favorite foods to celebrate!

Indulge In Your Creative Side

Color eggs, eat some eggs. Get into crafting, while listening to your favorite band. Enjoy time outside drawing or painting and indulge yourself in some tasty delights. Gather plants and flowers and spread them around your home. Spring is here and this will enforce the presence of Ostara in your home and daily life.

Should You Start Celebrating Happy Ostara?

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